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  • The Herd with Colin Cowherd

    How many games will the Packers win this year?

    • Hshe Whenehs
      Hshe Whenehs  3 weeks back

      Packers gonna lose that division bears will win but u r right Trubisky is hell’a limited but they’re gonna win cause of that defense and the run game and cowherd ur a bs analyst last year you were like I believe in Mitch lmao 😂 if Mahomes starts playing bad he will be like I knew Mahomes wasn’t anything good lmao just like any other bandwagon

    • Jacob David
      Jacob David  4 weeks back

      Matt S we ain’t losing to the eagles prime time in Lambeau.

    • Jacob David
      Jacob David  4 weeks back


    • Payton Axtell
      Payton Axtell  4 weeks back


  • Hector Fallad
    Hector Fallad  3 weeks back

    Packers defense is better than the bears ??? Someone is on drugs

    • Chris Bakas
      Chris Bakas  4 weeks back

      Like I said in another video. Worst quarterback in the NFL next to Kirk Cousins.

      • BOB WADAS
        BOB WADAS  4 weeks back

        Scramblers dont win superbowls, Vick, Cunningham, RGIII ect....Patient pocket passer who know not to scamble to early make headlines, get yards wing regular season games. Last year Trebesky proved he can run, now he is showing his courage to trust pocet for 2.7- 3.second, before trying to escape. This is new to him and seems to have the mental toughness to wait, to take responsibility ( when its really the receiver not geeting open quick enough). Now Trebesky needs to be concentrating on throwing on the correct foot when he passes on a scamble. In 3 years we wont hear about Mahone, Watson...the defenses will figure out how much presuure and time it takes for them to run and shut them down. The prressure test he faced with 9 seconds left against Broncos gave him an a+. If it was Cutler, it would have been thrown right to the other team. Trebesky has shown his toughness when it comes to a last drive must score oddity for the bears.

        • ghostzeke14
          ghostzeke14  4 weeks back

          Trubisky is best when he runs around, LET HIM, if he gets hurt, so what!!

          • eric allred
            eric allred  4 weeks back

            Year 3? nah. It's year 2. A half season under John Fox doesn't count you bogus pundit.

            • Sean Davidson
              Sean Davidson  4 weeks back

              Goff didn’t outplay mahomes, rams just had a better defense that helped goff get that win. mahomes and the chief’s offense almost single-handedly won the game, just like they always have to.

              • Payton Axtell
                Payton Axtell  4 weeks back

                Trubearsky will throw 7 TDs and 400+ yards in week 4

                • Kejuan Marquis
                  Kejuan Marquis  4 weeks back

                  12-4 last season though.

                  • aaagggmmmsss
                    aaagggmmmsss  1 months back

                    Daniel Jones ?

                    • Lawrence Grott
                      Lawrence Grott  1 months back

                      The Herd is completely limited by colin cowherd.

                      • Chitown4L
                        Chitown4L  1 months back

                        Sports talk shows are "completely limited" by Colin Cowherd.

                        • Chief Daley
                          Chief Daley  4 weeks back

                          If he actally watched the game and then broke down tape he would see Trubisky didnt even play that bad but was killed by penaltys playcalls and the fact that Green bay's defence played great as much as i hate to admit it.

                      • Ronald Fields
                        Ronald Fields  1 months back

                        After last year's repulsive cheating in the playoffs#nfl never again..phoney POS

                        • Bernard Moore
                          Bernard Moore  1 months back

                          One bad game

                          • Kyle O'Bryan
                            Kyle O'Bryan  1 months back

                            Colin Cowherd's brain is painfully limited. Nagy had more to do with the loss than Mitch.

                            • Rick Allen
                              Rick Allen  1 months back

                              What was the phone call after Goff's Super Bowl? He had worse statistics than Trubinski's Green Bay game.

                              What was the phone call after Goff's 2018 Bears game with a quarterback rating of 19?

