China's C919 engineers persevere to achieve world-class flight test capacity New China TV
7 months back
China's homegrown C919 large passenger jet is expected to be available to customers by 2021. To keep the project on schedule, and create a maximum ...
The Point: China's C919 to compete with Boeing and Airbus CGTN
4 months back
And from Shanghai, momentum builds for China's first homegrown, large-passenger jet. Though the C919 has yet to fly commercially, the question is if it could ...
Comac C919 vs Irkut MC21: Which NEWCOMER is Better? AirplaneProductions TV
4 weeks back
This video is about the Comac C919 vs the Irkut MC21-300. They are both great aircrafts with the latest echnologies from two new companies. But which will win ...
A tour of China's first big passenger jet - the C919 - BBC News BBC News
2 years back
China hopes to rival Boeing and Airbus with its own commercial jet. Robin Brant got a look inside a mock-up C919. Please subscribe HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog ...
Comac C919: Could It Destroy the 737MAX & A320neo? Navgeek Aviation
1 years back
The Comac C919 is a narrow-body twinjet airliner developed by Comac. The C919 is planned to enter commercial service in 2021 with China Eastern Airlines.
China's second C919 jet makes maiden flight New China TV
2 years back
Chinese jumbo jet takes off! A second #C919 jet soars into the sky in Shanghai, marking another milestone in the country's aviation development.
China's third C919 plane conducts long-distance test flight New China TV
2 months back
China's third #C919 large passenger plane conducts a long-distance test flight. xhne.ws/nkBsG.
2019.01.19【文茜世界周報】大陸自製大飛機 C919第三架機完成首飛 文茜的世界周報 Sisy's World News
8 months back
《文茜的世界週報》更多影音→https://goo.gl/oZthoh 《文茜的財經周報》更多影音→https://goo.gl/XBqI2g 播出頻道:中天新聞台CH52 播出時間↓↓↓ 週六...
中美打"空戰"尬機場 中國C-919四度試飛挑戰波音737│【國際大現場】20190913│三立新聞台 從台灣看見世界的故事
2 days back
三立新聞#消失的國界#李天怡➲ 深度節目及國際時事都在這裡【從台灣看見世界的故事】 ➲新聞HD直播三立LIVE新聞https://goo.gl/7FaFJW ➲追蹤消失...
China unveils passenger jet C919 - BBC News BBC News
4 years back
China has unveiled its first large passenger aircraft to be made on home soil. One of China's state-owned plane manufacturers has produced the plane in a ...
COMAC C919 - Chinese narrow-body twinjet airliner. History and future of the aircraft Skyships Eng
2 years back
Comac C919 - the family of narrow-body twinjet airliners, developed by the Chinese aviation manufacturer COMAC. C919 is the most advanced Chinese civilian ...
[中国新闻] C919大型客机104架机完成首次试验飞行 | CCTV中文国际 CCTV中文国际
1 months back
C919大型客机104架机完成首次试验飞行。 【栏目介绍】 《中国新闻》是中央电视台CCTV中文国际频道最重要的新闻节目品牌之一,多次获得中央电视台...
Can China Break Airbus & Boeing's Aviation Duopoly with The Comac C919 ?! The Atlantis Report
5 days back
Can China Break Airbus vs . Boeing's Aviation Duopoly with The Comac C919 ?! China's first big passenger jet .Boeing's poor handling of the MAX disaster ...
Flying the Made in China Jet - ARJ21-700! Sam Chui
3 months back
A special flight on the Chinese made ARJ21-700 on Chengdu Airlines from Chengdu to Linfen and back. Check out the interior of the Chinese made ARJ21.
Comac C919 - китайский среднемагистральный самолет. История и перспективы SkyShips
2 years back
Comac C919 - семейство узкофюзеляжных среднемагистральных авиалайнеров, разрабатываемое китайским авиационны...
【军情515】歼20都造出来了:C919却几乎全身进口 竟连颗螺丝钉都是外国货 迷彩虎
1 years back
China-made C919 successfully completed its first test flight CGTN
1 months back
The fourth prototype of China's self-developed C919 passenger aircraft concluded its maiden test flight. The test evaluated the avionic system, take-off and ...
中俄合制CR929航展亮相,起飞重量是C919三倍,垄断局面将被打破 一号哨所
2 weeks back
《创新中国》C919 | CCTV纪录 CCTV纪录
2 years back
本期节目主要内容: 这是中国制造的关键时期,无数的中国企业已经开始行动;从可弯折的超薄玻璃到新型的装配式建筑,从国产大客机的诞生到控...
中国收购乌克兰百年航发巨头,美国再次出手,阻止C919动力国产化 强国军事
2 weeks back
《總編輯時間》外媒:C919將開啟全球民航新時代 20190805 鳳凰衛視 Phoenix TV
1 months back
【手機端】點擊鏈接,下載鳳凰衛視官方App鳳凰秀https://dwz.cn/nVxcoqYK 【鳳凰秀官方Facebook】https://www.facebook.com/FengShows/ 【訂閱鳳凰衛視 ...
