780HP BMW M5 F90 Elmerhaus TUNED | REVIEW POV on AUTOBAHN by AutoTopNL AutoTopNL
10 months back
780HP BMW M5 F90 Elmerhaus TUNED | REVIEW POV on AUTOBAHN by AutoTopNL Subscribe to be the first to see new content! http://bit.ly/2aWQXw9 You ...
How Good is a Tuned Saab? - /TUNED THE DRIVE
4 years back
Matt Farah revisits cars from his youth to see if they're as good as he -and the Internet- think. *Each week, /DRIVE will air a segment from last season's /DRIVE+, ...
TUNING | How it Works Donut Media
1 years back
Thanks to FIXD for their help with this video! http://bit.ly/2uma5wB Enter code “DONUT” for 10% off at checkout! Tuner cars are cars that can be easily modified- ...
The 700 HP Titan Motorsports Toyota Supra - /TUNED THE DRIVE
7 years back
Tuned visits Titan motorsports, one of the foremost tuners of the Toyota Supra and explains why sometimes, less is more.
Crazy: 1000HP Minivan & 1000HP 911 - /TUNED THE DRIVE
4 years back
1000HP Porsche, meet 1000HP Honda Odyssey.
The Tire-Punishing, 400HP Turbo BMW E30! - /TUNED THE DRIVE
6 years back
The BMW E30 is quickly becoming a cult classic among the DIY, autocross, and track crowd. And though the M3 version may be climbing so quickly in price, ...
Quickest 2020 Toyota Supra - Tuned vs Stock MKV Supra Drag Race! That Racing Channel
1 months back
We're back with Real Street Performance and their 2020 MKV Toyota Supra. This time they've done a few tweaks to the ECU tune and added a downpipe, ...
FIRST Tuned 2019 ZR1 with Dyno Numbers | Race Proven Motorsports RaceProvenMotorsports
5 months back
On Today's Episode of the RPM Web Series, we dyno tune a 2019 Zr1!!! Big thanks to the guys at HPtuners for cracking the ECU and getting us an unlocked one ...
3 Different Methods for Tuning a Car [4k] Gears and Gasoline
2 years back
There's a few different ways that people can tune their car. Piggyback ECU's, Flash Tuning, or Standalone tuning. I've found that a lot of people don't know the ...
BMW M5 F90 | STOCK vs TUNED 0-250km/h & AUTOBAHN POV by AutoTopNL AutoTopNL
5 days back
BMW M5 F90 | STOCK vs TUNED 0-250km/h & AUTOBAHN POV by AutoTopNL Subscribe to be the first to see new content! http://bit.ly/2aWQXw9 Check out ...
$99 ECU Tune Vs. $1,300 ECU Tune Alex Choi
2 years back
FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: @alex.choi VF Engineering tuned my BMW M2 so that the engine can produce 446 ft-lbs of torque, but that's not the important ...
BMW 135i + V8 Equals WOW - /TUNED THE DRIVE
4 years back
Would the BMW 1-series be better with a screaming V8? Matt Farah had to find out. Each week, we will bring you a segment from the past season of /DRIVE+.
We Tuned the 10th Gen Honda Civic Type R | How Much Horsepower!? Vivid Racing
8 months back
In this video we take the Honda Civic Type-R Gen 10 FK8 2.0L Turbo and put it to the test to see what kind of horsepower we can achieve with the all new ...
Tesla Model S, Fully Tuned: Saleen ST - XCAR Carfection
5 years back
To see our latest film before it's on YouTube: http://www.carfection.com Subscribe for more XCAR videos: http://bit.ly/U9XDKc Saleen have made a name for ...
The 500 AWHP, AWD, Hillclimbing, Psycho Syclone - /TUNED THE DRIVE
6 years back
We end our fourth season with probably our favorite subject car of all time, Adam Auerbach's GMC Syclone Hillclimber. This truck is what "Tuned" is all about; ...
