President Donald Trump Speaks At ‘Keep America Great’ Rally In Texas | NBC News NBC News
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Watch Live coverage of President Trump speaking at a 'Keep America Great' rally in Dallas, Texas. » Subscribe to NBC News: ...
James Mattis Jokes About Trump's 'Overrated General' Comment | NBC News NBC News
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Former Defense Secretary James Mattis made the joking remarks at the annual Alfred E. Smith Dinner, after President Donald Trump demeaned him as "the ...
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Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire testifies before the House Intelligence Committee on the controversial phone conversation between ...
White House Acknowledges Ukraine Aid Withheld In Part To Investigate Democrats | NBC Nightly News NBC News
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Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney said that one of the reasons President Trump withheld military aid to Ukraine was because he wanted them to ...
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Interest rates are historically low and expected to go lower, but is it the right time to buy a home or refinance? Stephanie Ruhle says to ask yourself these three ...
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Queen Elizabeth II set out the U.K. government's agenda in a speech to lawmakers that was steeped in tradition but overshadowed by Brexit concerns.
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Watch reaction and analysis of former special counsel Robert Mueller's public testimony about his office's investigation into Donald Trump and Russian ...
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Former CIA Director John Brennan talks to Chuck Todd about the political "instability" of the United States in the wake of ongoing investigations into the ...
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NBC News' Alexa Liautaud examines what consequences may await President Trump and his administration for choosing to ignore congressional subpoenas.
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Former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis joins Meet the Press for an exclusive interview to talk about the Turkish invasion of Syria and the importance of trust ...
Democratic Presidential Debate - June 27 (Full) | NBC News NBC News
4 months back
NBC News, MSNBC and Telemundo host 2020 presidential candidates in two primary face-offs, Wednesday June 26th and Thursday June 27th, live from Miami.
Democratic Presidential Debate - June 26 (Full) | NBC News NBC News
4 months back
NBC News, MSNBC and Telemundo host 2020 presidential candidates in two primary face-offs, Wednesday June 26th and Thursday June 27th, live from Miami.
NBC at New York Comic Con Featuring an A Cappella Mashup of Comedy Theme Songs (Digital Exclusive) NBC
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An NBC performance at New York Comic Con features a special a cappella arrangement of theme songs from some of NBC's most iconic comedies including ...
President Trump's Full, Unedited Interview With Meet The Press | NBC News NBC News
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President Donald Trump sat down for an exclusive interview with Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd on Friday, June 21st, 2019.» Subscribe to NBC News: ...
NBC + Sir Scratch - Espelho (Acústico Defusão) Jota OG
4 years back
https://www.facebook.com/radiodefusao https://www.facebook.com/NBCoficial https://www.facebook.com/sirscratchfootmovin O NBC interpreta «Espelho» ao ...
Federal Prosecutors Investigating Rudy Giuliani’s Ukraine Dealings: Report | NBC Nightly News NBC News
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The president tweeted in defense of Rudy Giuliani after the New York Times reported that federal prosecutors in Manhattan are looking at whether the ...
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The Football Night in America crew looks at all the biggest stories from Week 6 including the 49ers' perfect season staying alive, concerns in Dallas and Kansas ...
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China's economy has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. But have the advances come from a level playing field? NBC News' Chief Foreign ...
Candidates Pounce On Elizabeth Warren, Go After Trump At Democratic Debate | NBC News NBC News
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Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who largely escaped attack in previous debates, took multiple shots throughout the night from other candidates on stage at the ...
Huntington Park Police Unveil A 400-Pound Robot Cop | NBC News NBC News
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In June, the Huntington Park Police Department unveiled its latest recruit, a 400-pound robot known as HP RoboCop. It's been patrolling California's Salt Lake ...
Hasan Minhaj Calls Out Congress Over Student Loans: ‘You Paid Far Less For Your Degrees’ | NBC News NBC News
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While testifying before the House Financial Services Committee, comedian Hasan Minhaj called out members of Congress for the student loan crisis by ...
Earth Is About To Have A Close Encounter With A Massive Asteroid | Mach | NBC News NBC News
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NASA is tracking an asteroid bigger than a one hundred story building that is expected to hurtle past Earth within about 4.6 million miles of us. It will be the ...
NBC News Special Report: Transcript in whistleblower complaint released NBC News
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The transcript of a phone call mentioned in a whistleblower complaint between President Trump and the president of Ukraine has been released. » Subscribe to ...
A Look Inside China’s Social Credit System | NBC News Now NBC News
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NBC's Janis Mackey Frayer goes inside the factories making facial recognition scanners that track the movements and communities experimenting with China's ...
Mnuchin Announces The Possibility Of 'Very Significant' Sanctions Against Turkey | NBC News NBC News
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Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced that President Trump will sign an executive order that gives his department the power to place "very significant" ...