​国产大飞机C919时代即将来临,会被西方“卡脖子”吗?真相揭晓 一号哨所
1 months back
A look at the C919, China’s first homegrown passenger jet CGTN
1 years back
China's first domestically developed passenger jet, the C919, was recently officially completed. Research began in 2008 and the maiden flight was carried out ...
美国禁止俄罗斯客机出口伊朗,中国C919应吸取前车之鉴 烽火新观察
4 months back
Three more Chinese C919 passenger jets to start test flights by late 2019 South China Morning Post
7 months back
Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: https://sc.mp/subscribe-youtube China's state-owned aircraft maker says it will have three more C919 ...
China's 4th C919 plane completes maiden test flight in Shanghai New China TV
1 months back
Another milestone: China's 4th #C919 plane completes its maiden test flight in Shanghai.
COMAC C919 Introducing Video Wnight Son
4 years back
COMAC C919 Introducing Video.
《科技之光·创新一线》 飞机的极限考验 大型客机C919的一场最为凶险的经典试验 C91920181202 | CCTV科教 CCTV科教
9 months back
Live正在直播:C919第101架机今飞往西安阎良开展适航取证 看看新闻Knews
2 years back
George Hamlin on China's first commercial jetliner C919 CGTN America
2 years back
CGTN's Rachelle Akuffo spoke with George Hamlin about China's first commercial jetliner C919. He is the president of Hamlin Transportation Consulting.
Who are flight test engineers of China's self-developed C919? New China TV
4 months back
Meet the flight test engineers of China's C919, the country's first self-developed trunk jetliner.
600架C919上线!美国大惊:中国飞机要取代波音! 厉害了中国
5 months back
我们可以仔细算一算。假如未来919进入市场,会代替多少订单? 数据显示,最近些年,美国波音公司每年向我国航空公司交付100多架波音737,若以...
China’s Third C919 Passenger Plane Takes Test Flight in Shanghai CCTV Video News Agency
9 months back
The third prototype of China's C919 large passenger aircraft took its maiden test flight in Shanghai on Friday, marking a major step of China towards becoming a ...
China Makes C919 and J-20 Engines with Rhenium Superalloy Gallery Military
2 years back
China's J-20 stealth fighter may be getting a new engine”. According to the article, there was a new J-20 prototype no. 2021 installed with a new WS-10X engine ...
China's second C919 prototype jet conducts first long-distance flight New China TV
1 years back
First long-distance flight! China's second C919 prototype jet flew from Shanghai to Shandong to undergo further tests.
Premier vol réussi pour le Comac C919, rival chinois d'Airbus et de Boeing DarnaTelevision
2 years back
Premier vol réussi pour le Comac C919, rival chinois d'Airbus et de Boeing.
谁说理工男不浪漫,C919试飞送出超大“硬核月饼”| 小央视频 小央视频
6 days back
小央介绍:9月7日,C919大型客机104架机完成第一次“花样试飞”。机组人员利用飞行路线,在空中画出一个大大的月饼! 小央视频是央视网的原创短...
Comac C919: First medium-sized Chinese built airliner takes flight Al Jazeera English
2 years back
Comac C919:First medium-sized Chinese built airliner takes flight The first medium-sized airliner built in China has taken off on its maiden flight. It's designed to ...
比C919大三倍!中国这一大家伙面世,西方大惊:波音的替代品! 人类命运共同体
6 months back
แอร์เอเชียสั่งซื้อเครื่องบิน C919 เสริมแกร่งเที่ยวบินจีน TNN ช่อง16
2 years back
เจ้าพ่อวงการสายการบินต้นทุนต่ำ แอร์เอเชีย เตรียมสั่งซื้อเครื่องบิน...
China’s C919: A challenge to Airbus and Boeing? CGTN
2 years back
On Friday, the first Chinese-built passenger jet C919 made its maiden flight, widely seen as a milestone for the Chinese aviation industry. The aircraft is ...
大好良機? 波音慘摔"趁機搶市" 習近平要把C919送上天? 國民大會 20190320 (預告) 國民大會
6 months back
習近平抓住美國波音737致命傷,自製客機C919搶市,準備在2021交機? 請鎖定3/20今晚11點56頻道國民大會。 朱學恒【網路觀察家】 汪潔民【財經專家】...
中国C919试飞场面震撼,韩国网友:“为何我们生产不了这种呢?” 赵云
2 years back
El C919 chino realiza con éxito su primer vuelo de prueba de larga distancia AGENCIA EFE
2 years back
Shanghái (China), 10 nov (EFE).-El primer avión de pasajeros chino de tamaño medio, el COMAC C919, realizó hoy con éxito su primer vuelo de prueba de ...
中国C919大型客机104架机完成首飞 CHINA LIVE
1 months back
请订阅:https://www.youtube.com/chinanews?sub_confirmation=1 中国C919大型客机104架机当天早晨从上海浦东国际机场起飞,经过1小时25分钟的飞行,在完成 ...