UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast (05.22.19) with Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe & Jenny Taft | UNDISPUTED


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  • TruuDot
    TruuDot  4 months back

    "He starts it every night and I finish it every morning"

    ayo lmao

    • Let’s Smoke Foo
      Let’s Smoke Foo  4 months back

      I know the Raptors are not gonna win the Finals but if they did that would be the best thing ever I just want skip to stop hating on kawhi

      • Mark Franklin
        Mark Franklin  4 months back

        There's only 2 people that believe you won that fight. 1-2 😂 unk!

        • TravelingTrav
          TravelingTrav  4 months back

          This is about Nicole Murphy

          • P B
            P B  4 months back

            Man skip is getting tiring with the disrespectful comments towards Kawhi

            • Cody Fast
              Cody Fast  4 months back

              Shannon does know his cars! Haha “the LaFerrari that replaces the Enzo” yupppp

              • James Sullivan
                James Sullivan  4 months back

                Skip be hatin', Skip be hatin'. He man haters club. Winner of the hater of the year award at the Hater's Ball. "Hate! Hate! Hate! Hate!"

                • Nate Shaul
                  Nate Shaul  4 months back

                  anybody a ufc fan, because wow they butchered our sport

                  • Busta Rhymes
                    Busta Rhymes  4 months back

                    Habib nurmahomedow

                  • Znyprchamp23
                    Znyprchamp23  4 months back

                    Nate Shaul your sport lol you don’t know sports get outta here

                • Evil Donkey
                  Evil Donkey  4 months back


                  Skip Bayless: Mm......Mmmmm.....MMMmmmm

                  • Hugh Janis
                    Hugh Janis  4 months back

                    I simple man I see Conor I tap on it

                    • OLCtv
                      OLCtv  4 months back

                      The warriors never said they can't beat LeBron NEVER. They beat him and almost did it again. They were up 3-1 and only lost by 1 or 2 points in game 7 so stop with the warriors couldn't beat LeBron without KD bs please.

                      • Tee Mac
                        Tee Mac  4 months back

                        False. Warrior's needed KD to beat Bron

                      • SauceGod227
                        SauceGod227  4 months back

                        You right but yknow tgese bronsexuals cant accept that

                      • Mohit MOH Thakur
                        Mohit MOH Thakur  4 months back

                        OLCtv - you are sir, not right at all...!!!

                      • Ruben Rodriguez
                        Ruben Rodriguez  4 months back

                        The cavs would have been back to back champions if kyrie and love aint get injured

                    • Jonathan Jones
                      Jonathan Jones  4 months back

                      The Lakers need LeBron. They need him more than ever.. Give him back his cape Jeanie. Let him take control of this offseason.