Can You Hear the Difference Between a Tuned and Out of Tune Piano? Vinheteiro
5 months back
Can you hear the difference between a tuned piano and a out of tune piano? Hear that test! My Piano Course: https://bit.ly/2YHI5S6 Be a Member!
Subaru R-STi - JDM vs USDM: A Friendly Rivalry -- /TUNED THE DRIVE
6 years back
In the US, we never got the best Subaru of them all, the first generation WRX coupe, getting stuck with the fun-but-not-fast 2.5RS version. One of the more ...
The Insane *740 hp* HPA Volkswagen Golf R -- /TUNED THE DRIVE
3 years back
Matt Farah tests out HPA's insane, 740-hp, Hellcat-defaming, Godzilla-crushing Golf R. Oh, Canada. You magnificent bastards. (RIP Rob Ford, 1969-2016.)
The 450 HP Crawford Performance Turbo BRZ - /TUNED THE DRIVE
6 years back
We love the FRS and BRZ twins; they offer an approachable limit of performance and phenomenal dynamics in an affordable package. And we learned earlier ...
Tuned 308 gti sound Bps308
6 days back
Some short clips of my 308 gti with few mods. Sound at the end of the video.
1100HP Real Street Performance Supra 3.4L Tuned by Jay Meagher That Racing Channel
6 years back
This is one of TRC's favorite Supra's we've ever come in contact with. It is extremely clean and even faster than it looks! Huge props to Geo and the team at Real ...
Spijt - Soundtrack - Tuned Off - Brahim Fouradi & Fabienne Bergmans Shooting Star Filmcompany
6 years back
v.l.n.r. Robin Boissevain, Fabiënne Bergmans, Brahim Fouradi, Gregory Samson Lyrics: Brahim: ik weet even niet waar ik beginnen moet omdat ik weet dat als ...
"The Myth" of Panama's 900 HP Evo - /TUNED THE DRIVE
6 years back
It's the rainy season in Panama, and that means if we want to go fast, we're gonna need some AWD performance. Fortunately, we've got the keys to Race Lab's ...
Hennessey Venom GT: The World's Fastest Tuned Car - /TUNED THE DRIVE
7 years back
DRIVE EXCLUSIVE: With only six examples built to date, the Hennessey Venom GT could be considered the fastest street car in the world. Built off the Lotus ...
Mazda RX-7: Turbo vs V8 - /TUNED THE DRIVE
4 years back
A timeless car, a timeless choice. If you had an 3rd generation Mazda RX-7, would you build the rotary, or put it an LS? Matt Farah investigates.
Nicole's F56 Mini Cooper S gets TUNED - JB4 Adam LZ
3 years back
Ever since she got the car she's been dying to get a tune. After getting the wheel hop situation figured out (it was defective tires) we installed the plug n' play JB4 ...
Tuned McLaren 720s Hits The Dyno And Shoots Flames Mod2Fame Vlog
5 days back
Please watch: "Drag Built 10 Speed Mustang Gets Walked By A Hellcat Street Car" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ItTiY02QhU --~-- How much power does ...
Supercharged vs Tuned - Long Term FRS (GT86) #5 - Everyday Driver EverydayDriver
3 years back
Our Long Term FRS already has a header and exhaust to help deal with the dip in the 86's torque. Now we add a tune made for these parts by Open Flash ...
/TUNED - Turbocharged Datsun 510 THE DRIVE
5 years back
On this episode of /TUNED, Matt Farah drives a swapped and boosted version of the legendary Datsun 510. *Each month we will air one full episode of /TUNED, ...
The 850 HP E63 by Weistec Engineering - /TUNED THE DRIVE
6 years back
Matt Drives the 850 Horsepower E63 on an empty toll road. Can he keep some tire on the car or will this be another episode of rolling burnouts?
