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  • SuperDan
    SuperDan   3 months back

    0:28 the truth (*-*) lol I mean this was pretty much a given, but I guess its nice to get a confirmation <3 PS5 HYPE!!!

    • Hitanshu S
      Hitanshu S  3 months back


    • GamerMan
      GamerMan  3 months back

      SuperDan did u subscribe to my channel watch my video k

  • V2
    V2  1 weeks back

    Thanks I’m not gonna wish for a ps pro for Christmas now. Since the PlayStation 5 is coming in 2020. And I really need it have a very old normal PlayStation 4. But I’m gonna wait for PlayStation 5 hope my PlayStation 4 is gonna be alive till PlayStation 5. And thank you for the information.

    • Ricky Royce
      Ricky Royce  2 weeks back

      This isn’t a release date, it’s a release window. I’ll know better than to get my news from a prepubescent boy next time

      • Northlane darko
        Northlane darko  2 weeks back

        Yeah but then it will be the vanilla for 800 . And have 4 or 5 games that are new for it and heaps that ate ps4 games done again for ps5 . So ill wait till theres lits of games unless thetes a massive diffetence in consoles as late ps3 to early ps4 tbete wasnt much .

        • SoY_Lemon4-20 _
          SoY_Lemon4-20 _  2 weeks back

          Spent half the vid sayibg to sub to channel😑😑😑

        • Fluid
          Fluid  2 weeks back

          How much do you think it is gonna be i was thinking about finally buying a ps4 but a ps5...i might wait another year

          • Fluid
            Fluid  2 weeks back

            @SuperDan oh ok thanks i will probably have enough until next year

          • SuperDan
            SuperDan   2 weeks back

            most liekly about $500

        • unboxing
          unboxing  2 weeks back

          ps5 is expensive $1,299

        • 18WheelinEagle
          18WheelinEagle  2 weeks back

          Would my XB1 be worth anything as a trade-in or no?

          • Anthony Ferraez X
            Anthony Ferraez X  2 weeks back

            Go to best buy gamestop is a scam with trading

          • SuperDan
            SuperDan   2 weeks back

            If gamestop stays open ya <3

        • Stameteam
          Stameteam  2 weeks back

          The sad is that the time is going and then i get 18 i will have too much work for playing video games, crying! ;(

        • - NjjX
          - NjjX  2 weeks back

          Ps5 should keep up with my 5700xt

        • anime fanner
          anime fanner  3 weeks back

          Im not buying a ps5 i just bought a ps4 from 2018 christmas noway im buying a ps5

        • J.T Megaverse
          J.T Megaverse  3 weeks back

          Alright then time to put money away for this joint as long as i can play/port my ps4 games on my ps5

        • Crazy kid
          Crazy kid  3 weeks back

          I will miss ps4

          • lc0806
            lc0806  1 weeks back

            Ps5 is backwards compatibility so you will still have it

        • bud king
          bud king  3 weeks back

          Stop this fack news

        • shivansh verma
          shivansh verma  3 weeks back

          They should give an exchange for the previous play station .......

          • Viktor Mladenov
            Viktor Mladenov  4 weeks back

            Lel dat voise

            • Cow6oysfan21
              Cow6oysfan21  4 weeks back

              Can't wait to get the PS5 but I'm going to wait for the PS5 Slim day one consoles always have problems

            • Carlos Outlaw
              Carlos Outlaw  4 weeks back

              That's perfect timing. Just sold me ps4 pro just for this. Time for saving cash......

            • Isaiah Israel
              Isaiah Israel  1 months back

              It ain’t dropping until 2021

            • bud king
              bud king  1 months back

              Sony has just debunked this release date and has stated publicly that their will not be a ps5 till Christmas 2021

              • SuperDan
                SuperDan   1 months back

                Ill listen to the 100's of other articles over 1 person on youtube..... lol

            • Manuel Mena
              Manuel Mena  1 months back


            • Drogon 298
              Drogon 298  1 months back


              • Chandu Chandu
                Chandu Chandu  1 months back

                Wow... I was just planning to buy ps4 pro after my exams (cuz of spider-man) but damn ps5 is gonna get released next year😪

              • Elias
                Elias  1 months back

                But how much though.....

                • RaulForLife
                  RaulForLife  1 months back

                  LET'S GOOO

                • john black
                  john black  1 months back

                  Gameboy advanced sp FOR LIFE.

                  • SuperDan
                    SuperDan   1 months back

                    SNES For life for me :) lol

                • AleXiz Luna
                  AleXiz Luna  1 months back

                  I got a feeling it's going to be release in July or November.

                  • OmgItzRoyal
                    OmgItzRoyal  4 weeks back

                    AleXiz Luna true

                  • AleXiz Luna
                    AleXiz Luna  4 weeks back

                    @OmgItzRoyal Then there will be tons of people causing chaos trying to buy it. It's smart to release it in July or Sept so people have a chance to buy it.

