I Realised I Wasn’t Trans After Transitioning


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  • Kio
    Kio  4 hours back

    Y'all ever noticed how the trans guys be like 6'2

    • George Staykov
      George Staykov  5 hours back

      Dont cut it off.....just in case OK ?!?

      • Robert Devereux
        Robert Devereux  9 hours back

        Are you trans? well yes. but actauly no

        • Galaxy Pig Gacha
          Galaxy Pig Gacha  19 hours back


          (Also non-binary can be if you aren’t a boy or girl!)

          • Antonio Garcia
            Antonio Garcia  21 hours back

            OOPs 😬

            • Captain Marvel
              Captain Marvel  1 days back

              I don't like getting dirty either! And I used to love girls toys

              • Ep B1az3
                Ep B1az3  1 days back

                I think it may be some form of D.I.D. im not a pro of anything but that's what it kinda sounds like

                • Cherokee Clarice
                  Cherokee Clarice  1 days back

                  Please don't take this video as a "all trans are bad" you should still 100% )listen to a child/preteen when they tell you how they feel, no they do not need hormones or this or that but allow them to experiment with their feelings so they can figure it out themself and don't force them to be any sort of way

                  • Tobias Maagaard
                    Tobias Maagaard  1 days back

                    From the age of 1-12 all I wanted was to be a girl, from age 13 I just forgot about it as it didn’t happen.
                    Fast forward to me at 21 being confused and having a breakdown because of my gender.

                    Today I’m 23, genderfluid. Sometimes I wear heels and makeup, sometimes I wear suit and tie. Basically I just love all the things 🤷🏼‍♀️

                    • Riley Reads
                      Riley Reads  1 days back

                      This is called “low-testosterone”

                      • Kossolax the Foresworn
                        Kossolax the Foresworn  6 hours back

                        well he does have a twin sister, so I would assume both her and the mothers estrogen were contributing factors to that, but I would assume teen age would fix that, at least if they dont consume soy like it was the next coming of jesus christ.

                    • Riley Reads
                      Riley Reads  1 days back


                      • Lucky Swordsmen
                        Lucky Swordsmen  1 days back

                        I'm lucky swordsmen you can be you even in another body it's called spirit without it your nothing but sad and unsure but when you have freands,family rooting you no matter what they are you and make them.

                        • prosperous life
                          prosperous life  2 days back

                          Why did his sister look like summer from Rick and Morty

                          • Rainbow Cupcakes XD
                            Rainbow Cupcakes XD  2 days back

                            At the end she sounds like a robot

                            • •c0mmanderKiwi•
                              •c0mmanderKiwi•  2 days back

                              He’s probably not trans, just gay

                              • Vicious_Nebula
                                Vicious_Nebula  2 days back


                                • Jimmy Official
                                  Jimmy Official  2 days back


                                  • ash r.
                                    ash r.  2 days back

                                    I feel like a turtle so I am a turtle 🐢

                                    • Alex Quins
                                      Alex Quins  2 days back

                                      Genderfluid people are transgender tho.....

                                      • Isabelle Howard
                                        Isabelle Howard  2 days back

                                        School: Oliver is not interacting with other boys or playing football or other games

                                        Also school: we think he’s trans

                                        • Jamshaid Ishaq
                                          Jamshaid Ishaq  2 days back

                                          Wouldn’t he still have a d

                                          • Miki Dewberry
                                            Miki Dewberry  2 days back

                                            a man pretending to be woman

                                            • Cute bitch
                                              Cute bitch  2 days back

                                              *I think ur bisexual* btw I'm bi too°-°

                                              • jeon jimin
                                                jeon jimin  2 days back


                                                • Strawberryskies
                                                  Strawberryskies  3 days back

                                                  Things ARE black and white...confused people are the ones that think otherwise

                                                  • PiX reviews!
                                                    PiX reviews!  3 days back

                                                    I kinda relate, I usually feel and love being feminine...

                                                    I want to transition because I'm unhappy as a man. I want to be a woman, yet, I love certain parts of me.

                                                    I just don't know what to do

                                                    • James Long
                                                      James Long  3 days back

                                                      Hol up hol up how did a black dad and a white mom make a pure bread white ass little child

                                                      • Stark & Palmer 0-0
                                                        Stark & Palmer 0-0  3 days back

                                                        The headphones appeared 666 times

                                                        • Gacha Girl
                                                          Gacha Girl  3 days back

                                                          I’m gay
                                                          Wanna know how I know
                                                          I CANT THINK *STRAIGHT*

                                                          • dick moningwoods
                                                            dick moningwoods  3 days back

                                                            Please don't be gay

                                                          • Neo DC
                                                            Neo DC  3 days back

                                                            This is a situation you can blame dad for. No real man would let his son go through this.

                                                          • fuckdaswine
                                                            fuckdaswine  3 days back

                                                            its unatural and disgusting, it should be against the law, you are not meant to change your gender.

                                                            • Dan loves animals and has a million subs
                                                              Dan loves animals and has a million subs  3 days back

                                                              You should be against the law bish...

