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  • The Herd with Colin Cowherd

    How many games will Michigan win this season?

    • Bigdawg4real Longnlonely
      Bigdawg4real Longnlonely  6 days back

      They will get beat by notre dame and ohio State. Them 2 teams are more talented and better coached.

    • Jay New
      Jay New  2 weeks back


    • Mickey B
      Mickey B  2 weeks back

      8 games

    • iggypopisgod9
      iggypopisgod9  2 weeks back

      This notion that somehow everyone playing D1 athletics is going to get an endorsement deal is absurd. It will vary year to year, but a select few who are NFL bound will cash in. Coaches, Athletic Directors who crying that it will diminish the “college experience “ are hypocrites: they are earning millions off a amateur sports

    • Daryl Wright
      Daryl Wright  2 weeks back


  • USF1
    USF1  12 hours back

    It’s easy to police the payment/convincing the player to go to class thing...you suspend him. Just like they would on any given day anyway. Same with a job..you miss work..you have consequences/loss of pay. ::

    • Tobias Valasquez
      Tobias Valasquez  1 days back

      "They shouldn't get paid. It's a more pure game that way."
      - multi millionaire coach

      • Light-wait Ghost
        Light-wait Ghost  2 days back

        2015, when OSU went 13-1, I recall that one loss (MSU) being one where Zeke complained that it was bc he didn't get enough touches...and he was correct.

        • craig wooden
          craig wooden  4 days back

          Nice click bait. No mention of Tua but I would not expect any less.

          • Rodney B. Taylor
            Rodney B. Taylor  6 days back

            U cannot handle a player in competition for reconition now.
            When money is involved : Katie
            bar the door !!!!

            • William Cramer
              William Cramer  7 days back

              Can EA Sports pay them? Bring back College Football game on Play Station!!!!

              • Tyler Durden
                Tyler Durden  7 days back

                2 national championships????? It’s 3 dipshit

                • Benjamin B. Bowman
                  Benjamin B. Bowman  7 days back

                  Northwestern not having the money to pay?? NU is among the richest universities in the U.S.
                  #NUgrad #facts matter


                  • Logan Brittain
                    Logan Brittain  1 weeks back

                    He still says “gene smith ‘our’ athletic director.” Still on the team. Go bucks!

                    • Logan Brittain
                      Logan Brittain  4 days back

                      justinTlME no no no. Your assuming I made the comment “like people would be surprised.” I go to OSU. He’s a professor here. I tried to get in his class. I know, and have known for a while, that he still lives and works here. Ain’t no surprise going on here. And it isn’t a conflict of interest. He likes Ohio state, but he could say nice things about Ohio state just because it’s nice. And he knows that because of his experience here. Again, you’re making an assumption

                    • justinTlME
                      justinTlME  4 days back

                      Logan Brittain what you’re pointing out is what I said first. It’s an obvious conflict of interest issue. He can sway recruits etc while on Fox’s dime. It shouldn’t be allowed.

                    • justinTlME
                      justinTlME  4 days back

                      Logan Brittain I guess what you’re missing is, you made a comment like people would be surprised. He’s literally employed....so....yeah....duh.

                    • Logan Brittain
                      Logan Brittain  4 days back

                      justinTlME I never said he wouldn’t say that. My comment is correct. You’re making assumptions about what I meant kiddo

                    • justinTlME
                      justinTlME  4 days back

                      Logan Brittain I’m just saying, your initial comment makes no sense. He’s still in the program, why wouldn’t he say “our”.

                  • RedSox4430
                    RedSox4430  1 weeks back

                    This guy is nothing but a snake in the grass.

                    • tunjitube17
                      tunjitube17  1 weeks back

                      The two best quarterbacks in the league are baseball players

                      • Thom Smith!
                        Thom Smith!  1 weeks back

                        Paying athletes is going to be a big mistake. You get a free education which is why I thought you use to go to College. We all know that’s not true anymore .They play College sports to show case there talent to get drafted.into the NFL. Sooner than later in most cases. The innocence and purity of what’s left of College sports will be gone. Sort of like a mini Me to the NFL. 😞

                        • Sir SchmittyX
                          Sir SchmittyX  1 weeks back

                          hahaha Auburn at #2! That aged real well...

