Official Call of Duty ®: Black Ops 4 — This is Blackout

  • Published: 11 October 2018
  • Battle on land, air, and sea to be the last one standing.

    Drop into Call of Duty’s biggest map ever in an all-new Battle Royale mode, playable in Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 on October 12, 2018:

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  • #_ فُہلہسہطہيہنٍيہ يہٳ خہٳلہ

    Call of duty mobile 2019?🌝💕

    • Laxmi Dhruw
      Laxmi Dhruw  7 months back

      if you can add split screen it will be a good help

      • Laxmi Dhruw
        Laxmi Dhruw  7 months back

        we want 4 players

      • Suutari4
        Suutari4  7 months back

        There is a split screen. Just add another controller

    • Lewis Gil
      Lewis Gil  7 months back


      • SukkaHiki
        SukkaHiki  7 months back

        This is not going to kill fortnite becouse fortnite is free and 10year olds can not play call of duty :(

        Dont get me wrong i hate fortnite and this is 100% better game

        • Suutari4
          Suutari4  7 months back

          I'm a die hard Cod fanboy and BO4 as a whole is better than Fortnite but Fortnite as a BR is better tham Blackout

      • Stikbotman ZC
        Stikbotman ZC  8 months back

        Fix black out

        • Lightning Wolf
          Lightning Wolf  8 months back

          Helicopters need a buff put a cool down gun on it please!!!!

          • Intract _
            Intract _  8 months back

            0:16 far cry?

            • BDHisGaming
              BDHisGaming  8 months back

              They said it wasn’t possible with the 20 year old engine, but they just made anything possible

              • OkAstro DC
                OkAstro DC  8 months back

                This battle royale is accurate except there is no action, lots of campers, strong armor and it’s not fun

                • Antonia Lopez
                  Antonia Lopez  8 months back

                  Fortnite kids
                  Cod teens
                  Battlefield men

                  • Leu31
                    Leu31  8 months back

                    why missing singleplayer?

                    • Scorpion
                      Scorpion  9 months back

                      Fortnite: you can’t beat me!

                      PUBG: I know but he can.

                      ( *Bo4 emerges* )

                      • Roque
                        Roque  9 months back

                        Being honest not everyone plays online , so they should always should make a campaign mode , don't get me wrong its no bad game but really should of a campaign mode like ghost recon wildlands or most other games

                        • Speachless Men
                          Speachless Men  9 months back

                          *This Is America*

                          • samy gamer
                            samy gamer  9 months back

                            اشتركت لك فشترك لي

                            • HeLd0r
                              HeLd0r  9 months back

                              How are they always so good in making trailers

                              • redstone airspace
                                redstone airspace  10 months back


                                • RS beastlile
                                  RS beastlile  10 months back

                                  pubg has left the game

                                  fortnite: BLACKOUT IS HACKING I AM REPORTING

                                  bfv: it's free real estate

                                  realm royale: glub glub

                                  • OnlyWoody1
                                    OnlyWoody1  10 months back

                                    What a game

                                    • Jaiden georges
                                      Jaiden georges  10 months back

                                      Ik fortnite is scared asf

                                      • Angel Acosta
                                        Angel Acosta  10 months back

                                        They should add a whole new map or atleast have the map where it’s the night, it would be sick having the thermal scope back as well

                                        • Connor McKee
                                          Connor McKee  10 months back

                                          Fix the freaking cluster grenades. They are freaking O.P

                                          • Lucas Oliveira
                                            Lucas Oliveira  10 months back

                                            Servidor SA que é bom nada né?

                                            • Matthew Terry
                                              Matthew Terry  10 months back

                                              Please nerf armor and get rid of cluster grenades... it really lowers the skill gap being able to get naded from 4 houses down and the entire room ur in is an explosion

                                              • Bolita de Algodon
                                                Bolita de Algodon  10 months back

                                                This is BETA!

                                                • YMS
                                                  YMS  10 months back

                                                  Fortnite kids be like: *ThEy StOlE tHe GrApPlInG hOoK fRoM fOrTnItE

                                                  • heartless official
                                                    heartless official  10 months back

                                                    At least you don't lose all of you're shield in one shot

                                                    • Beastplayer Cruzz
                                                      Beastplayer Cruzz  10 months back

                                                      The skins in blackout are good

                                                      • Shadow Bonnie !LIVE!
                                                        Shadow Bonnie !LIVE!  10 months back

                                                        Thank you call of duty for making these years great, may you be blessed by me and other gamers out there,
                                                        Thank you,
                                                        -Shadow Bonnie

                                                        • a generic name
                                                          a generic name  10 months back

                                                          This game is amazing. Cod is finnaly good again

                                                          • Alejandra Medrano
                                                            Alejandra Medrano  10 months back

                                                            Blackout looks good

                                                            • JordanGamesMobile
                                                              JordanGamesMobile  11 months back

                                                              How about YOU STOP COPYING FORTNITE!!!

                                                              • Venox_ Immortal
                                                                Venox_ Immortal  11 months back

                                                                I love your games but can you please do cross play between ps4 and pc?

                                                                • Miles Morales
                                                                  Miles Morales  11 months back

                                                                  0.30 Neibolt street, you'll float too!

                                                                  • Supreme_Username
                                                                    Supreme_Username  11 months back

                                                                    I thought this was america

                                                                    • DBZ-Alberto 314
                                                                      DBZ-Alberto 314  11 months back

                                                                      Fix ui error

                                                                      • american dream
                                                                        american dream  11 months back

                                                                        I'm sorry for everything. Plz forgive me. 😢😢😢

                                                                        • Hi Amurica
                                                                          Hi Amurica  11 months back

                                                                          2 weeks later- blackout is trash

                                                                        • CarlitoIsPissed
                                                                          CarlitoIsPissed  11 months back


                                                                          *THIS IS PATRICK*

                                                                          • CarlitoIsPissed
                                                                            CarlitoIsPissed  11 months back


                                                                            *THIS IS PATRICK*

                                                                            • _Knome_
                                                                              _Knome_  11 months back

                                                                              Love your music choice

                                                                              • Ivan Hernandez
                                                                                Ivan Hernandez  11 months back

                                                                                Blackout the best

                                                                                • Abdul Hanan
                                                                                  Abdul Hanan  11 months back

                                                                                  I want ghost2

                                                                                  • salaam bro
                                                                                    salaam bro  11 months back

                                                                                    Roses are red
                                                                                    Violets are blue
                                                                                    Fortnite is dead
                                                                                    Black Op4 is it's proof

                                                                                    • TryPoes
                                                                                      TryPoes  11 months back

                                                                                      Why do i have to wait 51h hours (51go of the game) to could play ? Normally in 30min it s done ? Explain me

                                                                                      • Eli Wilson
                                                                                        Eli Wilson  11 months back

                                                                                        Wy cant i watch cod 4

                                                                                        • vinsmoke Sanji
                                                                                          vinsmoke Sanji  11 months back

                                                                                          Blackout is so bad

                                                                                          • Tom James
                                                                                            Tom James  11 months back

                                                                                            FLASHLIGHTS ARE OPPPPPP!!!!!!! FIX PLEASEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! I CANT SEE ANYTHINGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡. Whyyy Treyarccccc????? whyyyy blinddd