Game Grumps Catch-Up compilation for new and old Lovelies (Part 1 of 2)


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  • Roondar
    Roondar  8 months back

    Well now I know what I'm doing with my next 9 hours

    • Good Guy Player2
      Good Guy Player2  8 months back

      Who's gonna be the brave soul that does the timestamp for this?

      • ThatAsianGuy
        ThatAsianGuy  8 months back

        9 hours ....and I remember every clip...I need help

        • Richard Panak
          Richard Panak  8 months back

          THX lol

          • Percival Keydragon
            Percival Keydragon  8 months back

            Thank you for this early Christmas gift

            • Pheadra Remington
              Pheadra Remington  8 months back

              The fact that there are two makes my heart so happy! Merry Christmas indeed!

              • Gara Doolah
                Gara Doolah  8 months back

                What playthrough is 0:28 from?

              • Dragonfire11111111
                Dragonfire11111111  8 months back

                I love Barry. I miss him :[

                • Fraud Howard
                  Fraud Howard  8 months back

                  I love these clips but I can't I can't ever watch a full episode, they are just so short and boring

                  • Cottonbears
                    Cottonbears  8 months back

                    Im a semi-old grump fan but hooooly FUCK ive never heard the first joke about sheep MAN that was FUCKED

                    • Austin Cowles
                      Austin Cowles  8 months back

                      *Still* waiting on that capybara Pokémon.

                      • FlutterSimZ _
                        FlutterSimZ _  8 months back

                        another one for the sleepy time junction grumps playlist 'u'

                        • Abby Reese
                          Abby Reese  8 months back

                          god I love all of these compilations

                          • Woombath
                            Woombath  8 months back

                            10 hours, give me a break

                            • my name is chef
                              my name is chef  8 months back

                              Oh my fucking god
                              Thank you

                              • Brix Zigelstein
                                Brix Zigelstein  8 months back

                                I like how everyone yet has commented on something within the first Hour like 6:26:26

                                • ugne tt
                                  ugne tt  8 months back

                                  u made my day, thank you for this 💕

                                  • DerÖsiFlo
                                    DerÖsiFlo  8 months back

                                    Also the JO crystal guy that looks like Brian at 10:05

                                    • DerÖsiFlo
                                      DerÖsiFlo  8 months back

                                      7:24 one of my favorite scenes. *eat your oatmeal*

                                      • MacKenzi Lynn
                                        MacKenzi Lynn  8 months back

                                        10 hours of game grumps????? sign me THE FUCK up

                                        • A LITTLE PISTOL PRODUCTIONS

                                          Fuck yeah game grumps compilation

                                          • IndieLobster
                                            IndieLobster  8 months back

                                            I’m gonna tweet Obama this video so he can catch up more easily c:

                                          • Lizzi Huskey
                                            Lizzi Huskey  8 months back

                                            47:25 does this count as guest grumps?

                                            • God Almighty
                                              God Almighty  8 months back

                                              I can't believe I've been such a fan for so long that I remember watching every single clip when they first were uploaded..

                                              • blake roberson
                                                blake roberson  8 months back

                                                Holy shit bro ive been sent from the committee, heres your award for most subtle self dick suck of 2018. 🏆

                                            • Gamewolf Games
                                              Gamewolf Games  8 months back

                                              If you are part Jew, does that make you Jew-ish?

                                              • Herbivore The Carnivore
                                                Herbivore The Carnivore  8 months back

                                                > catch-up
                                                > 9 and a half hours

                                                • GLLch
                                                  GLLch  8 months back

                                                  > part one

                                                • Cottonbears
                                                  Cottonbears  8 months back

                                                  Herbivore The Carnivore >part 1 of 2

                                              • Chugg
                                                Chugg  8 months back

                                                9 fucking hours

                                                • Darkrynblade
                                                  Darkrynblade  8 months back

                                                  A nice background video on a chill Christmas-eve-eve day in. Ty!

                                                  • Bakubread
                                                    Bakubread  8 months back

                                                    well, i found out how i'm spending my christmas eve

                                                    • Meai B&S
                                                      Meai B&S  8 months back

                                                      Yeeesssss!!!!! I'm so god damn happy for these mega long Game Grump Compilations!

                                                      • Nathaniel Hamby
                                                        Nathaniel Hamby  8 months back

                                                        9 hours of Gamus Grumpus? Yes please ;,)

                                                        • That Rabbit
                                                          That Rabbit  8 months back

                                                          Part 1 of 2, so there is more to come.....

                                                      • Matt339 Zason
                                                        Matt339 Zason  8 months back