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Would You Date a Transgender? - Street Interview Afroasiac. Tv
7 months back
Dating #Trans #transgender #hollywood #Lgbt @officialk.louis.
Date Reveals She's Transgender | First Dates Channel 4
11 months back
Subscribe to Channel 4 for more: Watch the FULL episode on All 4: Make-up artist and model Danni meets bar ...
Transgender Dating Stigma : Are Trans People Excluded From Dating? Jessie Gender
4 weeks back
Let's dive into the numbers behind who is willing or not willing to date transgender people. ✓ Patreon: ✓ Instagram: ...
WHICH DATING APP?| Trans Chats Epsidoe 13 HayleyVera
1 years back
Hey everyone! Welcome back to another Trans Chats! Today I'm talking about my experience on different dating apps and giving you my recommendations!
Transgender Dating Story | Samantha Lux Samantha Lux
4 years back
I'm still annoyed tbh... I hope you guys enjoy this addition to my "Transition in College" series :) ❤︎ SUBSCRIBE ❤︎ LIKE ❤︎ SHARE.
5 Rules for Dating a T girl tgirlpersonals
3 years back
This video is dedicated to all of the men and woman that are actually and genuinely interested in dating trans woman. Hope this helps some of you cis males ...
Transgender Dating Tips - FtM Ty Turner
3 years back
Fill in the blank in the comments below! Also, comment and let me know your dating tips! Hey! If you'd like, you can donate to my paypal. All proceeds will go ...
Trans Women Discuss Online Dating As/Is
4 years back
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Q&A - What its like Dating a Trans Guy! Andrea and Kyle
10 months back
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2 months back
This is such a tricky topic , make sure to have your say in the comments but please stay respectful. Remember to like and share for more videos!! Jamie x ...
Trans Men Discuss Online Dating As/Is
4 years back
You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince…or whatever.” Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos! MUSIC Green ...
Why I don't disclose I'm Trans while Dating Chlo World
9 months back
Describing the different ways trans people date, depending on lifestyle and stage of transition they are on. Also mentions pros and cons of disclosing/not ...
Dating | When To Tell Him You're Trans Zoey Alexandria
1 months back
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Dating a Muslim Trans Guy (boyfriend Q&A) Ava O
8 months back
answering questions sent to my Tumblr about my relationship w/ my muslim trans bf! music: the l word by limbo Tumblr: ig: @ava.pls anwaar's ...
being trans & dating, all about me and my boyfriend Ashton Daniel
2 years back
if you want us to talk about anything that we don't talk about in the video, let us know! --------my links-------- twitter: instagram: ...
Trans Dating - 102, Expectations Claire Michelle
3 years back
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Dating In The Dark | I Am Jazz tlc uk
2 years back
Jazz scores herself a date after trying out speed dating in the dark. Subscribe to TLC UK for more great clips: ...
Q&A: Coming Out as Trans | Dating & Friendships | Catalina Pilar Catalina Pilar
2 years back
My wonderful friend Mike joins me in this weeks video to ask me questions about my dating life and coming out as transgender. Remember to subscribe for more ...
5 Tips For Dating Trans Women Amaya 365
11 months back
Here are 5 helpful tips for dating Trans women. Amaya is here to giveyou some insight on how to approach them and a few tips on things not to do when talking ...
Q&A - What its like Dating a Trans Guy! Part 2 Andrea and Kyle
4 weeks back
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Transgender Couples: Three Couples Discuss How They Battle Discrimination On Complex Complex
4 years back
In the final episode of a three-part Complex original series, we hear from three couples on the unique challenges facing their relationships and how they've ...
FTM: success dating a 100% straight woman! TheSLOfox
1 years back
A few months ago, I dated a woman who identified as totally straight, and she was into me to the same extent she'd be into a cis-man. In this video, I'm telling ...
The New girl: Young and Transgender. Dating as a trans woman. ELLE UK
4 years back
Trans columnist Rhyannon Styles talks about what it's really like dating as a trans women. What does it mean to be young and trans? In her new series and ...
Your dating "preferences" are discriminatory | Riley J. Dennis Riley J. Dennis
3 years back
Would you date someone who's trans, black, fat, or disabled? If your answer is no... that's pretty discriminatory and hurtful. In this video, I explain why that is.
4 weeks back
ASK A TRANS GAL ANYTHING HEY BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! Your fave sister duo is back!! Today I am joined by the lovely AJ once more! I'm starting a new series ...