                              • Nick Guenther
                                Nick Guenther  1 months back

                                Such a hot take by Colin. Overreaction... Trubisky is still auditioning, all 2019... if he's a dud then right after week 17 decisions will be made. I see Mitch being a level below Russ. That's good enough to win division titles, especially with this D.

                                • v Playmakin
                                  v Playmakin  1 months back

                                  its 1 game lmao🤦🏽‍♂️

                                  • Allen Furlan
                                    Allen Furlan  1 months back

                                    Trubisky is fine! Nagy is scared to kick and has Trubisky freaked out. He has to
                                    Change! Btw, how does the complex offense work out for Andy Reid? Would rather win one Super Bowl than 20 playoff games........and o- line needs to block! News to all these geniuses- the team that blocks and tackles better with no turnovers wins...

                                    • Zevahc J
                                      Zevahc J  1 months back

                                      Montgomery is the answer to that offense.

                                      • Tom DeFranco
                                        Tom DeFranco  1 months back

                                        You have some facts wrong. First, Trubisky was here before Nagy got here, so it's Trubisky's SECOND year in Nagy's system. Second, not all of the Bears' woes were Mitch Trubisky's fault. The Bears' O-line was a sieve. Five sacks!!

                                        Trubisky is still an unfinished product, probably never a Rodgers or Brady, but he also threw six TDs against the Bucs last year. And Goff, as well as he did against KC, looked like a kid who wet his bed when the Rams played the Bears under the lights.

                                        The Bears also beat Rodgers and the Pack last year.

                                        FWIW, the Bears - until recently - have historically, for whatever reason, eschewed the QB position. I also thought that Trubisky was the wrong choice, but the jury is still out on him, except for the national sports media who, I believe is premature in burying Trubisky and the Bears.

                                        And now, here's the reason you're premature - the young man has only played 18 games in Matt Nagy's offense.

                                        • Knock Out
                                          Knock Out  1 months back

                                          Bears are like Blazers; do something little every 4-5 years. And both franchises’ fans love it.

                                          • Brian Hum
                                            Brian Hum  1 months back

                                            Traded up to pass on Mahomes AND Watson. Ryan Pace staked his job on that move so he better lose it at some point because there's what, a less than 5% chance he has a better career than Mahomes or Watson, let alone both.

                                            The need for defense is also a good point and I worry whether KC or Houston will ever put together a good enough defense for them to win a Super Bowl because yea, you still need defense to win it all.

                                            • eddieMK7
                                              eddieMK7  1 months back

                                              Trubisky sucks, he is most definitely not a franchise QB, maybe a 3rd string at best. Nagy sucks too, terrible play calling. He will only be able to take the heat for trubisky for so long before he blames him. He was a huge mistake, Mahomes and Watson are 100xs better.

                                              • Trevon Sykes
                                                Trevon Sykes  1 months back


                                                For all the people blaming Mitch. Watch this video. WATCH THE TAPE. STOP LISTENING TO THIS IDIOT. HE DOESN'T WATCH THE GAMES

                                                • The Jew Makes the save
                                                  The Jew Makes the save  1 months back

                                                  Trubisky sucked. Worse...Matt Nagy's play calling was pathetic

                                                  • MItch Czaplicki
                                                    MItch Czaplicki  1 months back

                                                    Yes, the packers defense is better this year. But it was more trubisky crapping the bed, then the packers playing top 5 defense. But we'll see.

                                                    • Landó Orlando
                                                      Landó Orlando  1 months back

                                                      Yeah remember when he was clowned for being picked by the Bears?

                                                      This was extremely predictable

                                                      • Keith Luckett
                                                        Keith Luckett  1 months back

                                                        its one game lol!!! colin your an idiot Trubisky will bounce back and the Bears will win the North again!! book it! over reaction tues my god!!!! just like last year lol colin is an idiot

                                                        • robertoamarillas
                                                          robertoamarillas  1 months back

                                                          The fact is this, Bears made a racist pick with Trubisky, Watson and Mahomes had star potential written all over, and they went for the mediocre white boy, game manager, to be the poster boy of the team..

