bass solo

I Hired 10 Bassists to Create the Best Bass Solo EVER... Davie504
4 weeks back
I went back on Fiverr and I paid bass players to create the Best Bass Solo EVER... I spent over $500... Will they manage to play something EPIC? Let's see.
This Is The Only Bass Solo I CANNOT Play... Davie504
3 days back
Playing some of the HARDEST Slap Bass Solos of the internet... but there's one I CANNOT play... for a very mind-blowing reason... What's your favorite bass solo ...
Everybody said this Bass Solo is IMPOSSIBLE... Davie504
6 months back
Reacting to epic videos you sent me... Everyone challenged me to play this bass solo, it sounds impossible... but is it really? Submit more memes: ...
Hardest Bass Solo EVER! (Verified PRO) CharlesBerthoud
4 days back
I made a new solo using Davie 504's Hardest Bass Riff EVER, my Hardest Bass Riff EVER, and my Best Bass Solo EVER! Plus a load of new riffs... If you ...
40 Techniques in One Bass Solo Nathan Navarro
8 months back
A bass solo by Nathan Navarro that uses 40 playing techniques. TABS: A huge thanks to Mayones for sending me this ...
The 10 Best Bass Solos of All Time Scott's Bass Lessons
6 months back
Start Your FREE ScottsBassLessons Academy Trial Here: ▻ Grab Your FREE Ultimate Bass Players Toolkit here: ...
Incredible Bass Solo (Wojtek Pilichowski) Nathan Navarro
6 years back
An excerpt from one of Wojtek Pilichowski's performances at NAMM 2014. Facebook:
The Greatest Bass Solo Ever Dan Parker
9 years back
Stuart Hamm Live at the Montreux Jazz Festival, July 15th, 1988 with Joe Satriani.
2 years back
Playing the only 24 Strings Bass Guitar ever made. It's called "Godzilla"... Such a crazy instrument, hope you'll like it :) It is the only 24 strings bass in the world.
Funky Slap Bass Solo 🎸 Bruno Tauzin - Tout sur la Basse
3 years back
Transcription Funk Slap Bass Solo ➡︎ Cours de basse, Méthodes, Covers, Transcriptions Facebook: ...
Crazy Fast Slap Bass solo Davie504
5 years back
Here's a Funk Rock slap bass solo where i mainly use the double thumb technique to play some very fast triplets! Don't forget to leave a comment to let me know ...
Miki Santamaria - EXTREME SLAP BASS SOLO VOL 2 - With TABS! Miki Santamaria
3 years back
TABS and BACKING TRACKS here: - TABLATURA y BACKING TRACKS aquí: Follow me on Facebook: ...
Billy Sheehan - Bass Solo euskonazi
10 years back
Billy Sheehan's awesome bass solo at the Budokan, Feb 2009. Bass groove talibans are NOT welcome.
Larry Williams slaying a bass solo ertarox
7 years back
Larry Williams, professional Chicago bass musician, playing a solo during a set with the Mike Wheeler Band.
The Bass Walk: Abraham Laboriel Boyd Matson
1 years back
Abraham Laboriel is one of the world's greatest bass players according to Paul McCartney. A lot of musicians must agree because he is the most recorded bass ...
15 Greatest Bass Solos in Metal History Loudwire
11 months back
If you're new, Subscribe! → Intros don't count. We already did that list! We ...
Miki Santamaria - EXTREME SLAP BASS SOLO - With TABS! Miki Santamaria
7 years back - Aprende a tocar el bajo con Miki Santamaria! - TABS and BACKING TRACKS here: - TABLATURA y ...
3 years back
Some Funky Acoustic Bass slapping! More challenges? Let me know in the comments :) TABS and Backing Tracks: Thanks to ...
RHCP FLEA BASS SOLO 5 red hot chilli peppers mcfp95
9 years back
RHCP FLEA BASS SOLO 5 red hot chilli peppers.
3 years back
Finally a funky Fretless Slap Bass jam! Any more requests? Leave a comment :D My new ALBUM: Spotify: ...
Dirty Loops - Just Dance - Henrik Linder Bass Solo - NAMM 2015 alazaruz
5 years back
Dirty Loops Preforms "Just Dance" w/ a Henrik Linder Bass Solo @ The KORG BOOTH for NAMM SHOW 2015! Please Comment, Rate, and SUBSCRIBE!
Silly Fools - Dance With Me [Bass Solo by Rangster] Rock Rider
5 years back
Dance With Me [Bass Solo by Rangster] ▻ Calling Melody : กด *2482266 แล้วโทรออก. ทำนอง , เรียบเรียง...
