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Roland TD-50KV electronic drums demo: Playing some TD-50 onboard sounds - presented by drum-tec drumtecTV
3 years back In this video we demo the new Roland TD-50V with final firmware / sound library version 1.04 (Nov.2016), by playing a few kits from the ...
Roland TD-50KV Electronic Drum Set Review Sweetwater
3 years back
Nick D'Virgilio presents the Roland TD-50KV electronic drum set. The Roland TD-50 sound module includes all-new kit sounds to inspire your best grooves and ...
Roland TD-50KV V-Drums Demo with Craig Blundell Gear4music
3 years back In this Roland TD-50KV V-Drums Demo, Craig ...
Roland TD50KV - All Playing, No Talking! Kraft Music
2 years back
Find exclusive TD-50KV V-Drums BUNDLES at Kraft Music: ...
Roland TD-50 Series V-Drums performance by Kai Hahto RolandChannel
3 years back
The TD-50 series is the flagship in Roland's acclaimed V-Drums range, created for top-flight live performance, intense practice sessions, and eclectic studio work ...
ROLAND TD50KV Drumcenter cz
3 years back
Roland TD50KV.
Roland TD-50KV V-Drums Electronic Drum Set Sound Sample and Demo Steve Weiss Music
2 years back
James from Roland visits Steve Weiss Music to demo the new Roland TD-50KV. Available at: ...
Roland TD50KV vs TD30KV 65 Drums
2 years back
This is a video breakdown of the pros and cons of both Roland flagships. The TD30kv came out in 2012 with a smaller snare and ride cymbal. The new TD50KV ...
Thomas Lang - Drum Solo UK Drum Show 2017 (Roland TD-50) drummerszone
1 years back
Full article + more videos and photos on Drummerszone: ...
Roland NAMM 2017 Billy Cobham (TD-50KV) Roland Experience Channel
3 years back
Billy Cobham : TD-50KV
Roland TD-50KV Electronic Drum Set Memphis Drum Shop
2 years back
Roland's Jordan West gives an overview of the TD-50. Buy it now at Contact us at ...
Roland TD-50KV “Assembling the TD-50KV” RolandChannel
3 years back
V-Drums Redefined: Ultimate Expression for Pro Performance and Studio Sessions
Roland TD-50KV drum-tec Edition electronic drum kit now available drumtecTV
3 years back In this video, we show you the new Roland TD-50KV "drum-tec edition". Compared to a "regular" Roland TD-50KV, the drum-tec edition ...
Roland TD-50 KV electronic drumkit drum-tec edition MK2 with extra PD-108 pad drumtecTV
7 months back In this video we show you the Roland TD-50KV drum-tec edition MK2 electronic drum kit, which is an upgraded version of the regular ...
Roland TD50KVX First Impressions 65 Drums
1 years back
The TD50KVX is the high end version of the TD50 line .The drum rack is the MDS-50KV stand. It's the best electronic drum rack in the world, looks amazing, ...
Roland TD-30KV and TD-50KV drum-tec Edition side by side comparison drumtecTV
3 years back In this video, we show & demo the new Roland TD-50KV drum-tec edition next to a Roland TD-30KV. Both kits are available from ...
Drum Addicts - Roland TD-50 V-Drums In Depth Demo Andertons Music Co
3 years back
Drum Addicts gives you a worldwide exclusive play on the Roland TD-50KV! Check it out here: Other gear we used below... Roland KDA22: ...
Roland TD50KV Kit - Drummer's Review Drummer's Review
2 years back
Here's our review of a Roland TD50KV e-kit. Filmed at Middle Farm Studios, October 2017. For full specs, more reviews and the latest drum news, head to: ...
Roland Special Edition TD50KV- RM (Edrum News) 65 Drums
1 years back
So there's a brand new limited edition Roland flaship drumset: the Roland TD50KV-RM. I got to see it a few times, once in LA and once in Indiana at Sweetwater ...
Roland TD-50 V-Drums Kit examples and custom sounds creation RolandChannel
3 years back
We recommend watching this video using headphones** As an ambitious drummer will know, anything less than the ultimate sound and feel will hold you back.
TD50k Vs TD50KV 65 Drums
2 years back
I've gotten several requests to do a video breaking down the pro and cons of buying a TD50k or KV. There are people that have enough money to buy either, but ...
ROLAND V-DRUMS TD-50KV Vintage Sound Edition | 'LA ALMEJA PEQUENA' Latin Big Band Sound Taylor An
7 months back
ROLAND TD-50KV + Louis Bells Kit Vintage Edition by Drum-Tec 'LA ALMEJA PEQUENA' Latin Big Band Sound DRUM. TAYLOR Drum solo = 4:53~6:02.
Roland TD-50KV V-Drums : Full Overview with Kaz Rodriguez Scan Pro Audio
2 years back
Kaz dropped in for a drum clinic, covering exactly what you want to know and hear about the flagship TD-50KV drumkit.
Roland TD-50KV Flagship V-Drums Kit (mit Dirk Brand) session
3 years back
Dirk Brand war bei uns zu Gast und stellt euch ausführlich das Flaggschiff der V-Drums-Serie vor: das Roland TD-50KV. Das Modul, die Snare und das Ride des ...