I Tuned My BMW 335i With A Mobile App And Gained Insane Power! - EP 7 Vehicle Virals
5 months back
SUBSCRIBE FOR WEEKLY VIDEOS ▻ http://bit.ly/VViralsSub FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM ▻ http://bit.ly/2J6RzPL ALL 335i EPISODES ▻ http://bit.ly/BMWVV ...
Ford F150: Does Tuning Your Truck Work? 0-60 MPH and 1/4 Mile Results The Fast Lane Truck
12 months back
https://www.5startuning.com) Ford F150: Does Tuning Your Truck Work? 0-60 MPH and 1/4 Mile Results! (Sponsored) ( http://www.patreon.com/tflcar ) Please ...
The 600 HP APR Stage 3 Audi TTRS - /TUNED THE DRIVE
7 years back
Alabama is the last place you'd expect to find one of the world's largest tuner companies for German cars, but here, at this facility, APR provides hardware and ...
7 months back
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1 weeks back
Jamie came in clutch and helped me get the evo ripping on the new BB FP 54 Green - and I'm insanely happy with the results this far! http://LZMFG.com ...
420-hp Mitsubishi Eclipse *FULL VERSION* -- /TUNED THE DRIVE
3 years back
THIS IS THE FULL VERSION. Matt's drive of Tony Bird's 420-hp, 1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse. May cause hatred toward Subarus. More at The Drive:
Big Turbo 400HP Subaru STI vs. Tuned E85 Ford Focus RS | Tuner Shootout! Roads Untraveled
7 months back
Click to Subscribe! ▻http://bit.ly/2pjQx9A EJ25 JET TAGS!! ▻https://bit.ly/2Tr2taz Roads Untraveled Podcast ▻http://bit.ly/2FFsWuJ Hey guys! Today we've ...
We Broke a Tuned Ford F-150 Drag Racing while Towing a Camper on a Dragstrip! The Fast Lane Truck
5 months back
https://www.5startuning.com) Get more performance from your truck with 5 Star Tuning. ( http://www.TFLtruck.com ) We put three Ford F-150 trucks against each ...
VW Mk7 GTI Cobb Stage 1 Tune Review & Dyno MAPerformance
3 years back
Mk7 GTI Accessport w/ Tune: https://goo.gl/jj98f0 Stay tuned for MAPerformance custom OTS Stage 1 tune! Episode 1: ...
Tuned Alfa Romeo 4C - One Take TheSmokingTire
3 years back
The Alfa 4C enjoys moderate sales success here in the US, and, while polarizing, is unquestionably a driver's car. This one has a "Stage 1" ECU tune by Euro ...
Tuning a Guitar - Standard tuning for 6 string guitar Zapp Willa
8 years back
Sick of those guitar tuning videos with distorted sound and/or only play the note 2 or 3 times which doesn't give you enough time to properly tune each note?
9 months back
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Why It's Impossible to Tune a Piano minutephysics
4 years back
Pianos can't be perfectly tuned - it's a mathematical fact! Thanks to http://www.audible.com/minutephysics for supporting MinutePhysics. Equal tempered tuning: ...
Deleted and Tuned 2017 Cummins Ram 2500 Laramie Longhorn SRTMUSH
3 years back
Ram 2500 Delete and tuning. Thanks to Andy at EastCoastMoparts for the upgrade package, and my boy Justin for his tech support through the install and ...
Bewafa Tune Mujko Pagal Kardiya | KAJAL MAHERIYA | Super Hits BEWAFA SONG Tulsi Digital
7 months back
"We all have been tuning our guitars wrong" | Can you hear the difference? Paul Davids
3 years back
Follow me here: Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/pauldavids Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pauldavidsguitar Twitter: https://twitter.com/paulmdavids My ...
BMW M4 F82 stock vs M4 tuned Nick Murray
4 years back
Take a look at the performance difference of a stock M4 vs a chip tuned M4. We talk about some of the other differences in these cars as well. The work on ...