Oney Lorcan narrowly escapes Drew Gulak’s Gulock: SummerSlam Kickoff 2019 (WWE Network Exclusive)


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  • GOHunter Official
    GOHunter Official  1 weeks back

    1:01 I heard Drew Gulak saying Submission

    • Wrestle Shrine
      Wrestle Shrine  1 weeks back

      These guys are epic...Gulak's gear is awesome

      • 周嶝錦
        周嶝錦  1 weeks back

        E:Ugh᠁Oney Lorcan᠁

        • - RitZ -
          - RitZ -  1 weeks back

          They should move the 205 ppv matches to NXT Takeovers

          • Λινα Παπαδακου

            Give more time to Cruserweight tittle matches

            • Diego Pok
              Diego Pok  2 weeks back

              Okey Lorcan is gold

              • Legend Gotta Catch Em All


                • Mr. Dog
                  Mr. Dog  2 weeks back

                  This wrestling style that Drew Gulak brings to the table is why he is Cruiserweight champion. Sure, it only took him three years to win it, but you can’t deny that his wrestling abilities have evolved since.

                  • iconic boy831
                    iconic boy831  2 weeks back

                    Oney lorcan should've won

                    • kingslayer Pierre
                      kingslayer Pierre  2 weeks back

                      i thought i heard kermit the frog

                      • Marc Ortega
                        Marc Ortega  2 weeks back

                        Awesome match to watch...🤘🤘👍👍

                        • Kai the danger Patterson

                          Edge returns to summerslam I’m so excited 😆

                          • Eagle D. Kōzui
                            Eagle D. Kōzui  2 weeks back

                            Maybe is time to build a new *Catch Point* on 205 LIVE under Gulak's leadership.

                            • Krypanzer
                              Krypanzer  2 weeks back

                              Everyone, make fun out of Oney Lorcan's Finger

                              • JRA Tu Amigo
                                JRA Tu Amigo  2 weeks back

                                Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch future NXT UK Tag-Team Champions or NXT Tag-Team Champions.

                                • Sierra Vortec
                                  Sierra Vortec  2 weeks back

                                  Decent match, I like Drew as cruiserweight champion

                                  • andreus torres
                                    andreus torres  2 weeks back

                                    -8 minutes! This is the match I was looking forward to the most and 8 minutes 🤦‍♂️ it just started to get going

                                    • Lauren W.
                                      Lauren W.  2 weeks back

                                      *Oney my Boston Boi deserves a championship run!*

                                      • Mr. Hamilton
                                        Mr. Hamilton  2 weeks back

                                        1:15 we definitely wont have a new champ if he taps

                                      • Michael Speer
                                        Michael Speer  2 weeks back

                                        we all know the real thing that was only good tonight so far has been Edge and really they haven't even sold Hell in a Cell out yet and that 😂is bad real bad and that's how you know WWE has wentdown

                                        • swag lad
                                          swag lad  2 weeks back

                                          Hell in a cell isn't for months why would it be sold out noe

                                      • NSD GINGER
                                        NSD GINGER  2 weeks back

                                        Did anyone else hear him say submission then get put In a submission hold at 1:01

                                      • PaulPlaysMinecraft
                                        PaulPlaysMinecraft  2 weeks back

                                        Lorcan like a mini cesaro

                                        • J_esson !!!
                                          J_esson !!!  2 weeks back

                                          Yt acting stupid again 3 views and 18 commentd

                                          • Igor180
                                            Igor180  2 weeks back

                                            It was very likely that Drew would retain the title so I'm not surprised that he won, but I don't mind cause I love Gulak😁👌💝

                                            • Frans0317
                                              Frans0317  2 weeks back

                                              Hoe nep is dit :D whuahahaha

                                              • Walid Star
                                                Walid Star  2 weeks back

                                                I see them in the ring

                                                • Fog Dog
                                                  Fog Dog  2 weeks back

                                                  Walid Star their not invisible

                                              • Seth Freakin Rollins Fanclub

                                                I swear if they were given more time, they could easily show that Cruserweight title matches are worthy of being on the main card.

                                                • Remember Me Guys
                                                  Remember Me Guys  1 weeks back

                                                  @Seth Freakin Rollins Fanclub hey beggar you are everywhere..

                                                • Emiliano Carbajal
                                                  Emiliano Carbajal  2 weeks back

                                                  Seth Freakin Rollins Fanclub I think it’s great!Just gonna need some time to get used to it.

                                                • Seth Freakin Rollins Fanclub
                                                  Seth Freakin Rollins Fanclub  2 weeks back

                                                  @Emiliano Carbajal I explain why I changed my profile picture on my latest community post.

                                                • Seth Freakin Rollins Fanclub
                                                  Seth Freakin Rollins Fanclub  2 weeks back

                                                  @Emiliano Carbajal Lol yeah. Do you like it?

                                                • Emiliano Carbajal
                                                  Emiliano Carbajal  2 weeks back

                                                  Wow you changed your profile pic and I didn’t notice you😂

                                              • Walid Star
                                                Walid Star  2 weeks back

                                                Please im in there

                                                • Bogdan cbm
                                                  Bogdan cbm  2 weeks back


                                                  • High lights Pros
                                                    High lights Pros  2 weeks back

                                                    This was better than Dolph ziggler vs Goldberg

                                                    • Mello classical
                                                      Mello classical  2 weeks back

                                                      Gulak is hurt

                                                      • Chandresh Prasad
                                                        Chandresh Prasad  2 weeks back

                                                        Hii wwe universe i am big fan of wwe

                                                        • Ashton Kale
                                                          Ashton Kale  2 weeks back

                                                          8th comment

                                                          • Guransh Dhugga
                                                            Guransh Dhugga  2 weeks back

                                                            This was good but felt like they needed more time

                                                            • Samurai Isaac
                                                              Samurai Isaac  2 weeks back


                                                              • Ramiro Timón
                                                                Ramiro Timón  2 weeks back


                                                                • Its_th.24 Me
                                                                  Its_th.24 Me  2 weeks back

                                                                  First comment

                                                                  • Vishu fitness
                                                                    Vishu fitness  2 weeks back


                                                                    • AdeL BM
                                                                      AdeL BM  2 weeks back

                                                                      1 er Et 1 er CommenTaire

                                                                      • BandNerd23
                                                                        BandNerd23  2 weeks back

                                                                        no u

                                                                        • Ben Dover
                                                                          Ben Dover  2 weeks back