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I Paid Bassists on FIVERR to Create an EPIC Bassline... Davie504
3 months back
I went on Fiverr and paid 9 different bass players to come up with an original bass line, based on a drums loop I gave them. My Fiverr page: ...
I Paid Bassists to Play an IMPOSSIBLE Bassline... Davie504
2 months back
I went on Fiverr again and paid random bass players to play an impossible bass line that I created just for this video... Will they manage to play it? Let's see.
I Hired 10 Bassists to Create the Best Bass Solo EVER... Davie504
4 weeks back
I went back on Fiverr and I paid bass players to create the Best Bass Solo EVER... I spent over $500... Will they manage to play something EPIC? Let's see.
He Challenged ME To Play The HARDEST Bassline EVER Davie504
2 weeks back
I went on Fiverr and paid bass players to create the HARDEST Bass Riffs Ever... The challenge? I had to play them all. Who did the best job?! Leave a comment ...
Everybody said this Bass Solo is IMPOSSIBLE... Davie504
6 months back
Reacting to epic videos you sent me... Everyone challenged me to play this bass solo, it sounds impossible... but is it really? Submit more memes: ...
I Hired Fiverr Musicians To Finish My Song... samuraiguitarist
5 months back
Learn my system of making music with Samurai Guitar Theory Merch #guitar #fiverr ...
I play a GUITAR... (ILLEGAL VIDEO) Davie504
4 months back
My first video where I unironically play a six strings guitar. All because you smashed over 169K likes in the previous video. Thanks... Subscribe for more videos: ...
I went to the EU PARLIAMENT just to play MEMES (fighting against ARTICLE 13) Davie504
5 months back
Fighting against Article 13 by playing memes songs at the EU Parliament in Brussels. Epic troll lol More info about Article 13 and how to help: ...
Does Piano Sound Good with Davie504's Bass? Sheet Music Boss
3 months back
Davie504: the challenge is on. Good luck... Learn piano easily: Official merch: Join the ...
Davie504 PRO - Hardest Bass Riff Ever Lesson CharlesBerthoud
1 weeks back
Davie504 went on Fiverr and asked me to create the hardest bass riff ever, and this is what I came up with. It's definitely a hard bass line but I'm sure this lesson ...
I play the DRUMS... (RARE FOOTAGE) Davie504
3 months back
The first time I un-ironically play the drums in a video. Also, slap like please and watch till the end for an important announcement... Subscribe for more videos: ...
I'm the BASS Guy Davie504
3 months back
Billie Eilish - "bad guy" but it's played on Bass Guitar only. Suggest me more songs, make sure to add "BASS" in the title! Subscribe for more videos: ...
How to Make a Girl Smile Davie504
11 months back
How to Make a Girl Laugh while playing the bass guitar? Here's the answer... watch closely. Big thanks to my girlfriend for helping me out in this video! TABS and ...
I Played Bass with Keanu Reeves... Davie504
3 months back
Reacting to Keanu Reeves (and other famous actors) playing the bass guitar. I'll play a jam with him in this video too. A breathtaking experience. In this episode ...
I'm Gonna Take my BASS to the Old Town Road Davie504
3 months back
"Old Town Road" by Lil Nas X but it's about the bass, no horses. Subscribe for more videos: Reddit: ...
Why I never talk in my videos... Davie504
7 months back
Why I never speak / talk in my videos? Answering this and more questions I always get asked. Subreddit: TABS and Backing ...
I went to RUSSIA just to play this song... Davie504
2 months back
I went all the way to Russia (Moscow) just to play these songs... Can you guess them all? Leave a comment NOW Also feel free to suggest me more places I ...
Guess The Meme Song, Win $5,000 Davie504
3 months back
Giving away a large amount of money to people who can guess which Meme Songs I am playing... How many songs you would've guessed right? Leave a ...
I went to AUSTRALIA just to play this song... Davie504
6 months back
I travelled all the way to Australia and in the desert just to play "Down Under" by Men At Work, but there's a surprise... Feel free to suggest me more world ...
STOP doing this to me... Davie504
6 months back
This really makes me want to give up and delete my channel... Submit more memes: Reacting to some bass memes and ...
They BROKE my Bass Guitar at the airport. Davie504
5 months back
I brought my bass guitar on the plane and they literally destroyed it. I am speechless. TABS and Backing Tracks: Subscribe for ...
I went to JAPAN just to play these songs... Davie504
7 months back
I went to Kyoto, Japan just to play these songs... From Deja Vu to the Pokemon theme, Running in the 90s, and many more. Can you guess them all? Make sure ...
send this to your crush (100% WORKING METHOD) Davie504
7 months back
Send this to your crush or to someone you like... You will get their heart, trust me. Extra points if you send this near Valentine's Day! TABS and Backing Tracks: ...
