Is Game Grumps Dead?

  • Published: 02 August 2019
  • Figuring this out as we go!

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    Game Grumps are:
    Arin ►
    Danny ►

    #TheGrumps #Comedy #GameGrumps

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    We have NEW MERCH every FRIDAY!

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    Game Grumps are:
    Arin ►
    Danny ►

    #TheGrumps #Fans #Interview #TalkShow #Feet
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  • The Grumps
    The Grumps   3 weeks back

    UPDATE: We'll be pinning all the fan works we look at RIGHT HERE in the comments after every episode!

    Fan Works From This Episode:
    1) R/SoapCarvingOrWhatever -
    2) “I tried my yeast” GIF by u/TheFluffx -
    3) In Your Halo remix by Em-One -
    4) Mario Maker 2 Contest -
    5) Meme by Asmion -
    6) New Subscriber alert!! by NatMarie49 -
    7) 10 Minute Power Hour Bingo by OldSwifty -

    • Matthew Clark
      Matthew Clark  2 weeks back

      Hey, you know what you could do to up the amount of content on your channel? What if you stuff for the other people that work with the game grumps thing? I always like seeing Ross and all them in guest grumps and game grumps vs, I think I'd be cool to see them do irl stuff too! (P.S. Also I think you guys should play D&D at least once)

    • Makenna Murphy
      Makenna Murphy  2 weeks back

      It'd look like pointillism. *:D* They have a lot of love.

    • JaByZki
      JaByZki  2 weeks back

      It's understandable that PW has been a lot of work, since it's also been a recent highlight in content on GG channel. You two are such perfect fit for the game, style and voices! If you do all 3 games eventually then we are living in the best timeline.

    • Baba Yaga
      Baba Yaga  2 weeks back

      You should do a Gaki no Tsukai inspired batsu game. Like the 24 hour tag, or perhaps something smaller like a kiki challenge with a bunch of the bois to start off.

    • ButtMonkey 2037
      ButtMonkey 2037  2 weeks back

      I don't know about you guys, but I'd love to see table flip make a comeback.

  • Its my opinion
    Its my opinion  4 hours back

    I love watching them play horror games. Must be honest: love your terrified reactions >:)

    • Technave ;
      Technave ;  6 hours back

      I love dans shirt, but unfortunatly I have to keep my dignity about me. If only everyone was into anime and big boobs ,_ ,

      • Quaaben Quaaben
        Quaaben Quaaben  21 hours back

        I love you guys

        • Gabriel Romero
          Gabriel Romero  1 days back


          • Gamers In Hell
            Gamers In Hell  1 days back

            Bring back Burgie.

            • Lovella Jordan
              Lovella Jordan  1 days back

              Open fan mail🚨

              • Darth Citharae
                Darth Citharae  1 days back


                • Cody
                  Cody  1 days back

                  I think it makes sense to have the gaming stuff on one and the non gaming videos on the other

                  • Adrian Haro
                    Adrian Haro  2 days back

                    You guys are like watching your greedy rich friend and doesn't want to share or at least play a game that you want to see tbh.

                    • Tyler Sanders
                      Tyler Sanders  2 days back

                      Even having seen your gorgeous faces so much since power hour started, it still throws me off at times.

                      • TheRiverAnduin
                        TheRiverAnduin  2 days back

                        the algorithm is not the problem you are. You are not funny, you make up stupid IRL stories to share because you cannot comment on a video games you are actively playing. RIP since Jon left.

                        • MadGod47
                          MadGod47  3 days back

                          Arin always looks like he's being Deep Faked to me for some reason

                          • SsnakeBite
                            SsnakeBite  3 days back

                            Hey, don't feel bad about admitting the algorithms are part of the reason you started the channel. The honesty is appreciated. I certainly prefer that you be upfront about it rather than awkwardly dance around it when there's really no reason to hide it, and it helps us understand why some choices are being made (not just by you but other channels as well). Plus I really can't blame anyone for doing what they gotta do, because Lord knows YouTube loves to randomly change their algorithms and policies as much as they love not telling their partners about it or explaining the new rules, no matter how big the channel is.

                            • Kevin Jay
                              Kevin Jay  3 days back

                              This needs a lot more editing

                              • Brandin Lewis
                                Brandin Lewis  3 days back

                                Love the new channels concept. The way recommendations and notifications work on YT can be infuriating and having a separate channel with a different model to be a second spear head should work great. Also will make it much easier for us to find specific content. "Do I want to watch mom simulator" go to GG. Do I want to have a more mellow and personable content outlet to watch. I can come here. Keep up the great work. Love you guys.

                                • tspeiro
                                  tspeiro  3 days back

                                  Not gonna lie, Em-One is one of the reasons I stopped making GG remixes, because he is soo good! Glad to see him get featured on here and that he's still rocking remixes ♡

                                  • Miz Lauren Alexis
                                    Miz Lauren Alexis  3 days back

                                    TF is SINIC!? I mean...Sonic *IS* a sin...but...

                                    • Daddy Deku
                                      Daddy Deku  3 days back

                                      When either Game Grumps or one of its members dies, a little part of me is going to die too.
                                      I always forget Danny is older than Arin, and when I remember, I get sad because I know it means I'll know him for less time. But that means we gotta appreciate him and the other grumps all the more, even if that just means giggling at their stupid ass jokes :)

                                      • A Mullan
                                        A Mullan  3 days back

                                        "Pretty _CUTTING_ too. I don't know why they had to get _SOAP_-ersonal."

