What is a challenge coin? Christopher Chaos
1 years back
What is a challenge coin? In this video ill explain a little history about these coins that service members might receive and share some stories about the ones I ...
2 years back
Visit us at www.MilitaryCoins.US !!! We do FREE artwork, paint, cut outs and even FREE special shapes... and we give you FREE extra thickness!!! Special ...
Military Challenge Coin - The Most RARE Of Them All DwkVideos
1 years back
Challenge coins youll find in every cheifs office. ...
Coin Collecting : About Custom Military Coins eHowArtsAndCrafts
9 years back
Custom military coins are considered to be challenge coins, which are issued by the services so that particular units can identify themselves. Find out how ...
What Are Military Coins? | How to get coined| #72 Shakur May
6 months back
I got my first operational coin aside from tech school and basic military training. If your wondering what coins are and where to get them this check this out.! ...
Coin Collecting : Why Are Military Coins Important? eHowArtsAndCrafts
9 years back
Military coins are important to the unit that issues them because they are used to identify members of the unit. Find out how military coins were often used in ...
Making Your Own Custom Coin Switch & Lever
4 years back
In this video we're looking closer at how to make your own brass coin, all the way from getting a 3d model of a head to put on the coin, to milling and finishing the ...
Electro-Etching and Casting Brass Challenge Coins: Maker Adventure 10! Brett McAfee
5 months back
We need money...Luckily we've got magicks to take care of such things. Finally, some hard earned rest. M.O.G. Support the adventure: ...
Static Line Snap Clip Designs by Signature Coins Signature Coins
4 weeks back
The competition to see who designed the best parachute tie clip ends in a tie between the 509th and the 89th Airborne. Static line snap hook bottle opener ...
Naval Belt Buckle Challenge Coin by Signature Coins Signature Coins
1 months back
This week's #ChallengeCoin of the week isn't a coin, but a belt buckle. Created by the CPO MESS DDG 115 Lava Dogs of the US #Navy, this dual plated buckle ...
Making Challenge Coins the Cheap and Easy Way NanoBurger
3 years back
Video to accompany my step-by-step tutorial on making challenge or geocaching coins out of ceramic (clay). The Instructable is found here: ...
Ancient Roman Coins of Julius Caesar Discovered? Currency World
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Welcome to Currency World.............................. Currency World is the premier YouTube Channel for videos on coins, paper money, banknotes, medals,...
Our Sales Team Going Above and Beyond - Signature Coins Signature Coins
2 months back
As a custom coin company,we try to say yes to our customers' requests, no matter how extraordinary they may seem. In this case, a customer needed a coin ...
Custom Military Coins Serve A Purpose.avi fcassidy09
8 years back The coins are and will be an everlasting symbol of the pride that is felt by members of the military as well as the brotherhood they share.
Bottle Opener Challenge Coins by Signature Coins Signature Coins
2 weeks back
So you're ready to enjoy a cold one with your friends and coworkers, but you brought a generic bottle opener that's unimpressive . Why not customize your own ...
Military Facts (Featuring 501st) - Signature Coins Signature Coins
2 months back
Did you know that the Coast Guard was formerly known as U.S. Revenue Cutter Service? Watch the whole video for more military facts. A special thanks to ...
Difference between 2D and 3D coin designs for custom coins at CoinsAndPins
6 years back
This video shows the differences between 2-D leveling, multi-leveling, and 3-D images as they are interpreted by the custom coin and lapel pin manufacturing ...
Coin Production Process Celebrate Excellence
6 years back An informational video about our coin production process. View more challenge coins options or to create a coin of your ...
Custom Coins Maker- Bespoke Challenge Coins, Military Coins, Souvenir Coins JIN SHEU
1 years back
Check our website for more information about custom coins/ bespoke coins for challenge coins etc. Custom coins is usually made of brass or zinc alloy; zinc ...
Ancient Coins of the Roman Republic a Guide to Collecting Authentic Ancient Greek Roman Biblical Numismatic Coins for Sale on eBay Shop
4 years back for the article that accompanies this video. - Guide to Collecting Coins of the ROMAN REPUBLIC The ...
Military Challenge Coins by Signature Coins Signature Coins
2 weeks back
Custom military coins come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes and are used across every branch of service. As the best challenge coin company in the ...
6090 CNC Router making a $1,000 coin Roger Webb
5 years back
49 A 2.2 kw 6090 CNC router with ArtCAM, machining demonstration of a solid brass $ Dollar coin medallion. This channel; ...