                                                        • Excalibur Stoneheart
                                                          Excalibur Stoneheart  1 months back

                                                          I don't know if I want to cry or yell out loud, etc for my Bears.

                                                          • Metal Steel
                                                            Metal Steel  1 months back

                                                            to be fair, he says that about the packers every year. Also, they're only 2 injuries away from being the worse defense in the NFL.

                                                            • Marely Palomera
                                                              Marely Palomera  1 months back

                                                              Yeah keep your mouth shut about Lamar Jackson 😂 you remember talking down on him ? 😂😂🤔🤔

                                                              • CodeByNight
                                                                CodeByNight  1 months back

                                                                Mitch Grossman Here...

                                                                • M P
                                                                  M P  1 months back

                                                                  I don’t like this cowherd guy

                                                                  • Tom S
                                                                    Tom S  1 months back

                                                                    Your previous Trubisky predictions were completely wrong.

                                                                    • googly moogly
                                                                      googly moogly  1 months back

                                                                      I think he's got it a bit wrong. Mitch isnt that bad. Nagy is a genius coordinator, but not the best play caller. They could do more to keep the defense honest by utilizing their running backs more, allowing the pass game to open a bit more. Nagy was constantly going to the pass game in situations they should have definitely ran, even with 5 d-backs, and the packers sniffed it out every time. Trubisky made some bad throws yes, but with some better play calling, trubisky and the whole offense wouldn't have looked so abysmal.

                                                                      • Madison One
                                                                        Madison One  1 months back

                                                                        Most teams won’t have Bears level defense either & that gives Aaron Rodgers advantage too

                                                                        • Kyle Mulkey
                                                                          Kyle Mulkey  1 months back

                                                                          Nope best game was chiefs vs seahawks.

                                                                          • Skinny balding manlet
                                                                            Skinny balding manlet  1 months back

                                                                            Nah Money Mitch is actually good. He just needs to stop tilting and have fun. I don’t like how the environment around our QBs is always full of pressure and negativity. Show the man some support!

                                                                            • J W
                                                                              J W  1 months back

                                                                              Nailed it on Trubisky.

                                                                              • deon harris
                                                                                deon harris  1 months back

                                                                                and nagy had some bad play calling i think that coach of the year went to his head

                                                                                • deon harris
                                                                                  deon harris  1 months back

                                                                                  i hate colin but he is half right mitch aint terrible he was just rusty didnt play any preseason games he will be better but i wouldnt pay him or extend him and nagy didnt draft him fox and pace did and fox didnt even want trubisky pace fell in love with him i dont know what they gonna do now and they say mitch cant throw to his left how did you not know that did pace work him out got dam

                                                                                  • Kyle Runkle
                                                                                    Kyle Runkle  1 months back

                                                                                    You talk about goff and the rams and they did nothing to us last year. Also did you watch the game? Trubisky didn’t play well but Nagy was far from brilliant that game

                                                                                    • Josh Slinkard
                                                                                      Josh Slinkard  1 months back

                                                                                      It’s Week 1. Calm down.

                                                                                      • Dustin
                                                                                        Dustin  1 months back

                                                                                        Hey Colin now how about you do a video about how limited the browns are with Baker now...

                                                                                        • W F
                                                                                          W F  1 months back

                                                                                          The Bears embarrassing loss to the Packers is the fault of one man, Matt Nagy. The Bears organization picked Trubisky and that is the guy they are going to have to deal with for many years to come. He is not a pocket qb. His talent is scrambling and throwing the ball long on the run, not in the weak Bears offensive line produced pocket. The protection afforded him by the offensive line was horrible. Nagy's play calling was very bad. Not using D. Montgomery as their prime running back was stupid. Limiting his touches was stupid. The two guys they got in the offseason are not nearly as good as Montgomery and should be used to give the kid a breather not take away his touches. Last year Nagy was brilliant, this year he has been terrible.

                                                                                          • Sarin VX
                                                                                            Sarin VX  1 months back

                                                                                            what about the great Arron Rodgers only scoring 10 points, nobody talks about that.