Shotti CRIED B4 Getting Sentenced to 15 Years in Feds! *Says 6ix9ine Ruined Families*


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  • Carl Justice
    Carl Justice  15 minutes back

    Clown shit..😱😂😂😂

    • HaXdAbAx
      HaXdAbAx  22 minutes back

      I dont like snitching, but i can understand snitching on people that robbed and plotted to kill you if that gives you a better deal. Just saying.

      • off %
        off %  32 minutes back

        69 suit hella baggy 😂 I'm dead

        • noglaman
          noglaman  46 minutes back

          If you cry when the judge gives you that time.... YOU AINT NO GANGSTA.

          • Predatxr
            Predatxr  1 hours back

            @3:20 why these niggas looking like megamind? 😂😂😂

            • Paradox Mind
              Paradox Mind  2 hours back

              15 years? That's it? This dude really bitchin and crying over 15? If anything, he really got off light.

              • Chris DiPietro
                Chris DiPietro  2 hours back

                Na i see it from shotti pov and i dont think he could of prevented this.of course he was riding 69 they had to create this gangster persona based on the content of his music and watching the videos with 100s of bloods and him twisting up his fingers and all that had the world believing maybe this rainbow haired lil boy is really with it...shotti turned trew way into a label ,a clothing line and buku respect and paper for his whole family which includes the real nine tres , in what like 10 months with essentially 1 artist...and as to him and the shootings shit he was protecting his biggest commodity, 69,cuz he couldnt protect his self. Now, that is a win win for shotti, huge record label with no end in sight and all the while staying loyal to his set...cuz hes 37 so he was born in 82 i was in 84and he was just living by the code...keep your circle so tight a triangle cant fit into it never mind a square.....and SNITCHING IS NEVER AN OPTION. Unfortunately some of us have this engraved in our thinking and he couldn't imagine anyone thinking others. I don't know there they learned it but this new generation is from the school of f**k every body at any cost necessary as long as me and and my family are good and my name stays far as time he will get is none. Released immediately in a body bag before he ever has the chance to get up there and start pointing fingers!!!

                • Don Cicero
                  Don Cicero  2 hours back

                  These cats dont think about their families when they move the way they do. Especially riding for a punk mutha fucka who aint a street cat. 6-9 took the first chance and told and move away from the same cats that was moving out for him!

                  • G Fuck15
                    G Fuck15  2 hours back

                    We don’t snitch we don’t fold what happened

                    • P.M.U Pak Me Up
                      P.M.U Pak Me Up  2 hours back

                      69 is NOT the reason they all going to jail. The investigation was already under way. It just helped them feds out.

                      • Jennifer Naone
                        Jennifer Naone  2 hours back

                        Well what a sad movement this all caused to all familys that hurt from it

                        • Mohamed Jama
                          Mohamed Jama  3 hours back

                          6/5 years he will be out

                          • IKILLBUSTERS
                            IKILLBUSTERS  4 hours back

                            69 was probably the most solid cat out of.all them clowns lol. 69 was gona fight his case. When 69 was force to fire his lawyer and get a new one he opened his eyes. Shotti and trey wey snitched to court saying 69 lawyer represented past case. 69 found out shotti was smashing his baby momma, found out trey wey was planning on killing on wire tap. Trey wey snitched on them selfs. Dry snitching on voice calls incriminating 69. Why would rainbow boy be loyal when his crew was grimey ass hell. They didnt need 69 testimony thry hxd enough evidence phone tap text logs and informant information to screw all of them.remember his boys are thr ones who kidnapped him pistol.whipped his ass. . . The real.snitches are snow billy amd murd mell thry was droping dimes on everyone.

                            • Michael King
                              Michael King  5 hours back


                              • Gods own Son
                                Gods own Son  5 hours back

                                Just getting sentenced to fifteen hours in jail will get me crying like a little bitch,Freedom is Gods gift to human kind.

                                • Janita Hammond
                                  Janita Hammond  6 hours back

                                  Two to 4 years with time serve . And good time in feds its 54 days a years

                                  • Pleasant
                                    Pleasant  7 hours back

                                    You don't think violent, pimping, drug dealing gangs ruin families? It's basically the whole agenda of gangs to ruin families, they're just mad they got caught.

                                    • 210 Hawk
                                      210 Hawk  7 hours back

                                      He Was The Main One Hyping The Kid With The Rainbow Hair & Was Actually Putting In Work With This peon NY Take Another Life Time L

                                      • rafaone68
                                        rafaone68  8 hours back

                                        Time served three years parole

                                        • J Kol
                                          J Kol  9 hours back

                                          Imagine having to live with those tattoos for the rest of your life 😂

                                          • Dj Getem
                                            Dj Getem  10 hours back

                                            he fucked up families shotti? .. why would you involve a non street dude into the life

                                            • Citgo Juug
                                              Citgo Juug  10 hours back

                                              If u not willing to loose yo life stay the fuck out the streets

                                              • Nick Pavloff
                                                Nick Pavloff  10 hours back

                                                Anyone think he will go to GP like R Kelly? Btw.... can anyone believe they put R Kelly, “in GP”!? Whaaaat? With the things he’s charged with ? Whaaaaat? They pretty much put a green light on em themselves ( the institution)

                                                • mraj27191
                                                  mraj27191  12 hours back

                                                  Everyone wants to be a Gangsta, till its time to be a Gangsta! MFs make all that money and wana stay in the hood smh

                                                  • Chocolate Thunder Cherry
                                                    Chocolate Thunder Cherry  13 hours back

                                                    This turned into some real life shit
                                                    Shotttttttt stanned like the barbz do for nicki Minaj ..... I know he’s seething with anger ...:: do stand up dudes even exist anymore...... they’re going to be in jail longer than they were famous 😓....

