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Portrait Mode: Explained! Marques Brownlee
2 years back
iPhone X vs Note 8 vs Pixel 2 vs the Hasselblad X1D. It's closer than you might think! That sweatshirt: http://amzn.to/2j079nN My Flickr: ...
iPhone XR vs XS vs Pixel 3 | Portrait Mode Shootout Moment
10 months back
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Portrait Mode Explained (Hindi): Ft. Xiaomi Mi A1 Kunal Malhotra - The Photography Blogger
2 years back
What is portrait mode in android mobile? What is portrait mode in Mi A1? What is portrait mode in iPhone 7, Note 8 or OnePlus 5t? Get all your questions ...
iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode Review | iJustine iJustine
3 years back
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iPhone 7 Plus "Portrait Mode" Hands-On Preview! MacRumors
3 years back
At the iPhone 7 Plus announcement event, Apple previews a new "Portrait" mode that simulates a shallow depth of field. This feature did not ship with the iPhone ...
iPhoneX Portrait Mode VS a DSLR - in 4k Lee Zavitz
2 years back
Hey guys so I decided to make a video looking at how much Apple has improved portrait mode on the iPhone X from when I tried it on the iPhone 7 Plus last year ...
How Portrait Mode Works on Google Pixel 2? Dual Pixel Portrait Mode? Technical Guruji
2 years back
Namaskaar Dosto, is video mein maine aapse Portrait mode ke baare mein baat ki hai, Smartphones mein Portrait mode bahut hi common hai aur abhi Pixel 2 ...
Here are 4 apps that will let you have Portrait Mode without an iPhone 7 Plus PhoneArena
3 years back
Here are 4 apps that will let you have Portrait Mode without an iPhone 7 Plus ...
How Good is The iPhone X Portrait Mode? | Photography Review LifeWithFraser
1 years back
Hi guys! Here we have another video, this time hands on with the iPhone X and its Portrait Mode. I run through all the modes\lighting in the camera and see if it ...
OnePlus 6 Camera Vs iPhone X | Portrait Mode Camera Comparison | Camera Test Review KidAndroid RH
1 years back
So guys here i took some pictures using one plus 6 camera and iPhone x !! I Tried to show you best ever that i can ! So your thoughts? Which ones camera is ...
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Camera Vs iPhone X | PORTRAIT MODE Comparison | Camera Test Review KidAndroid RH
2 years back
Samsung galaxy s9+ camera vs iphone x camera !! Portrait mode vs Live Focus Mode !! Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Camera Vs iPhone X | PORTRAIT MODE ...
The Battle of Best Portrait Mode Phones! Beebom
2 years back
With portrait mode on almost all smartphones these days, you don't need a DSLR to take bokeh shots or portrait shots with shallow depth of field. But which ...
Tested: Galaxy Note 8 Live Focus vs iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode Macworld
2 years back
The Galaxy Note 8 is the first Samsung phone to feature a dual lens camera system. Similar to Apple's iPhone 7 Plus, it includes a telephoto lens paired with the ...
2 years back
This app seriously blows iPhone's Portrait mode out of the water. If you haven't experienced iPhone's portrait mode, it has been a game changer for iPhone ...
iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode (Depth Effect) — Review [4K] iPhonedo
3 years back
Apple has just released iOS 10.1 beta to developers. And with this beta iPhone 7 plus got the portrait mode in the camera settings. In this mode the background ...
iPhones 4/5/6/6s/7: Get "Portrait Mode" Effect Like iPhone 7 Plus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! iLuvTrading
3 years back
You can get the same affect on any iPhone as the portrait mode on the iPhone 7 Plus. Portrait mode basically gives the photo a bokeh affect in other words it ...
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Vs Iphone 7 Plus | PORTRAIT MODE Comparison | Live Focus Mode | Camera Test ! KidAndroid RH
2 years back
Here is the portrait mode camera comparison between samsung galaxy note 8 vs iphone 7 plus !! All The Credit Of Photos Goes To Phonearena.com SOURCE ...
