Redemption: Motiv Crew vs. Exiles: Front Row, The Duels - World of Dance 2019 (Exclusive)


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  • Dylan Buchman
    Dylan Buchman  4 months back

    This duel was so evenly matched I wish they would've just let both through I really couldn't pick a winner, but I loved motiv crew's performance they were unbelievable

    • Vinny L.
      Vinny L.  4 months back

      Motiv Crew should of won, you can't change my mind.

      • Johnny Ubi
        Johnny Ubi  4 months back

        At first I thought it could've gone either way. After watching with this view, motive crew won by a solid margin

        • suave Moore
          suave Moore  4 months back

          Motiv crew was slightly better in this routine and more is sink

          • Birat Patel
            Birat Patel  4 months back

            I need the vdo battle of kings & motive soon

            • Izzy
              Izzy  4 months back

              These basic :/

              • JL Multiverse
                JL Multiverse  4 months back

                One of tge guys from Motiv crew looks like if Juice weld and Chris Brown had a son

                • Terryfufu
                  Terryfufu  4 months back

                  Whats the song tho?

                • LaughingBeauty
                  LaughingBeauty  4 months back

                  Motiv felt more in sync with the actual song. I feel that had the best portion of song too with the break in beat and flow. Sometimes grit gets overlooked by tricks unfortunately. Both groups are great but this redemption was Motiv’s definitely. I had a stank face throughout the performance.

                  • Mr. Saenz
                    Mr. Saenz  4 months back

                    Exiles try and hit it too hard and end up looking sloppy in my point. I preferred either Motiv Crew or Main Guys 💆🏻‍♂️

                    • robert quinting
                      robert quinting  4 months back

                      what happens to rich Hollywood kids with no clue

                      • M Mays
                        M Mays  4 months back

                        Ok so what happened to the 6th member of Exiles while they were waiting for the score?

                        • Izzy
                          Izzy  4 months back

                          M Mays ☕️

                      • 2,000 Subscribers With No Video

                        Why does it look like the sped up the play back speed to 1.5x 😂

                        • Jumpkic
                          Jumpkic  4 months back

                          all performances should have this front row no cuts view online. after watching this i have a very different opinion on which crew i feel was better

                        • Phoenix Force
                          Phoenix Force  4 months back

                          *Idk they looks stupid*

                          • Zoeyloveheart Edits
                            Zoeyloveheart Edits  4 months back

                            I preferred Motiv Crew. I saw the power, intricacy, and synchronicity more.

                            • bethandherbooks
                              bethandherbooks  4 months back

                              This is twice now that I have been spoiled on who is in redemption by these front rows! Takes the fun right out of watching the whole episode after work today.

                              • bethandherbooks
                                bethandherbooks  4 months back

                                @Esturiia I didn't watch it. I simply opened the youtube app on my phone and the title told me the two teams in redemption, ruining any suspense the episode had

                              • Gabsise Gaming
                                Gabsise Gaming  4 months back

                                epollette Why did you go on yt then? Just go to the episode

                            • Nazmul Huda
                              Nazmul Huda  4 months back

                              Motiv Crew was way better! Another Bias judgment because Exile went last and entered the stage with little more power!

                              • KE MILLION
                                KE MILLION  4 months back

                                Dancing is amazing and on point.. No size....

                                • Yani Chua
                                  Yani Chua  4 months back

                                  Please tell me Exile won this 😭

                                  • Yani Chua
                                    Yani Chua  4 months back

                                    hitman 98 welp. It’s your opinion.

                                  • hitman 98
                                    hitman 98  4 months back

                                    actually motive crew was way more better than exile

                                  • Zoom19
                                    Zoom19  4 months back

                                    They did :)

                                • Renee Henderson
                                  Renee Henderson  4 months back

                                  Motiv Crew all day!!

                                  • Bike Tronics
                                    Bike Tronics  4 months back

                                    Kings united to motiv crew. HOLD MY BEER

                                • andrei tholen
                                  andrei tholen  4 months back

                                  I think exiles have to win this duel

                                  • Farhan Abd Wahab
                                    Farhan Abd Wahab  4 months back

                                    i prefer motiv crew..

                                    • zhao Samp
                                      zhao Samp  4 months back

                                      Who you want to move forward in the competition?
                                      Like=motiv xrew

                                      • Zq
                                        Zq  4 months back

                                        0:32 y'all seen that camera speed past 😂

                                        • Fortnite Boi
                                          Fortnite Boi  4 months back

                                          thats an automatic camera mounted to the stage

                                        • Izzy
                                          Izzy  4 months back


                                      • Athlete For Life HT TX
                                        Athlete For Life HT TX  4 months back

                                        Who won

                                        • Godlarza
                                          Godlarza  4 months back

                                          Athlete For Life HT TX exiles

                                      • Cedrick Lopez
                                        Cedrick Lopez  4 months back

                                        First pilipinong nag comment

                                      • Cedrick Lopez
                                        Cedrick Lopez  4 months back


                                        • Jogi Arjun
                                          Jogi Arjun  4 months back


                                          • anshika pathania
                                            anshika pathania  4 months back

                                            I LOVED the addition of redemption round .... ✌✌

                                          • Sydney Roze
                                            Sydney Roze  4 months back

                                            FIRST COMMENT

                                            • KE MILLION
                                              KE MILLION  4 months back

                                              FUNNY vines on my channel.. Go check it out...