Hellboy's "Suit Up" Workout Explained By His Trainer | Train Like A Celebrity | Men's Health


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    JACK SPARROW  1 months back

    From 200kg to 199kg

    • Furqan Ahmed
      Furqan Ahmed  2 months back

      This Hellboy looks like an Ugly MF.

      • Muhammad Azhar Fahri
        Muhammad Azhar Fahri  3 months back

        I thought he was preparing for Stranger Things season 3

        • Catapulted Toextremes
          Catapulted Toextremes  5 months back

          too bad the movie seems to suck

          • Joe Figueroa
            Joe Figueroa  5 months back

            Crossfit, useless training for useless people tryng to claim disability checks.

            • Mustang Boss
              Mustang Boss  5 months back

              This trainer...... sucks.... I'd do a better job with weights any day.... I've been a personal trainer for 9 years....

              • Yogur Please
                Yogur Please  5 months back

                If you're a good personal trainer you shouldn't insult him but correct him, like a client.

            • Troy Amato
              Troy Amato  5 months back

              That's the weakest bear crawl I've ever seen.

              • Sean M. Hogan
                Sean M. Hogan  5 months back

                Anyone complaining that this doesn't get you jacked wasn't listening to the beginning of the video or any of David Harbor's interviews. He wanted to get ripped for the movie but they fitted him for the suit first when he was chubby and told him not to drastically change his physique or the multi thousand dollar costume wouldn't fit. So all of his training focused on functional strength building, non esthetic workouts.

                • Jack Robinson
                  Jack Robinson  1 months back

                  Yeah they said keep the workout but stop dieting, so he had a lot of muscle under the chunk

              • ChuddmasterZero
                ChuddmasterZero  5 months back

                Two points:
                1: you never show David’s actual physique, because he didn’t actually get ripped.
                2: the chest and abs on Hellboy is all prosthetic in the movie - not his real body at all.
                Just be honest guys, promoting an actor’s ‘transformation’ that never happened just makes you look a bit silly.

                • A Munro
                  A Munro  5 months back

                  This trained always pretends these actors get big from carrying a 30 pound kettlebell and b at crawls. Never tells that they basically just do standard bodybuilding that anyone can do

                  • J Logan
                    J Logan  5 months back

                    And let's be honest probably some juice. But these actors also are able to eat whatever they need and sleep as long as they need and dedicate however many hours a day to training

                • Jeremiah Jasso
                  Jeremiah Jasso  5 months back

                  I never thought they would make a reboot

                  • A-LEX M94
                    A-LEX M94  6 months back

                    how long is each training session per day? I like this work out

                    • jadevincent89
                      jadevincent89  6 months back

                      Masters died and went to hell. Resurrected and became Hellboy

                      • fatdepressedveg knight
                        fatdepressedveg knight  6 months back

                        I enjoy doing functional training as it works multi-angle muscle groups

                        but it doesn't give you that body that looks like it's made out of stone

                        Stick to the basic lifts squats deadlifts bent over rows pull ups bench press dips then your Olympic lifts like clean and press

                        Eat a balanced diet and a correct cardio training program

                        then 4 weeks or so throwing in your isolation exercises your functional training core training and then go back to the grind

                        • Vizi Előd
                          Vizi Előd  3 months back

                          Almost correct, but please explain to me if there is a beginner, who never lifted and never did any sport, how to hell let him start with compunds, as you called them the basic lifts??? First he should start at least for 4 weeks if not for 8 with strengthening the core, stabilizing and increasing mobility. Then he can move on to the compound lifts for a while into isolation workout combined with heavier basic lifts.

                      • Xavier Perez
                        Xavier Perez  6 months back

                        How to warm up like Hellboy?

                        • EFTHIMIS Papadopoulos
                          EFTHIMIS Papadopoulos  6 months back

                          This video should be called "how to waste your time in the gym"

                          • JC Malabanan
                            JC Malabanan  6 months back

                            Great. I learned somethin new .

