Fat Joe, Remy Ma, French Montana - Cookin (Video Trailer) ft. RySoValid


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  • Hassan AL-juhani
    Hassan AL-juhani  3 years back

    Saudi Arabia

    • Ibra B
      Ibra B  3 years back

      Hassan AL-juhani it's in emirates

  • العراف طع100
    العراف طع100  3 years back

    ديرين الاغاني جديد

    • GABOS
      GABOS  3 years back

      At this point Remy cookin Nicki right now

      • Robert Gwanzura
        Robert Gwanzura  3 years back

        Fat Joe is back!!! #woooooooooooooooo

        • Santiago Jae
          Santiago Jae  3 years back

          Yaaa neeeddd tooo stop frontin on us! Lol. I was mad hype! Put that already Joe and Remy! Hahahaha

          • Arnold Omodho
            Arnold Omodho  3 years back


            • Hellcat Srt
              Hellcat Srt  3 years back

              this chorus is annoying

              • OfficialEnzoMusic
                OfficialEnzoMusic  3 years back

                what's good people. I just released my first single off my EP called Waves, and it's a guaranteed banger. Come to my page, subscribe and leave some feedback!

                • Tharealthot O
                  Tharealthot O  3 years back

                  Remy tha Queen

                  • Nova Lux
                    Nova Lux  3 years back

                    0:06 Y'all are in the United Arab Emirates, not India. You are in a Muslim-majority country doing dance moves inspired by Indian culture. Furthermore, if you're going to wear face veils, do so with respect. You're pinching the customs of other cultures and religions and mixing them with over-the-top sexuality and profanity. It is so distasteful. If not other people, at least respect yourselves.

                    • QueenWeezy™
                      QueenWeezy™  3 years back

                      Can't waitttt

                      • Pat Wiser
                        Pat Wiser  3 years back

                        i want to see dem girls get off!!!

                        • Nel Gonz
                          Nel Gonz  3 years back

                          Shit looks like a big budget video, I guess we'lll see how good this Video is on Friday 1 more day.

                          • Lc M
                            Lc M  3 years back

                            Can this video drop already?

                            • Christian Clarke
                              Christian Clarke  3 years back

                              U hear the bass and horns? This Jawnt sound like The New anthem! Dope!

                              • Maicol Ortiz
                                Maicol Ortiz  3 years back

                                ansioso De Que salga desde RD

                                • Hedi Benmbarek
                                  Hedi Benmbarek  3 years back

                                  A-rab money😬😬😬😬

                                  • Jujuca Style
                                    Jujuca Style  3 years back

                                    Fat Joe Remy Ma and French Montana got Another 1 on their hands. prepare for another 10 remixes.

                                    • DJ G KID
                                      DJ G KID  3 years back

                                      Can't wait for the video

                                      • ahmed karam
                                        ahmed karam  3 years back

                                        wow French kill this shit

                                        • Unapologeticall Nori
                                          Unapologeticall Nori  3 years back


                                        • Jabari Mustafa
                                          Jabari Mustafa  3 years back

                                          Cant wait. Loading......

                                          • Camping Elitist
                                            Camping Elitist  3 years back

                                            Beat is wack. Hook is annoying. Lyrics are weak.

                                            • anisha vontress
                                              anisha vontress  3 years back

                                              +Vaper Rob you know I don't quite understand you think this is bad but you probably think futures music is good or all of these other different artists that are terrible maybe fat Joe's versus kind a weak But remys is definitely good and it's catchy

                                            • Camping Elitist
                                              Camping Elitist  3 years back

                                              +anisha vontress No hater here othet than I hate this stupid song. and now hot 97 will just keep playing over and over. I like all of fat joes work but this is atrocious and a mistake.

                                            • anisha vontress
                                              anisha vontress  3 years back

                                              Haters never prosper so get your life together if it's wack like you say it is why are you on here then bye 🐦

                                          • Camping Elitist
                                            Camping Elitist  3 years back

                                            beat is wack. hook is wack. lyrics are weak. worst thing he ever made.

