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Theodore Roosevelt: The 26th President of the United States| Biography Biography
1 years back
Discover how Theodore Roosevelt used his personal energy and charisma to bring unprecedented power to the presidency. #Biography Subscribe for more ...
Theodore Roosevelt: The Old Lion Biographics
8 months back
ew believed that the frail, asthmatic little boy who loved to collect insects would amount to anything special, much less the youngest and most robust president in ...
A Very Teddy Roosevelt Christmas - Uncensored Comedy Central
2 years back
Teddy Roosevelt decreed a ban on Christmas trees, but his children changed his mind with their holiday spirit. Watch full episodes of Drunk History now: ...
Progressive Presidents: Crash Course US History #29 CrashCourse
6 years back
In which John Green teaches you about the Progressive Presidents, who are not a super-group of former presidents who create complicated, symphonic, rock ...
Theodore Roosevelt and the Western Experience KSPS Public TV
7 years back
Produced in 1991 by KSPS Public Television, Theodore Roosevelt and the Western Experience examines the 26th president of the United States, in an hour ...
Teddy Roosevelt's ranch CBS Sunday Morning
5 years back
For future president Theodore Roosevelt, the year 1884 was a very bad year indeed; he lost both his mother and his wife in just a matter of hours. To soothe his ...
Why Teddy Roosevelt killed 512 animals on safari Vox
4 years back
Theodore Roosevelt had a massive kill list. Vox's Phil Edwards asks you to decide if he had a good reason. Follow Phil Edwards and Vox Almanac on Facebook ...
The Roosevelts: An Intimate History | Theodore Roosevelt's Personality | PBS PBS
5 years back
http://www.pbs.org/kenburns/the-roosevelts/ After William McKinley's assassination, Theodore Roosevelt arrives in Washington in 1901 as the youngest ...
The History of Theodore [Teddy] Roosevelt - A Short Story jeremiahjw
7 years back
Friend me on Facebook! http://on.fb.me/gCSs8F Find out more about him at ...
Episode 26 - Theodore Roosevelt | PRESIDENTIAL podcast | The Washington Post Washington Post
1 years back
Biographer David McCullough and historian Michelle Krowl take us inside the wild, unstoppable dynamism of Teddy Roosevelt, whose energy and activism ...
CIVILIZATION VI - First Look: America Sid Meier's Civilization
3 years back
Get a first look at the American civilization and its leader, Theodore Roosevelt. SUBSCRIBE for First Looks at other civilizations, leaders, features and tips from ...
That Time Teddy Roosevelt Got Shot in the Chest But Gave a 90 Minute Speech Anyway Today I Found Out
10 months back
Check out "History Unplugged" wherever you get your podcasts! Convenient iTunes link: ...
Theodore Roosevelt vs Winston Churchill. ERB Behind the Scenes ERB2
3 years back
Download this song: http://hyperurl.co/TeddyVsWinston Go behind the scenes on the Epic Rap Battle Of History between Teddy Roosevelt and Winston ...
Theodore Roosevelt - 26th U.S. President & Nobel Peace Prize Winnter | Mini Bio | BIO Biography
6 years back
Watch a short biography video of Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States who focused on ecological preservation. #Biography Subscribe for ...
Trump more like Teddy Roosevelt than Reagan? Fox Business
3 years back
Republican Strategist Ed Rollins on President-elect Donald Trump's cabinet picks.
Teddy Roosevelt helped institute the forward pass so football players would stop dying so much SB Nation
8 months back
The modern NFL is a passing league. But back when football was only a college sport, the sport was a running game. And a dangerous game. Something ...
Teddy Roosevelt speech PAINTANK
11 years back
Theodore Roosevelt speech.
Albert Mohler: The Life and Leadership of Teddy Roosevelt Southern Seminary
2 years back
Theodore Roosevelt was one of the two most influential presidents in American history. Dr. Albert Mohler discusses what leadership lessons can be learned ...
Theodore Roosevelt and Teddy Bears | Horrible Histories CBBC
2 years back
Thanks to Theodore Roosevelt we have the teddy bear! Find out how the teddy bear came oh so cute and fluffy into our lives... Visit Horrible Histories on the ...
The Teddy Roosevelt You May Not Know Smithsonian Channel
6 years back
Our 26th President was not just a politician. He was also a hunter, conservationist and museum curator. And today, Teddy's collection of specimens is a part of ...
Teddy Roosevelt's "Wild" Fitness Regime History in Five
4 years back
Pulitzer Prize-winning author Doris Kearns Goodwin discusses how Teddy Roosevelt, the subject of her bestseller THE BULLY PULPIT, overcame serious ...
A Thanksgiving message from Teddy Roosevelt — and Post Opinions Washington Post
9 months back
Post Opinions columnists and editors read Theodore Roosevelt's 1903 Thanksgiving proclamation, which is surprisingly relevant today. Subscribe to The ...
Epic Rap Battles of History News with Theodore Roosevelt. ERB
7 years back
This is old news! [ERB Season 6 begins April 20th 2019!] We will not sleep until these next 6 battles are completed, and we need your comments, your ...