                  • OmgItzRoyal
                    OmgItzRoyal  4 weeks back

                    AleXiz Luna better if it was November for Black Friday

                  • SuperDan
                    SuperDan   1 months back


                • gmblolxd
                  gmblolxd  1 months back

                  I will save some money

                • Jason
                  Jason  1 months back

                  So I more year for the ps5 to get release right?

                • Rashed Assaf
                  Rashed Assaf  1 months back

                  Lol i just bout a ps4 pro in 2017 im not ganna buy a ps5 XD

                • Gaming_Time
                  Gaming_Time  2 months back

                  Fake news

                • Indian noob mobile player

                  Fake hai

                  • - INJUSTICE -
                    - INJUSTICE -  2 months back

                    They will launch it around probably xbox launch like always

                  • Coolkid02100
                    Coolkid02100  2 months back

                    I will just mark it on my calendar as 2021 release 🤓

                    • EverythingIsDaft
                      EverythingIsDaft  2 months back


                      • ΒΑΣΙΛΗΣ ΘΕΟΔΩΡΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ

                        Imagine ps5 to have adds💀💀

                      • Veqmn
                        Veqmn  2 months back

                        Love da Work bruv

                      • SSGSSBROLY
                        SSGSSBROLY  2 months back

                        why does your head look so huge🤣🤣

                        • SSGSSBROLY
                          SSGSSBROLY  2 months back

                          SuperDan wasnt trying to disrespect you.i love your content

                          thats why i said why does it (look)huge?

                          and not (why is it huge)

                          1:is a question base on how it apears in a video

                          2:the other is a statement saying its actuly big.

                        • SuperDan
                          SuperDan   2 months back

                          because it is huge..... apparently you are perfect?

                      • rico_ gaming317
                        rico_ gaming317  2 months back


                        • KoPe Bon
                          KoPe Bon  2 months back

                          Would u still have pay to play online

                          • SuperDan
                            SuperDan   2 months back

                            TBH it was leaked PS Plus will be free on PS5, but thats a rumor so idk

                        • King Lambert612
                          King Lambert612  2 months back

                          I wonder how much this shit is gonna cost

                          • King Lambert612
                            King Lambert612  2 months back

                            SuperDan will this support backwards compatibility from ps1 to ps3???

                          • SuperDan
                            SuperDan   2 months back

                            Most likely $500.... $600 max, but I dont think sony will release it at an unappealing price becauses they already said people will love the cost of it :)

                        • Iconic_Philosopher
                          Iconic_Philosopher  2 months back

                          I think the PS5 is gonna be sony most dominant console of any gen....mark my words

                          • Iconic_Philosopher
                            Iconic_Philosopher  2 months back

                            @Joke Hammer yea that would be sweet....virtal chat would be awesome just imagine it being someting like facetime but you can do it with multiple ppl online at once

                          • Joke Hammer
                            Joke Hammer  2 months back

                            I hope ps5 adds. VR chat with vr headset

                          • SuperDan
                            SuperDan   2 months back

                            haha :)

                        • Daniel Bia
                          Daniel Bia  2 months back


                          Sad that the PS5 will not be fully backwards compatible with legacy consoles.

                          • David Hinkle
                            David Hinkle  4 days back

                            @SuperDan it's completely impossible for the ps5 to be fully backwards compatible

                          • SuperDan
                            SuperDan   2 months back

                            Ya Im hoping they announce it eventually.... would be so awesome <3

                        • Liz phillip gamer
                          Liz phillip gamer  2 months back

                          Damn I’m getting a PS4 on my birthday in 2 months and now the ps5 is coming out next year I definitely need to save money for this

                          • Jeff Boy
                            Jeff Boy  2 weeks back

                            @Aqua Overflow, yup, but it will be worth waiting for the ps5 pro after buying a ps4 pro now. By that time, some ps5 exclusives might be released.

                          • Aqua Overflow
                            Aqua Overflow  1 months back

                            Soviet Wombat backwards compatibility means that the ps5 will be able to use all ps4 games too

                          • Soviet Wombat
                            Soviet Wombat  2 months back

                            Liz phillip gamer Their are alot of cool games on ps4 that will probbaly not be available on the ps5.

                          • SuperDan
                            SuperDan   2 months back

                            rip :(

                        • ProGamer
                          ProGamer  2 months back

                          PS5, PS5 Pro,PS5 Slim 🤔

                        • FOGGY #7 RACING
                          FOGGY #7 RACING  2 months back

                          Single Player is good on PS4. Get online with Multiplayer lobbys, its the Cheap Client off loading servers which can be a terrible experience, and has totally let the PS4 down. If they sort the poor servers out & Poor Outdated PSN. I might consider the PS5, as most my gaming is online.. 👍✌HYPE !

                        • Eric Meiring
                          Eric Meiring  2 months back

                          I'm calling march 3rd...why.....because final fantasy 7 remake releases that of right now it a timed exclusive...ps5 being fully backwards compatible with a enhanced ff7 remake would push sale on day one.

                        • aolvera 21 lol esskeetit
                          aolvera 21 lol esskeetit  2 months back

                          can i still get a heart even tho i just found this vid ¿ :) lol