                                                    • trash aficionado
                                                      trash aficionado  13 hours back

                                                      I think this could only go one of two ways. The first way it's going to go is he's going to get time I don't know how long but he's definitely going to get time. I think the second way it is probably going to go and I think this is what they're going to do is have him snitch on all his buddies get them out of the picture and then get real management because they're still Alana money they can get out of the kid. One thing's for sure it cannot go both ways they're not going to send him to prison if he's potentially making money on the street it's either no prison and what career he has left or it's prison and you will never hear from him again.

                                                      • Cannon G
                                                        Cannon G  14 hours back

                                                        69 a deadman walking

                                                        • Michael Lounds
                                                          Michael Lounds  15 hours back

                                                          He's such a rat!!!!!!!! Dam. Scariest niggas in the street. I hope he snitch and get 15. He will never drop shit. No1 will back him.

                                                          • A A
                                                            A A  15 hours back

                                                            Fck these ads

                                                            • Airk Leidecker
                                                              Airk Leidecker  19 hours back

                                                              Karma's a bitch. So is Shotti.

                                                              • Rah Rah
                                                                Rah Rah  20 hours back

                                                                Hey 69 got fucked with treyway.. they all were fucking him over.. stealing millions and fucking his girl...come on.. only time can tell what life has in store for him..

                                                                • DEVILS REJECT
                                                                  DEVILS REJECT  20 hours back

                                                                  Only cries when caught

                                                                  • looking 4 ufos
                                                                    looking 4 ufos  21 hours back


                                                                    • Jonathan Hall
                                                                      Jonathan Hall  21 hours back

                                                                      Niggas wanna be gangsta until they get punched in the fuckin mouth

                                                                      • Frank Booth
                                                                        Frank Booth  23 hours back

                                                                        going to take a lot of laser removal surgery to change his identity lol

                                                                        • El Coqui Rivera
                                                                          El Coqui Rivera  23 hours back

                                                                          Only an idiot like 6ix9ine records criminal activity. Im not a criminal, but if I was, I wouldn't put it on social media for everyone to see.

                                                                          • Jabbar JD1415
                                                                            Jabbar JD1415  23 hours back

                                                                            Get educated and make sure that you protect your interest, by any and all means necessary. Remember, U only live once and doing right going forward...

                                                                            • Christopher Pennie
                                                                              Christopher Pennie  1 days back

                                                                              This ain't funny..😳🤪😵🤧🤢🤮💀☠️👻👶🧒👨🧔 they just killed me and then brought me back

                                                                              • Andrew Mi
                                                                                Andrew Mi  1 days back

                                                                                There's more ad time than fucking video. You need to slow the fuck down with that bullshit.

                                                                                • Osvaldo Ah
                                                                                  Osvaldo Ah  1 days back

                                                                                  we don’t flip we don’t crack we cry

                                                                                  • stewyy fam first
                                                                                    stewyy fam first  1 days back

                                                                                    If he snitches he will get out with time served. I actually liked 69 music but hes a huge disappointment smh especially to the latino community. Why would 69 and shotti ruin there careers playing gangster when yall made it. The whole point is to make it to get out the streets. Went backwards asf. Smh

                                                                                    • Terrence Williams
                                                                                      Terrence Williams  1 days back

                                                                                      All these grown ass men/bloods saying he ruined families . Y’all niggas chose that life also if shit happends it’s on your self no one else

                                                                                      • Darrell Cole
                                                                                        Darrell Cole  1 days back

                                                                                        Once they put them in that population his fellow inmates are all going to want that Fifi

                                                                                        • Antwan Darelle Fenton
                                                                                          Antwan Darelle Fenton  1 days back


                                                                                          • mace Face
                                                                                            mace Face  1 days back

                                                                                            Its a regime change for the street. Six 9 was the industry plant (secret weapon) to help collapse the insubordinate street empire. Lots of high level industry shit happening here. Puffy and j prince coaching this game for the industry owners. Connect the dots this shit is a rap game matrix for the feds

                                                                                            • AR Sincere
                                                                                              AR Sincere  1 days back

                                                                                              Hard clay turned soft putty

                                                                                              • twistedcells
                                                                                                twistedcells  1 days back

                                                                                                Cried like a lil bitch

                                                                                                • Johnny Garcia
                                                                                                  Johnny Garcia  1 days back

                                                                                                  69 is gonna end up working in target

                                                                                                  • J Madd
                                                                                                    J Madd  1 days back

                                                                                                    Johnny Garcia naw.... WalMart greeter