How To Get Portrait Mode For Iphone 6 HumanFitBit
3 years back
How To Get Portrait Mode For Iphone 6 Like & Subscribe for more Twitter @DomReacts504 Snapchat @shecametodom Will have a giveaway when I reach ...
Fashion shoot with the iPhone 7 Plus Portrait mode Macworld
3 years back
We were able to fool people into thinking a photo from the iPhone 7 Plus Portrait mode was actually taken with a DSLR. That's how good it is. Check out the full ...
iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode vs. DSLR AppleInsider
3 years back
AppleInsider compares Apple's iPhone 7 Plus camera's Portrait Mode against the professional Canon 5D Mark IV full-frame DSLR.
How to Use Portrait Lighting on the iPhone TheUnlockr
2 years back
THANKS TO THE SPONSOR APPMATCH! CHECK THEM OUT IF YOU HAVE A SEC, THANKS! http://bit.ly/appmatchapp Click here to see the photos side by ...
How to add Portrait mode to your iPhone! Tailosive Tech
1 years back
So I don't believe this work on EVERY iPhone, however, it should work with iPhone 6s, and up! That includes the SE! No matter if you have a dual camera or not!
Will PORTRAIT MODE Replace your "REAL" Camera? iPhone XS Photo Shoot Jared Polin
12 months back
Download MyGearVault https://mygearvault.com/#download Is portrait mode any good in iOS 12 on the new iPhone XS and XS Max? Will it replace "Real" ...
iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode vs OnePlus 5 Comparison! Nick Ackerman
2 years back
iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode vs OnePlus 5 Portrait Mode Camera Comparison! In this video we take a look at the iPhone 7 Plus dual lens portrait mode vs the ...
iPhone 7 Plus vs iPhone 7: Camera Differences - Portrait Mode sakitech
3 years back
iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 don't exactly have the same camera. There is a difference, which is primarily the Portrait Mode found on the iPhone 7 Plus. It makes ...
Portrait Mode Camera Shootout: iPhone XR vs. iPhone XS vs. Pixel 3 Digital Trends
11 months back
Which phone has the best Portrait Mode? It's the feature that adds a blurred effect behind a subject. We took a look between the new iPhone XR, the Google ...
How to shoot in Portrait Mode when taking photos of pets and objects with your iPhone XR Touch Technology Review
7 months back
For anyone who has recently purchased or might be thinking about purchasing an iPhone XR you may have come across the limitation of portrait mode ...
iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode VS DSLR - Which is Better? Byte Review
3 years back
To be honest, it's a pretty cool effect, despite not being perfect! I know, I know! the Sony a7 is technically not a DSLR but it's all I have! Now we've got that out the ...
iPhone 7 Plus - Portrait mode on iOS 10.1 Beta - in 4k Lee Zavitz
3 years back
Hey guys I downloaded iOS Beta 10.1 and decided to show you what the new "portrait mode" looks like. I did a couple comparisons vs the X-T2 just to show ...
Redmi Note 7 Pro Portrait Mode | Photos | Samples | Camera Samples Rohit Raj Gupta
5 months back
In xiaomi redmi Note 7 Pro we get two cameras. Cameras in this phone takes amazing shots. I've already done in separate video on the camera review. if you ...
First Look: iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode 9to5Mac
3 years back
Apple launched the new Portrait Mode for the iPhone 7 Plus in iOS 10.1 beta 1. It's available for developers and public beta testers. Portrait mode adds ...
How To Get Portrait Mode On iPhone 7 / 6S / 8 / SE [NEW] | PortraitXI Saunders Tech
1 months back
how to get portrait mode on iPhone 6s & Get portrait mode on any unsupported iPhone is possible now! portrait mode is a new iOS feature made for iPhone 7+ ...