                          • wjatube
                            wjatube  1 weeks back

                            It's clear that Urban does okay in interviews but he is exceptional doing his analysis segments for Fox where he can be the teacher. He excels and is very likable doing it.

                            • Marketing Heavy Duty Tow Companies

                              Great call on Auburn you two experts

                              • Joseph MacDiarmid
                                Joseph MacDiarmid  2 weeks back

                                Each player gets an allowance. Done. You already go to school for free, no college athlete should ever make hundreds of thousands of dollars from playing a sport for a school. That’s what the NFL is for.

                                • Boo X
                                  Boo X  2 weeks back

                                  So what about the coach first mentality Urban?

                                  • Kornholeeoo
                                    Kornholeeoo  2 weeks back

                                    Click bait as usual...

                                    • Justin Watterson
                                      Justin Watterson  2 weeks back

                                      I love how these coaches who are making millions in salaries and endorsements talk about how paying athletes ruins the purity of the sports.

                                      • James B. Hall, MD
                                        James B. Hall, MD  2 weeks back

                                        0.09% of high school football players go to the NFL!! You better get an education! Money will expose you for who you really are! What if Antonio Brown would have been getting paid $200,000 while at Central Michigan? Imagine that!!???

                                        • James Pieper
                                          James Pieper  2 weeks back

                                          I think Northwestern can pay 'em. They have a 11 billion dollar endowment. There is some scatch laying about.

                                          • Zeus Deuce
                                            Zeus Deuce  2 weeks back

                                            When did they talk about Tuas potential as an NFL quarterback? Must have missed it

                                            • Drew Nayr
                                              Drew Nayr  2 weeks back

                                              I bet Nike and Oregon are chomping at the bit to pay players for their likeness.

                                              • kenneth reid
                                                kenneth reid  2 weeks back

                                                Best thing to come out of Michigan was Kid Rock.

                                                • tom swindal
                                                  tom swindal  2 weeks back

                                                  Click bait...says jack about Tua

                                                  • Justin Gay
                                                    Justin Gay  2 weeks back

                                                    Urban has 3 nattys Colin

                                                    • jamie johnson
                                                      jamie johnson  2 weeks back

                                                      When you pay student athletes is this going to taxable income? It would be for the rest of us

                                                      • Adam Berendt
                                                        Adam Berendt  2 weeks back

                                                        Auburn's the best 1 loss team in the country......

                                                        • William Jordan
                                                          William Jordan  2 weeks back

                                                          Did they talk about Tua, or was that just click bait?

                                                          • bigdap100
                                                            bigdap100  2 weeks back

                                                            Tua and Justin Fields were baseball players also.

                                                            • Relayer56
                                                              Relayer56  2 weeks back

                                                              Good clickbait title

                                                              • Blue Salamander
                                                                Blue Salamander  2 weeks back


                                                                • Cale Conrad
                                                                  Cale Conrad  2 weeks back

                                                                  All you talk about is Michigan. Why?

                                                                  • Rudy Thomas
                                                                    Rudy Thomas  1 weeks back

                                                                    Cale Conrad he loves our team clearly

                                                                • Charles Peper
                                                                  Charles Peper  2 weeks back

                                                                  Wasn’t sure how it would work out but urban is actually great to have in the media. Super insightful and not afraid to get real with his answers.

                                                                  • John Tate
                                                                    John Tate  2 weeks back

                                                                    Auburn is #2 huh ??? And you’re a friggen expert with your own show ??? Wait til Tua disappoints you all over again. Straight up I am an Ohio State Buckeye fanatic but I hope Jalen Hurts wins the Heisman and beats Tua badly in the Championship game. I’m no expert but I believe that is what’s going to happen.

