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Bryan Cranston Doesn't Think Walter White Is Dead - CONAN on TBS Team Coco
1 years back
Bryan doesn't remember seeing a coroner's report or obituary for Walter White... More CONAN @ Team Coco is the official YouTube ...
Jordan Peterson: Is Walter White a bad person? (Breaking Bad) Jordan Peterson Clips
8 months back
All content on this channel has been approved for monitization and Reuse from Jordan B Peterson himself and his team. We as a channel respect YouTube ...
Breaking Bad - Walt: "I am the one who knocks" Dan Lysiak
8 years back
Another great scene from Bryan Cranston, showing his Heisenberg side. From Season 4, Episode 6 of Breaking Bad.
Gus Fring Offers Walter White a Deal - Breaking Bad: S3 E1 Clip Breaking Bad Official
1 years back
In the wake of the Albuquerque airline disaster, Skyler forces Walt to move out, while Jesse's stay in drug rehab helps him come to grips with his role in the fatal ...
Breaking Bad - "Stay out of my territory" (Heisenberg, Full Scene) Skillmare
6 years back
Breaking Bad season 2, episode 10. Walter White first tries to teach an inexperienced meth cook how to properly purchase supplies, but turns to Heisenberg ...
Walter White Shows Up to SNL as a Trump Cabinet Appointee: ‘I Know the DEA Better Than Anyone’ مغريبي في الغربة
3 years back
Saturday night's SNL opened with a surprise sketch featuring previous show host Bryan Cranston in one of his most identifiable roles: Walter White of Breaking ...
Breaking Bad — The First Cook. S. K.
6 years back
Season 1, Episode 1 — Pilot. Walt and Jesse's first cook ever. Music: 'Dead Fingers Talking', by Working For A Nuclear Free City.
UA003. A. Seven - Walter White Uprise Audio
7 years back
Buy Now: A. Walter White. UA003 Is Seven's first release on his own imprint ...
Elliott Offers Walt a Job at Gray Matter - Breaking Bad: S1 E5 Clip Breaking Bad Official
2 years back
Skyler organizes an intervention to persuade Walt into accepting his former research partner's generous offer to pay for his cancer treatments. Subscribe for ...
Breaking Bad - Walter singing scene Grey's Videos
6 years back
Breaking Bad season 3 - Walter driving and singing meanwhile an officer stop him...
Breaking Bad Epic Scene Mad Mikey
6 years back
Breaking Bad Laser hitmen Bryan Cranston Epic Scene breaking bad Badger and Skinny Pete :D.
Walter White lifesize bust by Supacraft Neny Dee
2 years back
Life size Walter White bust by Supacraft and Sideshow for more Info go to also like to link my friend Andre Xenomorph for producing the ...
Walter White Brings Pizza to the House for Family Dinner - Breaking Bad: S3 E2 Clip Breaking Bad Official
1 years back
As he finds Skyler is dead set on getting a divorce, an unwitting Walt lands squarely in the crosshairs of a pair of Mexican drug cartel hit men set on revenge.
Hank Finds Out - Breaking Bad BeastFactor
7 years back
Season 5 - Episode 8 of [Br]eaking [B]ad No copyright infringement intended. All rights belong to AMC.
The Dichotomy of Walter White and Gus Fring - A Breaking Bad Video Analysis Gil Brummett
3 years back
Created by Gil Brummett. A video essay for NKU's CIN 202 Fall 2016 Semester taught by Prof. Blaise Weller. This video was created for educational purposes ...
If You Believe That There's a Hell - Walter White Quote - Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 7 Brian King
5 years back
If you believe that there's a Hell—I don't know if you're into that—but we're already pretty much going there. But I'm not gonna lie down until I get there.”—Quote ...
Walter Asks About Patient Confidentiality - Breaking Bad: S2 E3 Clip Breaking Bad Official
1 years back
As Hank comes dangerously close to uncovering his role in the drug trade, Walt devises a plan to cover his tracks. Subscribe for exclusive content: ...
Appealing a Grade with Walter White Rikers Beard
6 years back
This is my favorite scene from Breaking Bad. The student gets a 58 on his exam and faces summer school. Will Walter White let it slide?
Bryan Cranston says goodbye to Walter White Golden Globes
6 years back
Golden Globe nominee Bryan Cranston talks about the end of his journey with the critically-acclaimed TV series Breaking Bad.
Bryan Cranston on the legacy of Walter White Absolute Radio
3 years back
Bryan Cranston sat down with Absolute Radio's Geoff Lloyd for an in-depth chat on why Walter White is the best character he'll ever play, working on Seinfeld ...
Breaking Bad - Season 4 "Face Off" - Heisenberg vs Francesca - Ill be right back [HD] Axhol3Rose
6 years back
Breaking Bad Season 4 Episode 13 - Face Off Heisenberg (Walter White, played by Brian Cranston) faces off against Francesca (played by Tina Parker), ...
