J Stone - Shake It (Official Audio)


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  • Saul Calderon
    Saul Calderon  2 months back

    This is a banger ..all money in$$$$$ 🔥🔥🔥💦😁👌👌✨😉😉

    • Tonya McGill
      Tonya McGill  3 months back

      JStone picked up the torch 🔥

      • ***BIG HOUSE SHOES***
        ***BIG HOUSE SHOES***  6 months back

        My nigga this is super duper knocking wtf this aint on everywhere!!!🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

        • The Walking Testimony Dawan Wilson

          All Gass broo

          • Gio B
            Gio B  7 months back

            Rip nipsey

            • Doner Kebab
              Doner Kebab  7 months back

              Prayers 2 you and the whole crew... Hope you OK J Stone. I hope you didn't get injured. I'm sorry for the loss. Stay strong. Life is a trip. But I hope God watches over you and eases your pain.... Keep the incredible music comin. ALL MONEY IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE MARATHON CONTINUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • J. Carson
                J. Carson  7 months back

                Yo this beat is ass

                • Lamar Bradford
                  Lamar Bradford  7 months back


                  • Rae Rae 1
                    Rae Rae 1  7 months back

                    I waited all week for that real HK60D music😔. This song is alright, it just doesn’t do nothing for me... BUT it is perfect for the strip club👌

                    • Rae Rae 1
                      Rae Rae 1  7 months back

                      J. Carson you trippin. Gangsta guarantee you this song right here will be a stripper’s #1 picc frfr.

                    • J. Carson
                      J. Carson  7 months back

                      @Rae Rae 1 naw this a goofy ass beat lol ain't no stripper about to buss it open to this shit lmfao

                    • Rae Rae 1
                      Rae Rae 1  7 months back

                      J. Carson the beat is cool, it’s a strip club song. It’s made perfect for the strippers. I personally prefer that real real street music, and not all artist can deliver that but J.Stone is definitely one that can and he does it well. I’m learning more about his craft and he is one of those artists that is not afraid to make music that touches people from all walks of life, and that’s what’s up.

                    • J. Carson
                      J. Carson  7 months back

                      This beat is wack that's why

                  • So Cal
                    So Cal  7 months back

                    J stone fell off

                    • maurice burwell
                      maurice burwell  7 months back

                      J Stone Wednesday's 🔥🔥🔥🔥

                      • Yaqub 71
                        Yaqub 71  7 months back

                        That beat is Dope

                      • ike MC
                        ike MC  7 months back


                        • Michael Cobbs
                          Michael Cobbs  7 months back

                          Excellent song.

                          • Bosspin Ent.
                            Bosspin Ent.  7 months back

                            This shit gon have da hoes goin up

                            • J Will
                              J Will  7 months back

                              The key board sounds like a run on sentence and that’s not good. The beat needs less loop of the key board ( sounds like the door chime when a person walks into a corner store)and more imagination and instruments to the gumbo. This need some open hats, snares, and a good ol fashion TR-808 or some TR -909 type bass. The message in the flow is always on point, it’s gotta suck being a great lyricist and can’t find the right beats.

                              • J Will
                                J Will  7 months back

                                Put these lyrics over uninvited and it’s a wrap.

                            • Hebovija 96
                              Hebovija 96  7 months back

                              Drop the video cs this is fire🔥

                              • Go Get It Official
                                Go Get It Official  7 months back


                                • TRUEST CUZZY
                                  TRUEST CUZZY  7 months back


                                  • John Jones
                                    John Jones  7 months back

                                    Tell the citch shake dat ass on hood! Banger loEC.