Hardest Bass Solo EVER! (Verified PRO) CharlesBerthoud
4 days back
I made a new solo using Davie 504's Hardest Bass Riff EVER, my Hardest Bass Riff EVER, and my Best Bass Solo EVER! Plus a load of new riffs... If you ...
Davie504's IMPOSSIBLE Bassline as an IMPOSSIBLE REMIX - Piano Cover NPT Music
1 months back
My remix of the Impossible Bassline on Fiverr challenge from Davie504. Want to learn the piano? Here is the quickest and easiest way: ...
I Played Bass Until I Broke ALL the Strings (impossible?) Davie504
2 months back
Breaking a string on the bass guitar is one of the hardest things ever. Today I am going to break THEM ALL. Will I succeed? Let's just jump in to this epic gamer ...
I can't believe they put me on THIS list... (I'M ANGRY) Davie504
7 months back
Unbelievable... They put me on those top lists but you'll never guess in which category... I am really ANGRY now. :( Special thanks to Voiceoverpete for the ...
I played GUITAR for 1 HOUR (Extremely ILLEGAL VIDEO) Davie504
1 months back
As promised, here I am playing the guitar live... send help please Subscribe for more videos: Reddit: ...
PewDiePie Plays BASS? Davie504
1 months back
PewDiePie can play the bass guitar?! I challenge him. We will discover many things in this mind blowing episode of SDAIAY. Post more memes: ...
40 YEARS of GAME MUSIC in 2 MINUTES Davie504
1 years back
40+ years of Video Games music played in just around 2 minutes. From GTA San Andreas to Super Mario, from Pacman to Pokemon, from Minecraft to Fortnite...
Davie504 All reactions of triple ,Quadruple,Quintuple,camera guy OMG!!!!! fai6al_012
1 weeks back
davie504 #bass #slap #slappers #guitar #reacting.
when you get a new bass guitar VS. one month later Davie504
9 months back
Getting a new instrument is always exciting... but will the excitement last long or... Got many comments about a Rudy Ayoub's video: ...
Reacting to My First Video (GONE WRONG) Davie504
1 years back
7 Years ago I uploaded my first video here on YouTube. Today I'll to react to it with you. I am also going to read the first comment ever. Thanks for these amazing ...
I cook spaghetti... (LEAKED FOOTAGE) Davie504
4 weeks back
The secret of my epic slap bAss skills!? Here it is. I cook and teach you the best spaghetti recipe you will ever see. Subscribe for more videos: ...
Bass Battle (ft. Rob Scallon) Davie504
4 years back
The battle continues on Rob's channel :D Check it out! Don't forget to leave a comment to let me know if you enjoyed this video!
I play the RECORDER... (CURSED FOOTAGE) Davie504
3 months back
Playing an instrument I've never played before: the recorder... Will I be able to pull this off?!?! Who knows. Subscribe for more videos: ...
11 months back
Things you should never say to a bass guitar player... Be careful please! MERCH: TABS and Backing Tracks: ...
Lv.1 Crook VS Lv.100 Mafia BASS Davie504
8 months back
Mafia City memes translated to the bass guitar... because that's how mafia works... Who won? Level 1, 10, 35 or 100? Leave a comment! TABS and Backing ...
This 9 Year Old Bassist Plays Better Than Me?? Davie504
2 months back
Reacting to some of the best kid bass players in the world. Slap like for this EPIC episode of SDAIAY. Subscribe for more videos: Reddit: ...
The truth about my FACE... Davie504
3 months back
Telling the truth about who I really am and revealing my face. Thanks for 3 Million subscribers! Subscribe for more videos: Reddit: ...
This Has To Stop... Davie504
1 weeks back
Unbelievable news in this EPIC episode of SDAIAY... I don't look like him. PLS STOP. Post more memes: Merch: ...
1 years back
They say it's really dangerous and creepy to play the bass guitar in the night at 3am... so I tried it out and... this happened.... scary!!!! I can't believe it!! *parody* ...
Davie504 Went Too Far... LET'S SETTLE THIS! Danilo Vicari
2 weeks back
Davie504 went too far and started a war against us... well, we are here to fight back! #SixStringSlingers ➤ Support me: ...
triple camera angle - Davie504 Guids
3 months back
hell yea source: "I Paid Bassists on FIVERR to Create an EPIC Bassline..."
ATTENTION ALL BASS PLAYERS ⚠️ (ft. VoiceoverPete) Davie504
10 months back
VoiceoverPete and I have a very important announcement in this video about bass players (& more). Please watch carefully. ⚠️⚠️⚠️ Pete's channel: ...
DO YOU GET LAID? (QnA with Davie) Davie504
3 years back
New Q&A video! Answering very serious questions... Any more requests or questions? Leave a comment :) If you want to be always updated about my channel, ...
Here's What my Voice REALLY Sounds Like. Davie504
10 months back
I feel it's the right time to do a proper voice reveal. Here's how my voice really sounds like. I know you are probably expecting it to sound different... I hope this ...