Roland TD-50 Performance with David Cannava at 909 Celebration Kraft Music
3 years back
Find exclusive Roland V-Drums BUNDLES at Kraft Music: ...
Roland TD50KV - Demo with Jordan West Kraft Music
2 years back
Find exclusive TD-50KV V-Drums BUNDLES at Kraft Music: ...
Roland TD-50KV V-Drums Pro Electronic Drum Kit Preset Demo with Craig Blundell Gear4music
3 years back
Craig Blundell demos several of the pre-sets on Roland's TD-50KV V-Drums Pro Electronic Drum Kit.
Roland TD-50 KV drum-tec Live Sound Edition (part 2/2): Real Snare Sample Package drumtecTV
3 years back In this video, we show you part 2 of our drum-tec Live Sound Edition for Roland TD-50: The Real Snare Sample Package! The drum-tec ...
Roland TD-50 Series V-Drums - Performance Alexandre Aposan Roland Brasil
3 years back
Em 1972, a Roland começou a explorar o universo das baterias eletrônicas com as máquinas de ritmos TR-33, TR-55 e TR-7. A linha V-Drums nasceu em 1997 ...
Roland TD-30KV - The Best E-drumset? Vdrum Tips
1 years back
Watch the most detailed review about the Roland TD-30KV and learn why this set is one of the best e-drum sets ever made. Find the TD-30 Custom Studio ...
2 years back
Roland TD-50 TEST KOREA Drummer YONGHOON LIM 낙원상가 3층의 코스모스악기에 진열되어 있는 Roland TD-50 연주해 보았습니다. TD-30 도 엄청나게 ...
Roland TD-50 Metal Sound Edition with drum-tec electronic drums drumtecTV
9 months back Welcome to another drum-tec sound edition demonstration video! This time we introduce the TD-50 Metal Sound Edition, that brings ...
Roland TD-50 playing all kits w. drum-tec diabolo pads PART 1/2 drumtecTV
3 years back In our Roland TD-50 "playing all kits" video, we demo all 50 standard drum kits included in the modules stock sound library. We had to ...
Drumstep - Roland TD-50KV Lau Seys
2 years back
Hi guys, here is a short live electronic v-drum performance of Reborn, track composed by ARForest & OptiU. Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did! Played on the ...
Prezentacja Zestawu Roland TD-50KV - Mariusz Mocarski Roland Polska
2 years back
Mariusz Mocarski prezentuję zestaw TD-50KV.
Roland All Access: Will Hunt, Drummer for Evanescence RolandChannel
6 months back
Drummer for Evanescence, Will Hunt, recently took the Roland TD-50 kit on the road for the band's "Synthesis" World Tour. In this video, Will breaks down how ...
Roland TD-50KV Electronic Drum Kit w/DW Bass Drum - Thomas Lang Demo cymbalfusion
2 weeks back 6pc version is here: ...
What to expect when buying a Roland TD-50KV from Kraft Music Kraft Music
1 years back
Find exclusive TD-50KV V-Drums BUNDLES at Kraft Music: ...
Roland TD-50kv. Dig That Bass Lewis Powell- Drums
3 months back
Funky little track played by Lewis Powell on a Roland TD-50kv. Enjoy. If you want to contact me add me SnapChat Lcp_16 Or e-mail me [email protected]
ROLAND TD 50K Banco de pruebas Zebendrums
2 years back
Hoy os traemos un nuevo banco de pruebas y traemos la batería electrónica de la que todo el mundo habla, la Roland TD50K, una pasada!! Descargate Kits ...
Randall May EMAATS Airlift Rack for Roland V-Drums rolandmedia
1 years back
Exclusively designed for Roland V-Drums, the Randall May International EMAATS Airlift Rack provides the ultimate in playability and feel for Roland V-Drums ...
Roland TD-50KV V-Drums Pro Electronic Drum Kit review on Kwesi's Corner Drumshack London
2 years back
Kwesi is seriously impressed with this Roland TD-50KV V-Drums Pro Electronic Drum Kit. It's packed full of features; hardware and software - as is to be ...
Roland TD-50KV High Resolution Sounds PMTVUK
3 years back
Roland TD-50KV - The NEW ROLAND TD-50 High Resolution Sounds. Mell and Andy from PMT ...
Pearl Mimic Pro vs Roland TD-50 vs Alesis Strike Pro sound demo with drum-tec drumtecTV
2 years back In this little video, we would like to give you a brief sound impression of the Pearl Mimic Pro, the Roland TD-50 and the Alesis Strike Pro ...
The Mighty Roland TD-50KV Review and Demo - Drumshack London Drumshack London
6 months back
We're so pleased to have Michael Thomas, a representative from Roland run us through some of the main features of the high-end Roland TD-50KV. This is a ...
Roland TD-50KV 18" Digital Ride PMTVUK
3 years back
Roland TD-50KV - The all NEW ROLAND TD-50 18" Digital Ride. Mell and Andy from PMT ...