                                        • NIGHTMARE 999 4
                                          NIGHTMARE 999 4  4 days back

                                          I wish one of the bingo spits was just arin's impression of Mike Tyson

                                          • NIGHTMARE 999 4
                                            NIGHTMARE 999 4  4 days back

                                            Arin and Dan probably had the first bet talk ever when they met and both became on game grumps on that one video they did a let's play on

                                            • Space Moth
                                              Space Moth  4 days back

                                              Tucker got called out lmao

                                              • velvaet e
                                                velvaet e  4 days back

                                                this video: "is game grumps dead?"
                                                everyone: *_"nO."_*

                                                • Leopardkuno47
                                                  Leopardkuno47  4 days back

                                                  Arins explanation of Jason derulo is spot on

                                                  • sarah Harris with love

                                                    I still really love gamegrumps lol

                                                    • BeigeKiwi
                                                      BeigeKiwi  4 days back


                                                      • LiL blOx
                                                        LiL blOx  5 days back


                                                        • TJ123Hedgehog
                                                          TJ123Hedgehog  5 days back

                                                          Why not make a show about answering fan mail and questions. Call it GGC Game Grumps Chat or GGT Game Grumps Talk.
                                                          Using the same set here and it would not be any effort to make much. :DDD

                                                          • Jesse Nelson
                                                            Jesse Nelson  5 days back

                                                            Exciting new content for arins wiki feet

                                                            • _ askdaxbox _
                                                              _ askdaxbox _  5 days back

                                                              5:17 "sinic" wut?

                                                              • William Browns, Jr.
                                                                William Browns, Jr.  5 days back

                                                                Arnold: Thanks for coming, I hope you like it
                                                                Me: No ArNoLd, I dOnT lIkE iT aT aLl, I LOVE IT, YOU BIG DUMB

                                                                -Love you guys

                                                                • Ryaplayer of Doom
                                                                  Ryaplayer of Doom  6 days back

                                                                  Arin is non-stop smiling.

                                                                  • Aids Etc.
                                                                    Aids Etc.  6 days back

                                                                    The rumor come out: Does Game Grumps is Dead?

                                                                    • Jassir Rivera
                                                                      Jassir Rivera  6 days back

                                                                      I don’t know why, but I will never forget a story Dan once told where he talked about not knowing who Jason “Deruno” is

                                                                      • The Mecca
                                                                        The Mecca  7 days back

                                                                        Great video only thing I wanna know is what bottle of water was dan drinking literally was watching that bottle the whole time 😂

                                                                        • Sky Mitchell
                                                                          Sky Mitchell  7 days back

                                                                          Thank god they tagged the video with feet.

                                                                          • Joshua Orion
                                                                            Joshua Orion  1 weeks back

                                                                            Dans hair is so big that its hitting the plants in the background and im living for it

                                                                            • PuppyshippingsPuppy
                                                                              PuppyshippingsPuppy  1 weeks back

                                                                              Can confirm, I am dog.

                                                                              • 300-I.Q. Prower
                                                                                300-I.Q. Prower  1 weeks back

                                                                                Game Grumps will never die

                                                                                No matter how many of the LPs do.

                                                                                • Undead Sky
                                                                                  Undead Sky  1 weeks back

                                                                                  Extreme happiness when Dan said he was enjoying toilet princess.

                                                                                  • Noah Nugent
                                                                                    Noah Nugent  1 weeks back

                                                                                    They started 2 weeks ago, have 600k and Supermega is 2 years in and only at 700,000. Supermega deserves way more subs than 700k.

                                                                                    • Strawberrita 18
                                                                                      Strawberrita 18  1 weeks back

                                                                                      I desperately want to like this, it just doesn't feel like a natural progression.

                                                                                      • LegoLiam1803
                                                                                        LegoLiam1803  1 weeks back

                                                                                        Will Jon appear on GuestGrumps?

                                                                                        • darkzada92
                                                                                          darkzada92  1 weeks back

                                                                                          Is Twilight Princess Dead? no? YAY~
                                                                                          Is Majora's Mask Dead? I hope not! please revive it!
                                                                                          Is Game Grumps Dead? Hell Naw to the Naw Naw Naw~~ Hell Naw~~!
                                                                                          Is Nemesis Dead? Probably Not! you guys should play Resident Evil 3 to make sure hes DEAD!
                                                                                          If you agree with all this jazz or even any of it Like this video and this comment!

                                                                                          • HEAVENS ARMY
                                                                                            HEAVENS ARMY  1 weeks back

                                                                                            Algorithm, I just wanna play games and be me. I don't wanna be forced to stop what I love because YouTube or other big companies want me to be like someone else or do what they do. Playing games with commentary isn't dead and big channels can do just that if they wish.

                                                                                            • Caspian Roske
                                                                                              Caspian Roske  1 weeks back


                                                                                              • just_a_random nerd
                                                                                                just_a_random nerd  1 weeks back

                                                                                                I'm glad Smosh brought back The Show W/ No Name!!!