Lilly Singh Is Schooling NBC About How to Treat a Woman Talk Show Host (Extended Interview) The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Lilly Singh talks about getting used to working with a network show after being a one-woman phenom on YouTube for years and shares some of the things she's ...
Fact Checking The Democratic Presidential Debate | NBC News Now NBC News
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NBC News' Jane Timm fact checks claims made by the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates during the fourth debate. » Subscribe to NBC News: ...
Sunnyside (NBC) Trailer HD - comedy series TV Promos
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Garrett Modi was living the American Dream. As the youngest New York City Councilman ever, he was rubbing elbows with the political elite, attending ...
Full Panel: GOP Defense Questions Gravity Of Ukraine | Meet The Press | NBC News NBC News
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Kristen Welker, O. Kay Henderson, Rich Lowry and Richard Stengel join the Meet the Press roundtable after President Trump openly called for China to ...
Hillary Clinton: Trump Has Turned Diplomacy Into 'A Cheap Extortion Racket' | NBC News NBC News
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While speaking at Georgetown University to present human rights and peacebuilding awards, Hillary Clinton spoke of the impeachment inquiry against ...
Why New York Is Repealing Its Ban On Conversion Therapy | NBC News Now NBC News
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Conversion therapy, the method of trying to change someone's sexual orientation or gender identity, is in the process of being banned in New York City. NBC ...
NASA's New Spacesuits Designed To Outperform Those Used In Apollo Program | Mach | NBC News NBC News
3 days back
NASA unveiled new spacesuits that astronauts will wear on the moon and Mars. The suits are designed to outperform those used during the Apollo program.
PFT Draft: Most important Week 7 matchups | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports NBC Sports
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Chris Simms and Mike Florio draft their most important matchups for Week 7, including the Ravens' secondary against the Seahawks' receivers. #NBCSports ...
How Much Does It Cost To Make An IPhone 11? | NBC News Now NBC News
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We know the iPhone 11 retails for $699. But how much does it really cost to make? NBC News' Dasha Burns takes a look at what's behind the device's ...
Ukraine's Zelenskiy Says Investigations Could Start 'If The Law Was Broken' | NBC News NBC News
3 weeks back
Speaking to reporters near Kyiv, the president said it was not for Ukraine to act on the orders of other countries. » Subscribe to NBC News: ...
NBC News: WH Tried To Limit Testimony For Former Trump Russia Adviser | The Last Word | MSNBC MSNBC
3 days back
Correspondence between Fiona Hill's lawyers and White House Deputy Counsel Michael Purpura obtained by NBC News show that the White House tried to ...
Draining Arizona: Mining For Water In The Desert Leaves Residents' Wells Dry | NBC News NBC News
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The small desert town of Willcox, Arizona survives off groundwater. Families are running out of water as their wells dry up, and residents are blaming ...
Ann Curry Warned NBC About Matt Lauer Before Firing ET Canada
3 days back
After it was revealed that Ann Curry warned NBC executives about Matt Lauer's behaviour before she was fired from "Today", Roz Weston and Graeme O'Neil ...
NBC: Trump Aide Will Detail Giuliani's Ukraine Shadow Diplomacy To Congress | The 11th Hour | MSNBC MSNBC
1 weeks back
Fiona Hill's appearance next week before Congress has stoked fear among people close to the president. Carol Lee joins to explain why. Aired on 10/10/19.
Texts Reveal Trump Administration’s Pressure On Ukraine | NBC Nightly News NBC News
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Explosive new text messages reveal that several Trump-appointed diplomats dangled a possible White House meeting with President Zelenskiy of Ukraine if he ...
New impeachment Inquiry Subpoenas Issued After Second Whistleblower Emerges | NBC Nightly News NBC News
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House Democrats issued new subpoenas today in their impeachment inquiry into President Trump, demanding documents from Defense Secretary Mark Esper ...
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Ukraine Timeline: From Giuliani's Outreach To Trump's Phone Call | Meet The Press | NBC News NBC News
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Mike McFaul, Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia, walks through the timeline of events that lead to calls for an impeachment inquiry into President Trump's ...
Taking A Deep Dive Into The Released Whistleblower Complaint | NBC News Now NBC News
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NBC News NOW highlights all the important details from the whistleblower complaint at the center of the impeachment inquiry of President Trump. » Subscribe to ...
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From marching bands and parade floats to military tanks and flyovers, Washington D.C. is host to Independence Day events, including a military-style display ...
Putin Talks Trump, 2020 Election On Moscow Panel | NBC Nightly News NBC News
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With growing focus on the conversation between President Trump and Ukraine's president, Russian President Vladimir Putin tells NBC News' Keir Simmons that ...