Portrait mode on Any Single Camera Device [Any Android Version] 4TECHLoverz
2 years back
Visit our Website: http://www.4techloverz.com/ In this video, I tried to share how you can get portrait mode on Any Android Device. I hope you guys will Like it.
iPhone 11 Pro Max Portrait Mode Nobuyuki Hayashi
9 hours back
a movie made for my ITmedia/PCUser article. model: @Reatmo https://www.youtube.com/user/MrBACKTube venue: Gen Gen An (幻幻庵) — A Shibuya Tea ...
Portrait Mode On The Samsung Galaxy S8!! (2019) MTG Productions
2 years back
Check out the latest updated video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrj8lXqkM6k Latest Link, Google Camera APK: ...
iPhone XR Camera Better Than iPhone XS - What's Happening??? (Portrait Mode) #PortraitGate Technology Jock
11 months back
Proof with Actual Phones - http://austinmann.com/trek/iphone-xr-camera-review-grand-canyon & https://youtu.be/lYeshTMudR0?t=544 My Instagram page that ...
iPHONE X Camera Vs iPHONE 8 Plus Camera | PORTRAIT MODE + Pictures Comparison | Camera Comparison KidAndroid RH
2 years back
Here is a camera comparison plus portrait mode comparison between the Iphone x vs Iphone 8 plus !! YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS ?? LET ME KNOW IN THE ...
How To Use the iPhone X Camera Tutorial - Tips, Settings & Full Portrait Mode Tutorial DHTV
2 years back
A video tutorial on how to use the iPhone X camera. Full of photo and video tips, tricks and settings to help you take the best pictures. I will also show you how to ...
Samsung Galaxy S10+ Camera Vs Galaxy S9+ (Portrait Mode + Live Focus Mode) Camera Comparison KidAndroid RH
4 months back
So guys here is the camera comparison between samsung galaxy s10+ vs samsung galaxy s9+ ( live focus mode comparison ) In this video i focused on the live ...
Realme 3 Camera Samples|Realme 3 ChromaBoost,Slow Motion,Portrait Mode,Night Scape & More Samples Online Chashka
5 months back
Realme 3 Camera Samples|Realme 3 ChromaBoost,Slow Motion,Portrait Mode,Night Scape & More Samples You can also connect with me through.
Shooting Landscapes in Portrait Mode with the DJI Mavic Pro FlytPath
2 years back
I've been shooting aerial drone landscapes for a few years now and talk a lot about shooting multi-layer panoramics in my book and when I do workshops.
iPhone 11: 7 things I LOVE and 7 things I HATE about it PhoneArena
5 days back
WHAT HAS NOT CHANGED :( 1. Giant notch 2. Low-resolution display, no 90Hz 3. Huge bezels 4. No fast charger in the box 5. Still only 64GB of on-board ...
Apple iPhone XR vs XS: Night-time Portrait Comparison PhoneArena
7 months back
Which phone takes better portrait pictures at night: the iPhone XR or the iPhone XS? See all the photos here: ...
Oppo F9Pro Camera Review | Portrait Mode And Super vivid Mode | Hindi Tech on demand
1 years back
Hey friends , aapka bohot bohot swagat hai hamare aur aapke youtube channel main. Doston humne isse pehele F9pro ke baare main 2video daal chuke hain .
iPhone 7 Plus vs 8 Plus Portrait Mode James van der Moezel
2 years back
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2 years back
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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Portrait Mode Tutorial CEtechdude
1 years back
Today I wanted to show you how to use the Galaxy Note 9 Portrait (live focus) mode. The Galaxy Note 9 produces a very pleasing bokeh effect when used ...
Google Pixel 2 | Portrait Mode + Moment Lenses Moment
2 years back
We are making a DRONE ANAMORPHIC LENS http://pix.shopmoment.com/Xv7EexGs Check it out - we are back on KICKSTARTER Let us know what ...