Kyle Shanahan on Jimmy Garoppolo's return, Joey Bosa's health (FULL INTERVIEW) | NBC Sports


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  • Breezy Man
    Breezy Man  2 days back

    Idgaf about Joey Bosa’s Health, we want NICK BOSA healthy.

    • Steve York
      Steve York  3 days back

      49er fans dreaming again, what happen to Jimmy G in the Denver game ,Sad sad sad

      • 49erfantx
        49erfantx  4 days back

        Nick Bosa is as fragile as uncooked spaghetti.

        • 49erfantx
          49erfantx  2 days back

          @Doug C not if u grab a small portion.

        • wandering spirit
          wandering spirit  2 days back

          Nick Bosa is an egg shell.

        • Doug C
          Doug C  3 days back

          Uncooked spaghetti is nearly as tough as titanium....

      • Gage Reynolds
        Gage Reynolds  5 days back

        Nick Bosa. Crazy how much you gus know as a professional network

        • George Clinton
          George Clinton  5 days back

          A vastly improved defense gets the offense on the field more which is what Jimmy G needs to get into rhythm so I see some good Niner football happening this season.

          • freshness
            freshness  5 days back

            joey??? credibility.., downgrade

            • Gary Ferrini
              Gary Ferrini  5 days back

              peter king is overrated as an interviewer.

              • Adrien
                Adrien  5 days back

                Jimmy Jesus!

                • rick ross
                  rick ross  5 days back


                  • Gibster
                    Gibster  5 days back

                    Yeah we need a full season with Jimmy first and then we can talk about a serious run for the ship.

                    • Josh C
                      Josh C  6 days back

                      If Jimmy gets hurt again. We have to draft a QB. Mabe Mullens could save the season, but idk.

                      • Nicolas Viray
                        Nicolas Viray  6 days back

                        The 3rd year if this team doesn’t make it in the playoffs someone is getting fired

                        • Josh Aleru
                          Josh Aleru  7 days back

                          I can see the B-Cam lens in the reflection above Peter Kings head. Now I can't pay attention. Rookies

                          • Eric Robert Freiman
                            Eric Robert Freiman  7 days back

                            NICK BOSA!

                            • Phi Tech
                              Phi Tech  1 weeks back

                              all niners player are injury prong, need to fire the trainer

                              • Yourfriendlyneighbor Hittingyowifey
                                Yourfriendlyneighbor Hittingyowifey  5 days back

                                They also need to fire your first grade English teacher. This is football, if you wanna watch sports without injuries go watch some golf and swimming

                              • J Christopher
                                J Christopher  5 days back

                                Tommy V or we actually saving them for the season lol.

                              • BV Lee
                                BV Lee  6 days back

                                Injury prong? That sounds painful.

                              • Tommy V
                                Tommy V  1 weeks back

                                @WelSpent And we're still riddled with injuries. :13 players out, 4 will be back week 1". These guys are made of fucking glass. Except Bosa, he's cool.

                              • WelSpent
                                WelSpent  1 weeks back

                                they did fire the trainer

                            • Mann Made
                              Mann Made  1 weeks back

                              Some real objective an honest answers. Love it.

                              • Jack Gilmore
                                Jack Gilmore  1 weeks back

                                Nick bosa come on now nbc😂😂

                                • John S
                                  John S  1 weeks back

                                  Nick Bosa **

                                  • WelSpent
                                    WelSpent  1 weeks back

                                    didnt ask anything about the actual team? nothing about the defense or buck or deebo/hurd just injury injury injury injury injury.... any team that has their qb out for the season is gonna struggle its just a reality.