Teddy Roosevelt Flying - Kinloch Field, St Louis (1910) AIRBOYD
9 years back
(no audio) Courtesy: Library of Congress Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division Colonel Roosevelt is invited to fly in Arch Hoxsey's plane ...
Teddy Roosevelt finally wins the President's Race MLB
6 years back
10/3/12: Teddy Roosevelt wins the President's Race for the first time ending his 525 loss streak Check out http://MLB.com/video for more! About MLB.com: About ...
Theodore Roosevelt's Conservation Influences American Museum of Natural History
7 years back
Theodore Roosevelt was a great lover of nature long before he became president. From boyhood throughout his adult life, Roosevelt's enthusiasm for ...
[email protected]: Easter bunny lays a hit on Teddy Roosevelt MLB
2 years back
The Easter bunny comes out of nowhere and lays a vicious hit on Teddy Roosevelt as he approaches the finish line Check out http://MLB.com/video for more!
Theodore Roosevelt | 60-Second Presidents | PBS PBS Presidents
5 years back
Here's everything you need to know about Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States, in just 60 seconds. Explore the full Presidents collection ...
Teddy Roosevelt V: "The National Parks Need Your Help." Subaru
3 years back
The conservationist and presidential great-great-grandson Teddy Roosevelt V explores the price of popularity paid by our beloved National Parks.
What Is Theodore Roosevelt National Park? | MOTM VLOG #56 Mortons on the Move
3 years back
Check out our latest video: "Preventing Catastrophic failure and Breakdowns | Commonly missed RV and Vehicle maintenance Items" ...
Theodore Roosevelt the Young Naturalist American Museum of Natural History
7 years back
From boyhood, Theodore Roosevelt showed the restless energy, penetrating intellect, and boundless curiosity that would later make him famous.
Hacking Your Productivity: Deep Work like Teddy Roosevelt The Fabulous
1 years back
Get Fabulous: https://thefab.co/fabyoutube Trying to increase your productivity? Inspired by the biography of Teddy Roosevelt, this video will show you how to ...
Civilization VI: Leader Spotlight - Teddy Roosevelt The Saxy Gamer
1 years back
Teddy Roosevelt is the American leader in Civilization VI! He leads a culturally focused Civ that has one of the best unique buildings in the entire game! He also ...
Doris Kearns Goodwin: The Power of Teddy Roosevelt's Bully Pulpit Big Think
6 years back
Give yourself the gift of knowledge — subscribe to Big Think Edge: http://bit.ly/bigthinkedge If you're interested in licensing this or any other Big Think clip for ...
The Square Deal for Dummies - Teddy Roosevelt's Progressive Era Reforms Hip Hughes
7 years back
Let HipHughes take you through the most essential of Teddy Roosevelt's Progressive Era reforms known as the "Square Deal. "
Theodore Roosevelt, Captured on Spinning Wax IEEE Spectrum
7 years back
Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States, was a gifted orator whose animated style, progressive politics, and clipped patrician diction spoke ...
Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace - American Artifacts Preview C-SPAN
5 years back
Debuts June 22 at 6p & 10p ET on C-SPAN3 INFO: http://series.c-span.org/History/Events/American-Artifacts-Theodore-Roosevelt-Birthplace/10737444448/
Edmund Morris on Theodore Roosevelt JFK Library
1 years back
Pulitzer Prize-winning author Edmund Morris discussed the final volume of his trilogy, Colonel Roosevelt, chronicling the last ten years of Theodore Roosevelt's ...
Dan Abrams discusses his new book on the legacy of Theodore Roosevelt ABC News
3 months back
The ABC News correspondent is out with a new book, "Theodore Roosevelt for the Defense: The Courtroom Battle to Save His Legacy."
On the Genius of Teddy Roosevelt 92nd Street Y
3 years back
How does looking at Theodore Roosevelt's relationship with his favorite son, Quentin, help us understand Roosevelt's genius? Eric Burns, former NBC News ...
Why We love Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota RV Lifestyle
1 years back
In the Badlands of North Dakota hard up against the Montana border, is the sprawling Theodore Roosevelt National Park. It is one of our favorite places to hike ...
USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT in ACTION! Ultimate SUPERCARRIER COMPILATION – from home-port to HIGH SEAS! Ultimate Military Channel
2 years back
USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT (CVN-71) in action! The ultimate SUPERCARRIER COMPILATION video – from home-port to the HIGH SEAS! We've searched ...
Theodore Roosevelt - Shall We Prepare? LibraryOfCongress
10 years back
Summary Two sequences of TR: Sequence 1: views of TR walking onto the porch of Sagamore Hill, Oyster Bay, N.Y., facing the camera, and then speaking on ...
Teddy Roosevelt — an “American Realist” Center for Strategic & International Studies
1 years back
In the popular imagination, Theodore Roosevelt is remembered as an aggressive, bombastic “Rough Rider” — a caricature that he relished that colors the ...
Theodore Roosevelt Biographical Vignette C-SPAN
6 years back
From C-SPAN's "American Presidents: Life Portraits." Full program info: http://cs.pn/17uizfB.