Amgen Tour of California 2019: Stage 6 highlights | NBC Sports

  • Published: 18 May 2019
  • Tadej Pogacar won Stage 6 of the Amgen Tour of California, taking the overall lead in the race.

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    Amgen Tour of California 2019: Stage 6 highlights | NBC Sports
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Comments • 46

    ABN ATW  3 months back

    Come on nbc....stop giving away the results in the title.

    • Peter Radtke
      Peter Radtke  4 months back

      giro and the california giro the same time is stupid.

      • Tanis Leach
        Tanis Leach  2 weeks back

        And now the vuelta, deutschland tour and tour of britan happen at the same time. All high profile events.

    • Bill Schuler
      Bill Schuler  4 months back

      I'm so much better than these guys. Looked like an easy ride. I could have easily placed top 5 on my new Yamaha scooter!

      • Jamoomba Hicham El Guru
        Jamoomba Hicham El Guru  4 months back

        i think tj's whole team minus phinney was climbing better... Shame on ef for not actually backing the best rider and trying to back a name.

        • Discover Life Media
          Discover Life Media  4 months back

          Thanks for uploading this!

          • Panzer Grenadier Scott Blanchett

            The EF rider was playing too much...should have kept his head down and rode them off his wheel

            • Johnny Bravo
              Johnny Bravo  4 months back

              Inexperience killed him.
              Two big mistakes but I'm sure he learned.

            • LaneXCIX
              LaneXCIX  4 months back

              Watching this live, I thought he might have been able to do that. It was just his first world tour race though and he’s only 21 I think. He’s got a bright future!

          • Daniel M
            Daniel M  4 months back

            maldita curva!!!!! pero que espectáculo brindaron !!!

            • Brian Dalton
              Brian Dalton  4 months back

              Brilliant race

              • Verne Fits
                Verne Fits  4 months back

                sorry for Higuita he was doing really well

                • Andres Diaz
                  Andres Diaz  4 months back

                  I think the bike blocked him too

                • Johnny Bravo
                  Johnny Bravo  4 months back

                  Inexperience killed him.
                  He made two big mistakes but I'm sure he learned.

                • Brian Dalton
                  Brian Dalton  4 months back

                  It’s a bike race to the end...he totally mishandled that turn

              • Andy Z
                Andy Z  4 months back

                Higuita gave that win away! 😣

                • Chau Nguyen
                  Chau Nguyen  4 months back

                  @Brian Messemer I can understand if the moto peeled off to the side if there's an exit, but here it stopped in a corner before the finishline,.. and then oddly decided to go again once Higuata and Pogacar passed it, so not sure what was the moto's intention there. Maybe moto guy thought "oh shoot maybe this is not a good spot to film"

                • Brian Messemer
                  Brian Messemer  4 months back

                  You're right, I agree the Moto messed him up. But they always do that - stop or peel off before the last 500 meters or so. Agree though that it's a real shame for Higuita. @Chau Nguyen

                • Johnny Bravo
                  Johnny Bravo  4 months back

                  Inexperience and anxiety killed him. He made two big mistakes. I'm sure he learned.

                • Chau Nguyen
                  Chau Nguyen  4 months back

                  he fixated on the camera moto in front, but then when the moto suddenly stopped at the corner, that caused him to go wide and messed up his rhythm. Don't know why the moto decide to stop right at that corner. Just dumb.

              • kennedy uhpoff
                kennedy uhpoff  4 months back

                This is what a cycling highlight video should be! Last 3 miles played out that’s what I’m talking about. Let me see how everything actually happened instead of just showing 10 second clips. Only thing is they spoiled it in the thumbnail!!’

                • Rok Sraka
                  Rok Sraka  4 months back

                  tah-DAY poe-GAH-char, said almost perfectly @4:51

                  • Danny Boyd
                    Danny Boyd  4 months back

                    climbing doesnt mean cornering... LOL RiP

                  • Uros Prah
                    Uros Prah  4 months back

                    Vsaka čast Tadej!

                    • Steven Mackie
                      Steven Mackie  4 months back

                      You morons need to remove the thumbnails

                      • Natasha the Banana Girl
                        Natasha the Banana Girl  4 months back

                        Phil Gaimon got his time beat up Baldy today only by a few seconds. Look how hard they were racing as well in the finale. I call BS Phil is natural lol

                        • Brian Dalton
                          Brian Dalton  4 months back

                          Phil can climb..but he’s not good enough to ride at this level

                        • Requiredfields2
                          Requiredfields2  4 months back

                          Give up Durianrider.

                        • Steven Deckert
                          Steven Deckert  4 months back

                          They were looking at each other an awful lot in the finale.

                      • james Izquierdo
                        james Izquierdo  4 months back

                        Higuita que te paso? como se comió esa curva

                        • steve c
                          steve c  4 months back

                          Tj is finished as gc leader...sorry to say if but it's true.

                          • Martin Marin
                            Martin Marin  4 months back

                            ....the leader of that team is Rigoberto Uran

                        • Simon Knowles
                          Simon Knowles  4 months back

                          Will they find a way to TJ back into yellow

                          • Art Metrano
                            Art Metrano  4 months back

                            Amazing finish

                            • George Sofroniou
                              George Sofroniou  4 months back

                              You commentators can't spell for shet

                            • SombreroGG
                              SombreroGG  4 months back

                              Thumbnail spoiler and spoiler in the first line of the description. PLEASE NBC don't spoil this great race for fans around the world!

                              • Cruzanbum
                                Cruzanbum  4 months back

                                More cars line the roadside than fans... only in America

                                • george474747
                                  george474747  3 months back

                                  Given the behaviour of the fans, I'd prefer if there were none.

                                  Dressing up and running in front of the camera... clearly only interested in themselves, not the racers.

                                • Dave Davidson
                                  Dave Davidson  4 months back

                                  yeah, one car for each spectator and a few autonomous cars came up to view the race as well

                              • Michael Bonilla
                                Michael Bonilla  4 months back

                                Tejay needs to retire or he's too skinny for his height needs to find a balance

                                • Brian Dalton
                                  Brian Dalton  4 months back

                                  Like Talansky ..TJ is just not tough enough to race at this level

                              • M M
                                M M  4 months back

                                Again with the thumbnail spoiler!

                                • Will K
                                  Will K  4 months back

                                  This is worse than Yahoo's daily Game of Thrones spoilers.

                                • Raptorman0909
                                  Raptorman0909  4 months back

                                  Who ever is posting the videos needs to find another job!