                            • Jack Thomas
                              Jack Thomas  6 months back

                              Fun fact, this trainer Don, is also the trainer of Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool), Seb Stan (Winter Soldier) and Scarlett Jo (black widow)

                              • Evil Greg
                                Evil Greg  5 months back

                                Jack Thomas he’s also worked with Hugh Jackman!!!!!

                            • tony m
                              tony m  6 months back

                              A good trainer will teach you to land before asking you to jump. I stopped after the first minute.

                              • Peace Miška
                                Peace Miška  6 months back

                                Also tell us the gear and pct please

                                • Jack Thomas
                                  Jack Thomas  6 months back

                                  Lol for what? He has prosthetics on... was big but not lean at all

                              • -Its Kirbo-
                                -Its Kirbo-  6 months back

                                Train like HELL..........boi

                                • Watermelon Man
                                  Watermelon Man  6 months back

                                  Yeah right...

                                  • SSG Pewan
                                    SSG Pewan  6 months back

                                    He ain’t even that big, easily achievable. Programming is key 🔑

                                    • Rob Gillham
                                      Rob Gillham  6 months back

                                      Are these warmups also an interpretive hellboy dance?

                                      • Roosevelt ware
                                        Roosevelt ware  6 months back

                                        They should have kept Ron perlman the original actor that play hellboy all so well with that crazy sense of humor while he kills those creatures that goes bump into the night wow Hollywood needs to find a better idea when remaking movies SMH go figure right like pet cemetery really really

                                        • Diego Martinez
                                          Diego Martinez  6 months back

                                          Soo I just do this to get that kind of body?

                                          • Satya Raja
                                            Satya Raja  6 months back

                                            Forgot to mention his stack

                                            • TheTeaNT
                                              TheTeaNT  6 months back

                                              Satya Raja clearly not on roids dumfuk

                                          • StreetTruckinTitan
                                            StreetTruckinTitan  6 months back

                                            When these workouts are complete do they outfit you with the same muscle suit David wore?

                                            • Taylor Steer
                                              Taylor Steer  6 months back

                                              StreetTruckinTitan, the workouts were more to build mass than physique, someone like Ryan Reynolds or Tom Holland wanted to sculpt their bodies but because it was easier to wear a red muscle suit than a full red paint job it just made sense to build mass over aesthetic. Sorry for taking a joke and ruining it but I just don’t want people to see this comment and be discouraged or not appreciate the work he did as much. Also, I want to hug a St. Bernard dog, just thought I’d mention.

                                          • reefuno1
                                            reefuno1  6 months back

                                            These workouts are designed for strength and balance which was the goal. 👍🏾

                                            • heroangel20
                                              heroangel20  6 months back

                                              8 weeks, seriously? They really half assed his training.... The Marvel's do 6-9 months minimum, js.

                                              • Julian Davis
                                                Julian Davis  6 months back

                                                Since he was casted late as the one guy said I’m sure for the sequel he’ll have more time same as Zachary Levi for Shazam

                                              • Ninjalukehutch _
                                                Ninjalukehutch _  6 months back

                                                heroangel20 he was casted late

                                            • Vikram Koppikar
                                              Vikram Koppikar  6 months back

                                              I miss Ron Perlman.

                                              • mbogucki1
                                                mbogucki1  5 months back

                                                We all do. But Guillermo del Toro didn't want to do the third part. They rebooted as a sign of respect for the original versions.

                                            • QOOQ8808
                                              QOOQ8808  6 months back

                                              Can I get the face work out?

                                              • Leeks Fitness
                                                Leeks Fitness  6 months back

                                                Love love the video I’ll be using these workouts in my videos ❗️

                                                • armando carrillo
                                                  armando carrillo  6 months back

                                                  EXELENTE DESDE COLOMBIA SALUDOS

                                                  • akarsh nagar
                                                    akarsh nagar  6 months back

                                                    Pls add a video on train like Chris evans