loser buries iphone at the bottom

1 months back
How far down will we dig this hole before someone gives up and stops digging?? Whoever stops digging first has to bury their iPhone at the very bottom, and the ...
Last to Stay Buried Wins $10,000 - Beach Challenge Dangie Bros
2 months back
We buried ourselves up to our shoulders and the last person to leave wins $10000!! Jeff will be hosting funny challenges to make us want to get out of the sand!
HIDE and SEEK in Abandoned Town....*100 years old* Funk Bros
1 months back
Exploring an 100 year old abandoned ghost town and played hide n seek in it! See what happens! FUNK Brand (Clothing) : https://amzn.to/304fB4U PATREON: ...
When You Find Yourself in a Hole, Stop Digging! FoodnSport
4 months back
Dr. Graham's First Rule of Holes: When you find yourself in a hole from which you wish to escape, first you must stop digging. Many people come to me hoping to ...
Haha two losers in apple store bluemnmsroc
10 years back
These two people recorded this in the apple store using an iPhone on display Little did they know... Other people can view it Next time they might want to think ...
Billie_Eilish_bad_guy_with_Justin_Biebe CNN Media
1 months back
Ring_Media #1MILLION_Dance_Studio #ALiEN #Chinese_bridge #Banglavision_DRAMA #SS_MUSIC_STUDIO #Online_Help_360 #Digital-Mob_360 ...
2 weeks back
DON'T CRACK THE PIGGY BANK, WIN $10000. Watch Next: https://youtu.be/LMkd7bxpD4Y BEST TWINS WIN $1000 - 2 MYSTERY JUDGES!! Thanks to Faze ...
Expensive Item Scavenger Hunt!! *IF YOU FIND IT, YOU KEEP IT* Dangie Bros
2 months back
Most intense game of scavenger hunt ever!! Whatever you find, you get to keep! With many expensive items ranging from apple watch, up to a much more ...
Picking a Direction and Walking Straight for 24 Hours!! Dangie Bros
2 months back
EXTREME 24 hour challenge where we pick a direction and walk straight for 24 hours!! Can we survive this crazy adventure in the desert?? #walkingstraight ...
2 months back
On this episode of The Adventurers, Axel and his Daddy are going on a top secret mission with a new mystery agent f the True Game Master. The agent has ...
2 weeks back
Please like comment share and subscribe. REMEMBER TO TURN ON YOUR POST NOTIFICATIONS!! For Amazing Glasses For the Summer ...
DIGGING a HOLE from the Movie HOLES Actually Average
3 months back
have you ever wondered what is at the center of the earth, well in this video I dug about 0.0001% there!!! I also found out how long t would take someone from ...
Parkourse Challenge in Public!! *GONE WRONG* Dangie Bros
1 months back
Parkour horse at the beach in PUBLIC!! People watching us noobs try to do parkour! Don't fall cause that would be embarassing!! Surviving OVERNIGHT in ...
Goodwill Junkin | Finding Stuff To Paint Sonia Miller
1 months back
I'm a junker. And junk stores make me happy. Plain and simple. You too? Yes i'd rather be at Goodwill or a thrift store any day of the week than a mall.
Dangie Bros v2 Tropical Space Turtle1
2 months back
The Dangie Bros are my fav YouTube channel and the last vid blew up so here's a second one!
Surviving OVERNIGHT in a Bubble House in the Desert!! *GONE WRONG* Dangie Bros
3 weeks back
We attempted to survive overnight in a bubble house in the wilderness. Is it practical? We'll see! DONT be last to Escape the Cage: ...
homda crf450r Dva Bros
1 months back
injoying my crf450r very fun very fast like subscrib for more.
Digging A New House (FULL EXCAVATION) Ken White Construction
2 weeks back
Another video for you guys! This is a job we did this week, digging out material for a new home build. W use the Komatsu 170 Excavator. Also, some clips of me ...
Throwing Darts at Map & Win the Money it Lands on!! *$10,000 GRAND PRIZE* Dangie Bros
3 months back
We took turns throwing darts at a giant map and whatever money value you land on, you get to KEEP!! $10000 Grand Cash Prize. But don't land on the bankrupt ...
Swimming Video! #1 BrosForLife176
1 months back
Part 1 of 3!
We Turned a Bathtub into a Race Car!!! LemonMade
1 months back
SUBSCRIBE to become MADE!!! We made our very own personalized race cars and battled them against each other! J Fred made his out of a giant tub, Grambo ...
24 Hours in DIY Apocalypse Survival Shelters!! *OVERNIGHT SURVIVAL* Dangie Bros
2 months back
We built DIY Apocalypse Survival Shelters using items from Home Depot and spent the night in them. We tested them against apocalypse weather conditions to ...
BLIND Hide and Seek on a Rock Climbing Wall! Dangie Bros
4 weeks back
In this insane episode of Hide and Seek, the seeker has to find the hiders while climbing the wall BLINDFOLDED!! Watch to see the crazy spots we hid on!
We Built a Rock Climbing Wall in J-Fred's House! LemonMade
2 months back
We planned and constructed a rock climbing wall in J-Fred's house and challenged each other to see who would be the rock climbing champion! Every time you ...
Us being losers #2 lalalala gracielulue
10 years back
we are still being retarded.
Last to Leave the Scissor Lift Wins $1000 - Challenge Dangie Bros
7 months back
How long will we stay on the 30ft scissor lift?? Whoever is the last to leave the scissor lift wins $1000!! GIANT Darts from 30ft Scissor Lift: ...
CRAZY Watermelon Coca Cola Tricks! Mr.Beast
1 months back
Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BeastHacks/ These life hacks are juicy.
Buried faddy/1st time at beach/tailgate beach Pacific city Casa De Garcia
1 months back
4thOfJuly #OregonGarden #PacificCityBeach.
We Built Survival Shelters Using ONLY Items from Home Depot!! Dangie Bros
4 months back
Will our forts survive the apocalypse?? We can only use items found at Home Depot!! DIY Apocalypse Survival Forts!! We are proud partners of Dollar Shave ...
We turned our Pool into an Aquarium with Sharks!! Dangie Bros
2 months back
We turned our pool into a salt water aquarium with sharks and swam in it!! Hope you enjoy the underwater footage of all the beautiful fish!! #poolaquarium ...
1 months back
1000000 DOMINOES FALLING IS ODDLY SATISFYING FOLLOW ME Twitter: https://twitter.com/YodeYouTube Instagram: ...
First Noob to Land Backflip on Ground Wins $10,000!! Dangie Bros
1 weeks back
Whoever can learn to do a standing backflip on the ground first wins $10000 challenge!! We learned how to do a backflip on the ground in 2 hours!! Easy how to ...
How much Dangie Bros makes on Youtube Bbstar
3 weeks back
In this video, I will show you the estimate of how much money does Dangie Bros make on YouTube. Diving through IMPOSSIBLE Shapes into a Pool!! *DONT ...
We Built a Backyard Trampoline Water Park! Dangie Bros
1 years back
Today we built a Backyard Trampoline Water Park and did some crazy stuff like front flipping into the pool and jumping off the roof! Shoot the Person Hiding in ...
Operation Blessing helps residents dig out from the snow The Virginian-Pilot
2 years back
A team from Operation Blessing helps a resident shovel snow and ice from his driveway on Friday in Virginia Beach.
We Built Boats using ONLY Walmart Items!! *EXTREME BOAT SURVIVAL TEST* Dangie Bros
3 months back
Will our DIY boats survive the test!! Crafted using only Walmart items.. It was difficult to build them using only Walmart items so we will see if they float or if they ...