A HUGE WIN Just Happened For Net Neutrality

  • Published: 02 October 2019
  • The FCC has won a key bid to uphold its repeal of net neutrality but this is a win for us! Now each state can put it's own Net Neutrality laws in place. Let's discuss.

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  • Daggernath
    Daggernath  4 hours back

    I forgot all about Ashit Pie.

    • Nicholas Miracle
      Nicholas Miracle  5 hours back

      And here I thought I'd never hear about Ajit Pai and his super punchable face again.

      • Chad Ikelman
        Chad Ikelman  7 hours back

        Wait this is still a thing??

        • test
          test  8 hours back

          The internet is saved...for now at least.

          • Willias
            Willias  9 hours back

            I think most are in favor of net neutrality so long as they stay away from Red Team vs Blue Team.

            • jyan21
              jyan21  9 hours back

              I have a question, why is government (federal or state level) controlling the Internet and the flow of information a good thing? For as long as the Internet has been around there have not been any issues with speed or throttling of certain sites etc. Why would anyone want Big Brother to control the flow of information and restrict speech whenever they want to? If the government can control the flow of information, they can control the kind of information being distributed. The perfect examples of this are China and North Korea. Do we want to be just like them? The push for Net Neutrality is a covert push to stifle free speech and control information.

              • 뿡뿡! ^__^
                뿡뿡! ^__^  9 hours back

                Net Neutrality is bad. The name sounds good. The name is a marketing tactic. Net Neutrality means the government controls and regulates the internet.

                • Pokadex
                  Pokadex  10 hours back

                  Remember, press the "L" key 2 times to skip the ad (or double-tapthe right side of the screen for mobile users).

                  • michael diaz
                    michael diaz  11 hours back

                    In capitalsm it works but capitalsim just doesnt work in general.

                    • Sirinaq
                      Sirinaq  12 hours back

                      Removing net neutrality COULD have been a good thing if they did it correctly. It could have allowed small ISP companies to start and not need the billion dollar infrastructure to support high streaming websites that some people just don't use. This would allow new ISP companies to grow and offer some healthy competition in this horrible industry, but what the FCC came up with gave WAY too much freedom to current ISP companies to the point that it would be better that we just keep net neutrality.

                      It doesn't matter what political stance you have, the FCC did not act with the people's best interest. With every state able to decide their own laws, however, I think that this is a best case scenario that could allow the best of both worlds.

                      • Shelby ramin
                        Shelby ramin  13 hours back

                        I'm sorry but I cant support net neutrality. I know for a fact I'm not alone. So I'm calling BS on those statistics bud. These laws dont create balance, they pollute our internet with unnecessary rules. We did just fine without them, we will continue to do fine without net neutrality. I sincerely hope these laws dont pass.

                        • T D
                          T D  14 hours back

                          Its good federalism won out. States get to decide whether or not bureaucrats decide the cost of the internet.

                          • Aviel leeoz
                            Aviel leeoz  14 hours back

                            why's he using software companies banning apps as examples of internet providers slowing internet speeds LOL.

                            • Aviel leeoz
                              Aviel leeoz  14 hours back

                              This is pretty dishonest. Net neutrality was upheld as you said. There was NO BIG WIN. The states have the right to implement net neutrality yes, but none of them will implement it the way that the 2015 legislation was written because there were tons of underhanded shady regulations and unlimited scope of power problems with it from the government and thus is not going to be worth it for the powers who wanted in place. There will not be a significant number of states that adopt this law because of this very reason and thus NET NEUTRALITY IS VERY DEAD.

                              • 5cm Pak38 auf PzKpfw II Sonderfahrgestell 901

                                is this still happening? last i heard was two years, and i thought it was over and done with.

                                • Zancuno
                                  Zancuno  18 hours back

                                  Weird thing, the repeal of net neutrality actually affected me personally. I live in an area where only 2 options exist for internet: cell phone signal, satellite. We in the household had made a contract with a newer company that was buying contracts from companies like T-mobile, At&t, Verizon, etc to ship out Mo-Fi routers to get unlimited no throttle internet from cellular signal. It ended up that the repeal of net neutrality was the perfect opportunity for Verizon to change their Wi-Fi contracts. These contracts no longer existed and we could no longer use the company. We now have to use mobile hotspots on our phones which are of course limited on use or have to go to something like straight talk to get unlimited but throttled.