                                                            • Gary Lee
                                                              Gary Lee  3 days back

                                                              @Abi Bla Make video announcing you are trans and you get a few likes and welcome to the club. Make a video after taking drugs to show your outward changes and the trans crowd gets a bit more excited telling you how you sort of look like the opposite sex. Chop off your breasts trying to look like a male and show your sliced up chest and the trans crowd begins to get sexually aroused. Cut your penis off trying to be a female and the trans crowd goes absolutely wild as they hear the mutilation described and the complications that followed.

                                                            • fuckdaswine
                                                              fuckdaswine  3 days back

                                                              @Abi Bla nah i cant, still does'nt stop the fact that its completley unatural, how can u be 2 genders at once lol? blockers and hormones cant hide what u were born as.

                                                            • Abi Bla
                                                              Abi Bla  3 days back

                                                              but it's peoples lives and u can't make them stop it

                                                          • Andres D Miller
                                                            Andres D Miller  3 days back

                                                            Being non-binary or gender-fluid...is still trans.

                                                            • Elizabeth Rose
                                                              Elizabeth Rose  4 days back

                                                              You could be queer? maybe?

                                                              • Alex Vasilev
                                                                Alex Vasilev  4 days back

                                                                Not all trans people realize they aren't trans after they transition. This isn't some "liBtArD oWnEd" moment, it's just that some people have to experiment with their identity first.

                                                                • Gary Lee
                                                                  Gary Lee  3 days back

                                                                  Modern science shows that our sexual organization begins with our DNA and development in the womb, and that sex differences manifest themselves in many bodily systems and organs, all the way down to the molecular level. In other words, our physical organization for one of two functions in reproduction shapes us organically, from the beginning of life, at every level of our being. Body mutolatioon and cross-sex hormones can’t change us into the opposite sex. They can affect appearances. They can stunt or damage some outward expressions of our reproductive organization. But they can’t transform it. They can’t turn us from one sex into the other. Scientifically speaking, transgender men are not biological men and transgender women are not biological women. The claims to the contrary are not supported by a scintilla of scientific evidence.

                                                              • cat luva
                                                                cat luva  4 days back

                                                                I thought it was bad that when I was a kid teachers forced me to cut my finger nails because "boys don't have long nails or wear nail polish". If I was a kid nowadays the teachers would probably demand I chop my penis off instead.😨

                                                                • Will Raley
                                                                  Will Raley  4 days back

                                                                  I'm happy that you're happy, and I enjoyed the video, but I must say that I don't like your idea of "genderfluid" people being promoted. In the long run, it is detrimental. I get that it isn't a "societal norm", but the norms are there for a reason, and I don't like that being trans and being genderfluid is illustrated the way it is today. It is almost never a good idea to be either. However, you seem to have overcome the odds. Good on you.

                                                                  • Blue Butterfly
                                                                    Blue Butterfly  4 days back

                                                                    If I ever transitioned, I’d move schools, so no one would figure out.

                                                                  • Raven Kneale
                                                                    Raven Kneale  4 days back

                                                                    It can be really hard not understanding your own sexual gender! And I remember spending three or four years of my life think I was a boy, i love fishing camping hunting and most 'male' activities, but I love make up and I love looking like a girl it wasn't until I was in my adult years that I realised I was both female and male

                                                                    • randy smith
                                                                      randy smith  4 days back

                                                                      FACT: Post operative Transsexuals are 20 times more likely to commit suicide. Sadly, they discover that all the body mutilation in the world won't alter the sad fact that their issues are between their ears, not between their legs.

                                                                    • MissLeonable
                                                                      MissLeonable  4 days back

                                                                      Harry Potter at 7:55 can surely help you out with some professional magic :)

                                                                      • BEQUIASWORLD
                                                                        BEQUIASWORLD  4 days back

                                                                        So she non binary that's still trans

                                                                        • Rae Pambid
                                                                          Rae Pambid  4 days back

                                                                          uh-oh he’s just a cross dresser..

                                                                          • thompiejompie
                                                                            thompiejompie  4 days back

                                                                            Omg i git a hard penis 😂😂😂

                                                                          • 眠いSleepy
                                                                            眠いSleepy  4 days back

                                                                            Its starting to weird me out how all the people in my school mostly girls are being gay and im not homophobic but EVERYONE is becoming gay or bi its like the apocalyptic trend

                                                                            • Dan loves animals and has a million subs
                                                                              Dan loves animals and has a million subs  3 days back

                                                                              It's human evelution

                                                                            • Giihh Edits
                                                                              Giihh Edits  4 days back

                                                                              They can't just become gay or bi....they are who they are they can discover it or maybe pretend it (but I don't get what kind of award they would win by pretending such sexualities...although we never know right)

                                                                          • D arla
                                                                            D arla  5 days back

                                                                            Im thankful I didnt have crazy parents who took my tomboy ways to the gender swp doctor. I wouldve never had my handsome son Luigi

                                                                            • Art Kallaba
                                                                              Art Kallaba  5 days back

                                                                              Why do you people think this is real this is bull crap 😂

                                                                              • misery blossom
                                                                                misery blossom  5 days back

                                                                                I mean Genderfluid exists so...