                                                                    • Frank Sims
                                                                      Frank Sims  2 weeks back

                                                                      Mahomes? seriously? King Tua doesn't look back!

                                                                      • Frank Sims
                                                                        Frank Sims  2 weeks back

                                                                        Meyer is where he belongs because he is "all talk" anyway.

                                                                    • Defiant Truth
                                                                      Defiant Truth  2 weeks back

                                                                      Liar video! ZERO mention of Tua!

                                                                      • Daryl Wright
                                                                        Daryl Wright  2 weeks back

                                                                        Ill enjoy the next few years, then college football as we know it is over.

                                                                        • D Man
                                                                          D Man  2 weeks back

                                                                          Ugggghhhhh stop the lies plz in the title!!!

                                                                          • roddy 57
                                                                            roddy 57  2 weeks back

                                                                            I love how Colin and Urban like Auburn. How'd that work out for ya.... They should have lost to Oregon, just finally caught up to them. I would have hoped Urban would have noticed they have offensive diffencencies. Defense is respectable for sure, but they can only play so many snaps.

                                                                            • GMAMEC
                                                                              GMAMEC  2 weeks back

                                                                              The NCAA and colleges has created this problem by making college sports a business. The following are just the recorded finances. If they were not making a sizable amount of money, this wouldn’t be an issue.

                                                                              • Reasonable Gump
                                                                                Reasonable Gump  2 weeks back

                                                                                Did they even mention Tua? lol

                                                                                • Sandbar Sam
                                                                                  Sandbar Sam  2 weeks back


                                                                                  • Rowtheboat nice camber
                                                                                    Rowtheboat nice camber  2 weeks back

                                                                                    Colin.....too funny asking Urban Meyer about the Quarterback Position. I love Ohio State. I went to OSU and graduated from OSU and my whole family roots for the Buckeyes....but I've never witnessed an FBS Coach who understands LESS about the QB-1 position than Urban Meyer.

                                                                                    I'm so thankful (not for JTB's injury) but that Cardale Jones got to play the last 3 Games of the 2014 season. W/O that injury, Urban Meyer and OSU sit out the 2014 CFP's ! You had to have witnessed how much better our OFFENSE WAS with the QB Urban Meyer never wanted on the field, tearing things up, right ? It was a NIGHT-n-DAY difference. Meyer was CLUELESS !

                                                                                    I'm so thankful (not for JTB's injury) but that Dwayne Haskins got into the 2017 game vs TTUN because Urban Meyer had accepted defeat. The COWARD had GIVEN UP. Almost an 8 million dollar salary and he quit working while on the job.

                                                                                    I'm so thankful i get to see Joe Burrow play as a QB-1 for LSU....Joe sure looked great here, every Spring Game => so I suspected and expected as much. Joe was sitting on the bench right beside Dwayne Haskins when Urban Meyer and JTB-IV lost 31 - 0 to CLEMSON. Our receivers were WIDE OPEN. Re-watch just the 3rd quarter if you don't believe me.

                                                                                    I loathe Nick Saban…..but at least he understood a Pass First QB (TUA) would give BAMA a chance....at another NATTY.
                                                                                    OSU went home with the worst defeat in the CFP's and ZERO POINTS. You can't win if you don't score Colin !

                                                                                    Two different legacies.....and it was always about the QB !

                                                                                    • G Gordon Liddy
                                                                                      G Gordon Liddy  2 weeks back

                                                                                      'With Youtube, You can sit home at night and watch film all day long ' classic Colin

                                                                                      • Brandon
                                                                                        Brandon  2 weeks back

                                                                                        Reported for not actually mentioning Tua during your video.

                                                                                        • DA S
                                                                                          DA S  2 weeks back

                                                                                          They are already paying kids in Div 1. Look up true cost of attendance, and kids getting $1600 a month dorm allowances and renting a place for 8 hundred and using the rest for spending money, on top of a completely free education with full tutoring, complete meal plan, all you can eat Nike gear.