                                  • KCSamurai
                                    KCSamurai  18 hours back

                                    83 %........ your going with that?............83...........%................OK. YOU Do NOT what the Government to have Control of the Internet> EVER. 83% Really, you should have gone with the 98% Consensus, OH but wait thats losing traction Too. : ?

                                    • Shai Trollinger
                                      Shai Trollinger  19 hours back

                                      I wanna see what ashit pies face looked like after seeing this I bet it was priceless.

                                      • Conner Anderson
                                        Conner Anderson  20 hours back

                                        As a Conservative, Net Neutrality is about freedom from big conglomerate companies. If you don’t support that you’re an idiot. And if your a republican who doesn’t support that your a hypocrite and an idiot 😂.

                                        • Aaron Landry
                                          Aaron Landry  21 hours back

                                          Of course we need Net Neutrality, how else are we going to counteract that Internet apocalypse that was supposed to happen when it was repealed?

                                          • wolfmech
                                            wolfmech  21 hours back

                                            When everyone is on the same playing field, Actual growth, and healthy competition drive a better market. But best of all nearly if not everyone is happy and a little more wealthy.
                                            When something like Net Neutrality disappears then that is just one more step to a monopoly and or laws & ideas of freedomless(for lack of a better word.) countries.
                                            So bottom line Net Neutrality helps Everyone and hurts well no one.
                                            But I am sure everyone who still has a working brain already knows this so..

                                            • Mitchel Raziel
                                              Mitchel Raziel  22 hours back

                                              Us: "And then Troy said something Great!"
                                              Troy: "Gods. Don't. Negotiate..."
                                              Us: "Gods. Don't. Negotiate! Love it! Love it!"

                                              • Chris Dodd
                                                Chris Dodd  22 hours back

                                                People don't seem to remember the days of rolling blackouts. When a company like Wal-Mart would go into a small town and buy grid priority and everybody else would be subject to hours where they just didn't have electricity. With Internet basically being a basic utility that everyone has, why wouldn't it be subject to the same rules?

                                                • Darrell Green
                                                  Darrell Green  24 hours back

                                                  Use... Your, brain.. I don't understand. Why not just take a blanket approach to your thinking and reasoning from someone else? Coming to your own conclusion is hard!

                                                  • Inter Dimensional Goober

                                                    You’re a mean one again pie, you make me wanna die.

                                                    • Screaming Meat
                                                      Screaming Meat  1 days back

                                                      Personally, I haven't noticed any difference in my internet service since Net Neutrality was repealed. And from what I've heard NN makes it harder for new and smaller ISPs to start up.

                                                      • zetsumeinaito
                                                        zetsumeinaito  1 days back

                                                        ...It's still a loss. This is just divide and conquer now. I feel Mr. Host has fallen for the most basic psychology tactic. Create a huge mess, so that any success from the opponent feels like a win to them, while it's still a huge advantage for yourself. Saved our king, but at the cost of our queen and our pieces are scattered all over the board. Still fucked , but still in the game 'for now'.

                                                        • MadLink
                                                          MadLink  2 days back

                                                          That is true Rich. Alex Jones products do have lead. Youngevity had enough lead, mercury, arsenic, aluminium, etc to cause real issues.

                                                          • Ransom Messenger
                                                            Ransom Messenger  2 days back

                                                            Net Neutrality is not good!!!!!! keep the government out of my fucking internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                            • Joe Bernard
                                                              Joe Bernard  2 days back

                                                              And Anything anything free these days now or are you say one guy hire him as president rock Obama fired him and that the rock Obama now we can’t because of race of freedom speech on the news media or you can look that up

                                                              • osmacar
                                                                osmacar  2 days back

                                                                This is what i hear from ajit pai “put put ting ting, aaee aaee aaee, woga woga wog“ sounds stupid? Good, cause he is beyond that, this doesn't affect me much given am english

                                                                • The Commenter
                                                                  The Commenter  2 days back

                                                                  Let me just express how this makes me feel *Gasm face*

                                                                  • Sanya Bennett
                                                                    Sanya Bennett  2 days back

                                                                    Yet when NN got repelled my internet prices went down and my speeds up???
                                                                    Local company

                                                                    • Victor Kreed
                                                                      Victor Kreed  3 days back

                                                                      You sir are doing very good work.