Victor Wooten Bass Solo koaras123
10 years back
この人はホントすごい人ですよ。 このライブでのエフェクターは、Boss GT6B、RC-50 を使っていました。 なんとこの演奏で14フレットにひびが入って...
Extreme Funk Rock Bass solo Davie504
8 years back
TABS: This song is available in my new ALBUM! Spotify: ...
Vail Johnson - Bass Solo with Jazz bass (1987) Dias Flávio
7 years back
show of Kenny G in jazz festival with bassist Vail Johnson presentation !!!! Great moment!!!!
2 years back
Playing a 12 strings bass guitar... More challenges? :) TABS and Backing Tracks: Special thanks to: Julian, niks, Ryan Harper ...
100 Amazing Bass Lines Davie504
5 years back
I chose and played 100 Great and Famous Bass Lines (Medley!) which, in my opinion, every bass player should know! These bass lines helped me during those ...
Bohemian Rhapsody Bass Solo // OneMinuteSolo OneMinuteSolo
1 years back
Tutorial Video & Tablature - Think you can play this solo? Any Patron that manages to learn any of my solo covers will be sent ...
6 years back
Wojtek Pilichowski thumbs the wood worms out of a Mayones Custom Pi Bass. We recorded the audio track with nothing else than an Apogee Duet Interface.
2 years back
Playing a 15 Strings Bass Solo... that's way too big.. The first 5 strings are just too low... You just cant play any clear note... lol Subscribe for more videos: ...
Gusti Hendy vs Thomas Ramdhan (Drum & Bass Solo at Tanjung Tabalong) GIGI Band Official
2 years back
Gigi Band Contacts/Bookings: Amity Asia +62 811 132135 / [email protected] GIGI official +62 811 9596161 (wa) / Pertunjukan ...
5 years back
Victor Wooten (USA) plays a short rendition of his original composition "The Lesson" on his Fodera Yin Yang Signature Bass. I met Victor last week at the ...
Jeff Pifher And Socrates' Trial - Nick Campbell Bass Solo // "All The Little Things" (MTP) Jeff Pifher
1 years back
Jeff Pifher And Socrates' Trial - "All The Little Things" (J. Pifher) Nick Campbell bass solo Jeff Pifher - tenor saxophone Sam Barsh - piano/keyboards Colin Cook ...
VLOG #11 - Wie spiele ich ein Bass Solo? - German lesson tutorial (learn how to play Jazz Funk Rock) Florians Bassunterricht
6 years back
German Bass Lesson & Tutorial BASSKURS HIER: Wie spielt man eigentlich ein Bass-Solo?
Insane Slap Bass solo Improv Gospel Shout (Marcus Miller Victor Wooten) Style Groove CocosBassment
4 years back
Apologies about the crazy title. This is just a clip i decided to record after a bit of practice on the thumb thing. I usually finnish my practice with some improvised ...
【BASS SOLO】 PROJECT B.[2ND] 【次世代スーパーべーシストプロジェクト】 ayumu
6 years back
2 years back
Playing a four strings bass... but every string has its own neck... Here's a four necks bass / quadruple neck bass! Don't ask why. TABS and Backing Tracks: ...
3 years back
Playing 9 Bass Guitars in One video! Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment! :D TABS and Backing Tracks: Thanks to ...
$20 BASS SOLO Davie504
3 years back
I found this bass guitar at a flea market and I bought it for about 20$... Super dirty, damaged and with bad electronics... Will it sound good? Let's find out.
Victor Wooten wows with his performance of The Lesson solo live on EMGtv EMGtv
9 years back
Check out this amazing impromptu performance from Victor Wooten. Hear this incredible solo performance of "The Lesson" featuring the EMG JVX and EMG ...
Slap Bass Solo (BPM 143) 八島寛文
11 years back
スラップ・ベース・ソロ (テンポ 143) 即興で適当にベースを弾いてみました。 同じような内容ですが、TAKE1とTAKE2を収録してあります。
cherokee - bass solo Thiago Espirito Santo
7 months back
Praticando Cherokee - Practicing Cherokee! Escute com fone! Use Headphones! Quer estudar comigo? Acesse
Tal Wilkenfeld - Solo Bass (HD) Rodrigo Pine
7 years back
Amazing Bass Solo .... ♫ Music: Cause We've Ended As Lovers Jeff Beck & Tal Wilkenfeld (Crossroads - 2007 Live) Guitar : Jeff Beck Bass : Tal Wilkenfeld Drum ...
A Regular Bass Solo Davie504
2 years back
Playing a regular bass solo - jam. Nothing weird, just slapping the bass like the old days before the challenges... Let's funk :) TABS and Backing Tracks: ...