                                            • Camping Elitist
                                              Camping Elitist  3 years back

                                              +CarmeloValoy No

                                            • CarmeloValoy
                                              CarmeloValoy  3 years back

                                              +Vaper Rob Troll these nuts bee-yotch. U part of Young Thug nation wearin dresses and nut huggin jeans

                                            • Camping Elitist
                                              Camping Elitist  3 years back

                                              +MitchMaxMuzik because its a free country. scroll along troll

                                            • Kris With The K
                                              Kris With The K  3 years back

                                              +cut it cut it cut it to hate a throw shade that's all

                                            • Themo Show
                                              Themo Show  3 years back

                                              then y tf would u waest ur time commeting

                                          • coke Boy
                                            coke Boy  3 years back

                                            HAAAAAN For French Montana & Fuck Haters

                                            • eminem the best
                                              eminem the best  3 years back


                                              • Bacco
                                                Bacco  3 years back

                                                Here for Montana! hannnnnnnnn!

                                                • jarrod2292
                                                  jarrod2292  3 years back

                                                  fuarkkk joe back at it again...... :D

                                                  • King Nieves
                                                    King Nieves  3 years back

                                                    This should have been a trio album since they need wack Montana for their first two singles. Shit is week. Another French Montana album

                                                    • anisha vontress
                                                      anisha vontress  3 years back

                                                      Just because you have somebody on there for maybe two songs of an entire album doesn't mean it's become in somebody else's album so please get real because this is definitely not wack it sounds very good actually you don't have to be a hater haters never prosper

                                                    • King Nieves
                                                      King Nieves  3 years back


                                                  • King Nieves
                                                    King Nieves  3 years back

                                                    Real shit as a Remy fan but it seems like she can't pull out a straight single on her own without features and they all have to do with French.

                                                    • Lulu Jackson
                                                      Lulu Jackson  3 years back

                                                      oooh shit in emarat...that amazing af

                                                      • Bo Lo
                                                        Bo Lo  3 years back

                                                        That Lambo is Acid!!!!

                                                        • Ampfu
                                                          Ampfu  3 years back

                                                          Not bigger than "All the way up!" Come on. You gotta follow up with something better!

                                                          • Mati
                                                            Mati  3 years back

                                                            i just hope the official video is explicit.

                                                            • Odeonremix
                                                              Odeonremix  3 years back

                                                              did yall know that RySoValid is actually joes son

                                                            • Kingpin Status
                                                              Kingpin Status  3 years back

                                                              The song itself is RAW UNCUT DOPE!!!! I hope the video is as 1/2 as Good!

                                                              • shane osgood
                                                                shane osgood  3 years back

                                                                Joey crack don't fuckin lay down he's still chasing the paper

                                                                • Odeonremix
                                                                  Odeonremix  3 years back

                                                                  eey , first 4000 views, beat this

                                                                  • Boila Silan
                                                                    Boila Silan  3 years back

                                                                    DUBAI THE BEST

                                                                    • FRANKIE NO SUGAR CODE
                                                                      FRANKIE NO SUGAR CODE  3 years back

                                                                      that video looks off the chain

                                                                      • Cedric Ced
                                                                        Cedric Ced  3 years back

                                                                        Video looks Hotttt

                                                                        • bri livinggood
                                                                          bri livinggood  3 years back

                                                                          Remyyyy maaaa!!! 😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥

                                                                          • Tim Tula
                                                                            Tim Tula  3 years back

                                                                            TS is back. NY is back harder... It seems Crack has been firmly waiting for Remy to get out of prison and starts murdering Hip hop again. They are strongly back. This album is gonna be sick...

                                                                            • Tural Narimanovv
                                                                              Tural Narimanovv  3 years back


                                                                              • Inside Media Dot Com
                                                                                Inside Media Dot Com  3 years back

                                                                                goddamn fat joe and remy ma

                                                                                • I Ud
                                                                                  I Ud  3 years back

                                                                                  Budgets are going up. Similar to Nore-Superthug

                                                                                • KEITH B ANGOLA
                                                                                  KEITH B ANGOLA  3 years back

                                                                                  hot hot hot joey crack, remy Ma, French and Ry well done

                                                                                  • Khalid Mahad
                                                                                    Khalid Mahad  3 years back

                                                                                    Mad tune ⛽️🚀