                                                                      • AlphaStorm
                                                                        AlphaStorm  3 days back

                                                                        The terms liberal and conservative are largely thrown around without much thought to what the meaning behind the words are. It's like how people misuse the descriptor 'Communist'. To call someone a communist means that you're saying they support the communist ideologies, which means you're saying they also support people's wages being the same. And, while it does have it's major disadvantages (people who work more being paid the same as people who don't do jackshit, etc. I understand that it is genuinely unfair), you can't call everyone a communist just because they believe differently than you. I saw a comment on a rather controversial Facebook post recently, and someone who was trying to explain a certain political view (I can't remember which) was called a communist for absolutely zero reason. Let me put things this way; just because liberals support something doesn't mean it has the liberalism ideologies behind it. The same goes for conservatives. Just because the conservatives support something doesn't mean the conservative ideologies are behind it. I know it is largely the case for politics, but that rule still holds true. That being said (and here comes the flack, but you KNOW it's true): am I the only one who's noticed that there are more conservatives complaining about liberal ideologies than there are liberals complaining about conservative ideologies? Just me? Yes?

                                                                        • jimbo9357
                                                                          jimbo9357  3 days back

                                                                          Dude if the political establishment is for Net Neutrality, IT'S NOT GOING TO BE GOOD FOR US. Just a way for the gov to get thier hooks into the internet. By the time these yoyos figure out what they want to regulate and how to impliment it, the internet will be a hundred miles down the road. WAKE UP. Next thing we know we'll have some kind of point system like China. The internet will survive but once Big Brother gets it's tentacles around it, not so sure. Not perfect but the free market is a 1000% better for internet users than a government regulated system. Government wants to control it not make better.

                                                                          • Michael Kevin Millet
                                                                            Michael Kevin Millet  3 days back

                                                                            Vote with you wallet!

                                                                            • Thomas Gonzalez
                                                                              Thomas Gonzalez  3 days back

                                                                              Stop being tribalistic left and right think for a minute and then you will see net neutrality is literally a human right.

                                                                              • The Skipper
                                                                                The Skipper  3 days back

                                                                                Its refreshing to hear some common sense. You give me hope for America.

                                                                                • GODLESS101
                                                                                  GODLESS101  3 days back

                                                                                  The government is corrupt whether it is national or local because HUMANS are corrupt and cheaply bought and paid for. While I am somewhat optimistic that Net Nuetrality will survive in some form in some states for some time eventually the constant wave of human corruption will inevitably infect those states as well. Bottom line, Net Neutrality is bad for business and companies will work tirelessly to further corrupt our system of government for their own ends . . . and they will eventually win because of the very nature of people themselves.

                                                                                  • haole08067
                                                                                    haole08067  4 days back


                                                                                    • DYhalto250
                                                                                      DYhalto250  4 days back

                                                                                      Or letting the market decide. And keep the government out of things.

                                                                                      • Steve Casey
                                                                                        Steve Casey  4 days back

                                                                                        Net neutrality is a misnomer. Hardly anyone knows what it actually did, but it sounds nice. You think people would learn that politicians are really good at coming up with innocuous sounding names for their poorly crafted/overpriced schemes, but hey, it's just money.

                                                                                        • Karl Uffe Mortensen
                                                                                          Karl Uffe Mortensen  4 days back

                                                                                          internet censurship... china=usa=russia all the same

                                                                                          • Riley Boudreau
                                                                                            Riley Boudreau  4 days back

                                                                                            Actually Rich, Canada has been protected by Net Neutrality since 1993 under telecommunications act. However, big companies such a Telus and the biggest in Canada: Bell.... They have a tendency to operate under the principal of ask for forgiveness not permission. Every time they've pulled these kinds of stunts they ultimately pay the price.

                                                                                            • kevinfet
                                                                                              kevinfet  4 days back

                                                                                              Both sides of this fence will still screw over end users. Nothing good is going to come of this either way.

                                                                                              • Matthew Zepess
                                                                                                Matthew Zepess  4 days back

                                                                                                Net neutrality is basically the only thing in place stopping your current isp from banning you from researching other providers. Imagine the day where you can’t see Verizon on a Comcast network lol

                                                                                                • Shadows Within
                                                                                                  Shadows Within  5 days back

                                                                                                  Okay, I've watched quite a few of your video's now, and liked them all so it's time to subscribe.