Eagles' Zach Ertz willing to sacrifice stats for wins in 2019 | NFL | NBC Sports


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  • Telugu mekalu
    Telugu mekalu  1 weeks back

    Ertz no longer top 3. Move him to second tier

    • Mike Jones
      Mike Jones  1 weeks back

      Desean Jackson is such a loser look how careless he is with the ball there is a reason no team goes anywhere with desean Jackson he is a virus

      • Darth Vix
        Darth Vix  1 weeks back

        9 years ago?!?!?! I feel old

      • Mike Jones
        Mike Jones  1 weeks back

        Eagles with desean Jackson never made a superbowl eagles without the punk losing player won the super bowl he's a virus

        • Stephen White
          Stephen White  1 weeks back

          Mike Jones do you just look up eagles topics to hate

        • Slidein5 U
          Slidein5 U  1 weeks back

          Get a load of this guy🤒🤒

      • Juggie Bonebrain
        Juggie Bonebrain  1 weeks back

        Best GamePass commercial ever.

        • Desean I’m back at home Jackson

          He’s not sacrificing his stats in 2019 bc goedert is taking his spot this year. Philly goedert > ertz

          • Roadrunner
            Roadrunner  1 weeks back

            Must be a undercover cowgirls fan posing as a eagles fan but I can tell by how you tryna create problems where there is none that it's a cowgirl gtf.

          • Rob Harron
            Rob Harron  1 weeks back


          • Tom Whitehouse
            Tom Whitehouse  1 weeks back

            definitely goedert has alot of potential but to start him over zach ertz is crazy considering ertz is one of the best TEs in the league atm. let goedert develop there is no rush.

          • Alex Beltran
            Alex Beltran  1 weeks back

            You’re crazy, ertz is our best tight end

        • 5ive8ight
          5ive8ight  1 weeks back

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