My new olympics and Military coins Zeke Collects
4 weeks back
thanks to coin cupboard go sub to him :)
Military coins meaningful to Basin Electric CEO Basin Electric
7 years back
The coins weren't very heavy -- but they carry a lot of weight with Basin Electric CEO and General Manager Andrew M. Serri. At a September luncheon held by ...
Military Challenge Coins | History and Tradition Standard Issue
2 years back
Military challenge coins have a tradition that dates back to the Roman legions, but what are they and what's their purpose? Want to support Standard Issue?
Military Coins militarycoins101
9 years back
Max; Custom Military Coins - 1 (800) 224-0599 Max Coins
7 years back
Max; Custom Military Coins - 1 (800) 224-0599, your one stop shop for all your custom challenge coins needs. We offer Military challenge coins, Army challenge ...
Spartan Coins talking military coins of excellence 2 tone plating Spartan Custom Challenge Coins
3 years back
Hey everyone, Rob back again for Spartan Coins and today I want to discuss two tone plated custom coins. These customized coins may also be known as ...
Max Challenge Coins - Custom Military Coins Wasa Specialties
2 years back
Max Challenge Coins is a leading provider of custom challenge coins. We provide challenge coins for all types of events and businesses. Our designers can ...
FULL MEASURE: March 24, 2019 - Challenge Coins Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson
6 months back
Challenge coins are a decades old tradition… government and military officials give out symbolic tokens as a sign of thanks or respect. Joce Sterman follows the ...
Custom Military Coins.avi fcassidy09
8 years back The coins are and will be an everlasting symbol of the pride that is felt by members of the military as well as the brotherhood they share.
Custom Military Coins - 1 (800) 224-0599 Max Coins
7 years back
For more information visit Or Call us at 1-800-224-0599 Custom Military Coins -- 1.800.224.0599. Custom Military Coins ...
Military coins available at CoinsAndPins
7 years back
Get these coins at: Each coin is trackable on Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, ...
Military Coins Can Show One's Service Carllimo52
8 years back
Ways to show recognition to individuals great service... [email protected]
Getting High Quality Military Coins Dorothy D. Bear
7 years back
Check out and learn more about how you can avail military coins.
Max Challenge Coins - Military Coins Wasa Specialties
3 years back
Max Challenge Coins is a leading provider of custom challenge coins. We provide challenge coins for all types of events and businesses. Our designers can ...
3 weeks back
The Challege Coin History & the "Secret Handshake". Craig PIRGifts
3 years back
Courtesy of The Facebook Navy Learning group.
Create Custom Challenge Coins with Signature Coins Signature Coins
4 months back
See your challenge coin ideas come to life with Signature Coins. Receive FREE artwork within 24 hours, FREE unlimited revisions and FREE shipping via UPS ...
custom military birthday ball challenge coins special at Spartan Coins Spartan Custom Challenge Coins
3 years back
Hey guys and gals, Rob here for and Today I wanted to speak with you regarding a promotion we're having ...
Rohtek's Military Challenge Coin Holster (USMC, USCG, USN, USA, USAF) (HD) Rohtek Life Oorah!
7 years back CHALLENGE COIN HOLSTER Rohtek introduces a brand new design and concept of holster (holder, display, rack) for displaying single ...
My best LOOT from the Navy ! JTsuits
2 years back
Last day to get your Shirts !!! send Fan Mail to our new PO BOX ! 1336 Moorpark ...
United - The challenge coin United
10 months back
This is a challenge coin. Learn more about it's significance from the United veterans who carry them.
PromoGeorge's coin collection George Roberts
10 years back
A quick vid of all the coins I've collected over the years! I love these! We actually produce them now, so if you are looking to carry on the tradition of military coins, ...
Challenge Coin Showcase tony astro
4 years back
MILITARY COINS - Our military coins are the absolute best in the business. We produce custom coins for all branches of US Military. POLICE COINS - Our police ...
Diamond Cutting Edge 济安
3 years back
Coin processes including punching, polishing, electroplating and coloring, ensure the high quality of your coins, metal coins, challenge coins & military coins.
Video Game Military Challenge Coins SPECTRE AIR
5 years back
Very unique Military and video game items.
Custom Coins Alexa Sophia
5 years back
Custom Challenge Coins Specializing in Custom Coins,Challenge Coins,Custom Military Coins, and Custom Challenge Coins.Call Today For Free Quote (855) ...