You killed Hank! - no no NO, i tried to save him Jo _Hell
2 years back
Breaking bad season 5 episode 14 Ozymandias Skyler find out that Hank is dead and say that Walter killed Hank, but Walter denied it, and Walter Junior got ...
Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 4 Buying the Cars Federico Chacharo
6 years back
Name Cars: Walter Jr: Dodge Challenger SRT8 Walter White: Chrysler 300 SRT8 Name SoundTrack: Knife Party - Bonfire ...
Breaking Bad - Walter´s Epic Speech Skeppihavet
7 years back
Breaking Bad S02E08.
The Power Rangers Meet Walter White Morphin Bad
3 years back
After hearing the news that Bryan Cranston was cast to play Zordon in the upcoming Power Rangers movie, I couldn't resist. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ...
Walter White and Jesse Pinkman Discuss Their New Work Space - S4 E3 Clip #BreakingBad Breaking Bad Official
9 months back
While Walt (Bryan Cranston) worries about Gus's interference and Jesse's (Aaron Paul) increasingly fragile state of mind, Skyler (Anna Gunn) steps up the ...
Hank Schrader and Walter White Discuss Who W.W. May Be - S4 E4 Clip #BreakingBad Breaking Bad Official
8 months back
As Skyler (Anna Gunn) concocts an elaborate story to explain their finances, Walt (Bryan Cranston) worries when he discovers that Hank (Dean Norris) has ...
Walter White and Jesse (Breaking Bad Art) -- Speed Painting Kelly Eddington Watercolors
6 years back
Watch me speed-paint Breaking Bad's Walter White and Jesse Pinkman (Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul) in this watercolor time lapse demonstration.
Walter White look-alike makes fans do a double take KRQE
8 months back
Walter White look-alike makes fans do a double take - Source: ...
Whole life in fear - Walter White speech (Breaking Bad) JangoJetCzarnyMiecz
5 years back
Selection and Video Editing: JangoJetCzarnyMiecz Music: Zack Hemsey - The Way Buy here: ...
Time Lapse Drawing of Walter White/Bryan Cranston – Breaking Bad Drawing Jakob W.
6 years back
Find more drawings here: alias Mr. Walter White Song: OMN - Tonight OMN: ...
Walter White and Jesse Pinkman Wait for Gus Fring to Arrive - S4 E1 Teaser #BreakingBad Breaking Bad Official
10 months back
Following last season's cliffhanger ending, Walt (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse (Aaron Paul) anxiously wait to see what their drug lord boss, Gus (Giancarlo ...
Walter White Super Bowl Ad 2015 : Esurance Say My Name Super Bowl XLIX
5 years back
Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, ...
2 years back
Na minha passagem por Alburquerque - New Mexico, tive o prazer de conhecer as locações da série "Breaking Bad"! Se liga no vídeo que tem muita coisa ...
Hal se convierte en Walter White y su alter ego Heisenberg Josias Sáenz
3 months back
Les comparto un pequeño video donde se puede notar en su totalidad completa el alter ego de walther white "Heisenberg". Hace tiempo vi uno muy parecido, ...
Walter White Shows Up to SNL as a Trump Cabinet Appointee : It's Time To Make America Cook Again 12LiVe
3 years back
SNL Bryan Cranston Walter White SNL opened with a surprise sketch featuring previous show host Bryan Cranston in one of his most identifiable roles: Walter ...
Breaking Bad - Walter White trying to kiss World School
3 years back
Movie Scene - World School activity that stimulates the student to learn famous phrases, sentences and statements from movies and of course making the ...
Walter tries to blackmail Hank Paul Morel
4 years back
Seeing as nobody else had done it, and being a fan of both Tim & Eric and Breaking Bad, it was my duty to create this mashup.
I Did it for Me - Breaking Bad - Walter White Pedcity74
6 years back
Emmy Award Winning acting hear. No copyright intended.
Walter White - Virtuoso Brass Musician (Part 2/2) Musicology with Dan Yessian
1 years back
Dan Yessian brings Water White back for a master class in everything brass; from instruments to techniques and tools, Walt's got it all. Watch Part 1 of our two ...
Mota se mete la piel de Walter White - Especial Nochevieja 2016 José Mota
3 years back
Un capítulo de la serie Breaking Bad protagonizado por José Mota y Roberto del Álamo. ¡Y no olvides SUSCRIBIRTE al canal!: Una ...
Skyler White Confirms She's Willing to Stay in the Business - S4 E7 Clip #BreakingBad Breaking Bad Official
7 months back
Walt (Bryan Cranston) places Skyler (Anna Gunn) in a difficult spot with their new operation. And as Walt looks to protect himself against Gus (Giancarlo ...
Evolution Masks "The Chemist" Breaking Bad Walter White Edition Silicone Mask Evolution Masks
4 years back
To see our latest creations follow us on: for ultra realistic masks and hairing services.