Dating as a trans* person Sam Collins
2 years back
When To Tell A Guy You Are Transgender PRINCESSJOULES
5 years back
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dating tips for trans guys Kalvin Garrah
2 years back
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1 years back
Transition Updates Playlist: First T Shot Video: -- Instagram: transjesusfreak ...
Dating as an open TRANS woman Story time | Caroland Caroland
8 months back
Hi guys! New video talking about dating as an openly trans woman with a story time!. More dating videos to come! =) Ana Luisa Jewelry: ...
TRANS PEOPLE OPEN UP ABOUT DATING | Trans Queer Talk The Queer Network
9 months back
Welcome to Queer Talk, a panel discussion exploring the diversity of identities that exist under the queer umbrella. One of the most challenging aspects of ...
Trans Guy and Girlfriend: How We Met, Dating + Q&A Jammidodger
3 years back
Shaaba and I talk about how we first met, got together and started dating - then we answer some of your questions :D Hope you like it. This Is Me.
Q&A: Dating a Trans Guy - What's it like?? | Daniela Lurey Daniela Lurey
5 months back
ooh hot topic!! lots of people have questions about what it's like for me as a cisgender girl to date a transgender guy. i hope this helps you understand how lgbt ...
He Broke My Heart 😣😢😟😦💔POF Dating Liyah Badd
1 years back
Maybe looking for love on dating apps isn't the wisest decision lol like, comment, subscribe! #pof #storytime #trans #mtf #lgbt #tgirl #blacktrans.
3 years back
Hey Carobears! So normally im a "behind the scenes" contributor to Caroland but for todays video i decided to swap places with Caro and step in front of the ...
Trans & Dating... Should We Tell People? - FTM Jackson Miloh
4 months back
Hi I hope you enjoyed! If you did make sure hit the thumbs up and subscribe if you haven't already :) #Transguy #FTM #Dating I make videos simply for the fun, ...
Being With A Trans Guy : Partner's Perspective Jammidodger
2 years back
Partner's perspective on being in a relationship with someone who is trans Shaaba's Channel: ...
Fears while Dating Trans Sophia Hernandez
6 months back
This perspective is all my own and from my experiences. I hope this video helps in some way for girls like me. I hope you guys enjoyed and if you have any ...
Kellie Maloney and India Willoughby Open Up About Dating as Transgender Women | Loose Women Loose Women
5 months back
Subscribe now for more! Kellie Maloney and India Willoughby speak candidly about their experiences of dating as transgender women.
Trans Woman Dating Cis Woman Q&A | Girlfriend Tag Melody Maia Monet
9 months back
Trans Woman Dating Cis Woman Q&A | Girlfriend Tag: I answer how I met my new girlfriend, if she knew I was transgender, how we express our love language, ...
Transgender 💗DATING & LOVE 💗💗💗 Biginfashion 2016
3 years back
Hallo! Heute geht es um das Thema DATING & LOVE Viel Spaß!!! Gruss&Kuss!!! Ihr findet mich auch auf Instagram...
Using dating apps while Trans Sophia Hernandez
9 months back
I just want to open up a dialogue for trans women and let girls like us know what to expect on dating apps. I also talk about how to categorize the men you ...
The fears we face dating as trans and non-binary people Gay Star News
1 years back
The fears we face dating as trans and non-binary people. The regular Gay Star News trans and non-binary contributors are back to share stories of the fears they ...
Laverne Cox on Her "Doubt" Love Story and Dating as a Trans Woman LIVEKellyandRyan
3 years back
Laverne Cox talks about her role on "Doubt" and getting to a do a romantic story line as a trans woman.
DATING AS A TRANS WOMAN | Olivia L. Olivia Leones
7 months back
Dating as a trans woman is so tough sometimes! Actually dating in general is tough! I hope this video helps you guys out a ton!! Insta & Twitter: Fauxfurprincess ...
Gigi Gorgeous dishes on dating as a trans woman HLN
4 years back
Gigi Gorgeous courageously shared with us her journey transitioning into a woman on her YouTube channel. She also caught the eye of Miley Cyrus, who ...
Transgender Dating on My Transgender Cupid - My Transgender Cupid
2 years back
The idea behind My Transgender Cupid is to give Transsexual and Transgender women a platform for finding serious and long-term relationship. Join us at: ...