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  • Muneca Love
    Muneca Love  39 minutes back

    I love yall!!! Im here for it!! Fuck the haters and keep being great!!

    • Fan Qin
      Fan Qin  3 hours back

      i love your hair , it is very beautiful :)

      • Fjsifjf Fjxjdjjf
        Fjsifjf Fjxjdjjf  3 hours back

        Can I just say that Jeffreys make up is on fleek like work it queen

        • Stephanie R. Tinney
          Stephanie R. Tinney  3 hours back

          Personality Quirks

          • Tracey Holcomb
            Tracey Holcomb  5 hours back

            Thank you luv, you never ceases to amaze me. I truly believe that you are wise beyond you years I am always impressed with you and your "old soul". I commend you and Nate for doing you and letting all that bullshit roll off. I can't imagine how you must feel being criticized every second of ever day and Nate's a keeper honey, 3 snaps! Keep that amazing positive outlook, hold it down for one another and keep it moving boo. Love y'all . .muah

            • Destiny Ballard
              Destiny Ballard  6 hours back

              This video is so pure and real. The way he describes his and Nate’s connection and love😍🥰

              • Bame Kwafela
                Bame Kwafela  9 hours back

                Am think am addicted to see you a fan

                • Anastecia
                  Anastecia  12 hours back

                  I love you both Jeff and Nate ....pls don't ever break up ....if you do I'll break YouTube

                  • Gabriel Tapia
                    Gabriel Tapia  13 hours back

                    I love you Jeffree...I hope you just keep doing you 💯& I wish you & Nate all the love & happiness in the world!!!♥️...🖕THE HATERZ

                    • 이얄
                      이얄  14 hours back

                      why does he look so good in this video

                      • Jill Sau-91
                        Jill Sau-91  16 hours back

                        Aww I'm sorry people are like that. Do what's best for you! If someone knows everything about you and stills loves you then they are a keeper.

                        • LaRissa McCord
                          LaRissa McCord  17 hours back

                          I've been binge watching your channel and I do have to say this is one of my favorite videos.. I love to hear the back story from the " horses mouth" and not rumors 💯💯💯 Sooo to all the HATERS - they have been rocking since 2014- 2015 ish and Nathan isnt a materialist person so he's not just with Jeffree for the $$.. THEY ARE TRULY IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER 💪💯💪

                          • Aliessa Rogers
                            Aliessa Rogers  17 hours back

                            JeffreeStar is only human your videos are so amazing ❤😁

                            • Avery Ryan
                              Avery Ryan  20 hours back

                              I hate when people say 'straight' men. They are clearly on the Bisexual spectrum. Simple as that.

                              • Lady Gem
                                Lady Gem  21 hours back


                                • R Chaske
                                  R Chaske  22 hours back

                                  You are beautiful... I love your values. It’s a rarity these days...... 💜

                                  • Sharie Price
                                    Sharie Price  23 hours back

                                    Love you.

                                    • Waimaria Harris
                                      Waimaria Harris  23 hours back

                                      love your words hun you own it all don't let the haters bring you down.xo

                                      • keith berberich
                                        keith berberich  24 hours back

                                        😃 You have really helped me to open up my mind to accepting people for who they want to be or how feel they are on the inside... Also Jeffrey you look really good with eyebrows 😝💚🙆🍀

                                        • Gabriella De Ce
                                          Gabriella De Ce  1 days back

                                          Your beautiful face are similar a woman

                                          • Katelyn Baer
                                            Katelyn Baer  1 days back

                                            WOW, JEFFREE! WELL SAID! LOVE YA EVEN MORE NOW!

                                            • Michelle Rosanna
                                              Michelle Rosanna  1 days back

                                              Jeffree, you really are EVERYTHING.

                                              • Olivina Gutierrez
                                                Olivina Gutierrez  1 days back


                                                • Chica
                                                  Chica  1 days back

                                                  This makes me so happy. I'm so happy you guys are happy and I'm sorry you gotta deal with dumb hoes. You and Nate are so cute together and people should be happy for u

                                                  • Elisabeth De castillo
                                                    Elisabeth De castillo  1 days back

                                                    I love u girl I feel like u feel cuz I'm merried with a wonderful man and some ppl even he's FAM gets on our relationship I live in mexico I came over here because of him cuz he's from here because I love him but there ppl like that don't u worried cuz I know you're bf loves u and that's all it matters OK love u girl

                                                    • Kimberly Tucker Moss
                                                      Kimberly Tucker Moss  2 days back

                                                      I wish you and Nate many, many happy, blissful years together!!! 💕 You deserve so much happiness, love and respect!!! Sending lots of love, light and good vibes to you both!!! 💕🤜🤛💕✨🌒🌕🌘✨

                                                      • Veronica Segovia
                                                        Veronica Segovia  2 days back

                                                        I love this! Love love and more love!

                                                        • Annastasia Chandler
                                                          Annastasia Chandler  2 days back

                                                          Love you guys so much 🙋🏻✈️

                                                          • Diana Arroyo
                                                            Diana Arroyo  2 days back

                                                            From me you are men looks like a alien, you have female vibes, thin guy and I love you even you are hipócrita you and your couple are marihuana guys and crazy guys but I’m very attracted to problematic people and you are changing a bunch you are nicer or maybe you are keeping more your public image it’s super important I love your job but f you are happy everybody it’s happy

                                                            • plumeria66
                                                              plumeria66  2 days back

                                                              Men should be able to wear whatever they want like makeup, dresses, skirts, the way women are allowed to wear pants and suits without ridicule.Maybe then there will be no more need to have labels like trans or androgyny.

                                                              • --
                                                                --  2 days back

                                                                Love the hair & I love your love @Jefree. Love to Nathan

                                                                • Alysia Furr
                                                                  Alysia Furr  2 days back

                                                                  Everytime I see him walk into the room when you are filming, the way he looks at you before you guys exchange kisses, I can see the love/emotion in his eyes and facial expressions. You can 100% tell when someone is just smiling for the camera, but he looks at you with so much love. That look a person gives someone when they first realize they are in love with a person and want to soak up every fiber of them. I see that every time.

                                                                  I hope you guys grow old together, you guys give me hope that love exists somewhere for me.

                                                                  Love u Mr. Diva 🥰

                                                                  • Nena Andrews
                                                                    Nena Andrews  3 days back

                                                                    I love you Jeffree. I rewatch all of your videos. This one hit me because I've recently realized I don't really identify as anything. My pronouns are she/hers but call me dude girl idc. I don't really associate with a gender. I was born female and I am but I honestly just don't feel exclusively either. I like doing guy things and girl things. Also my sexuality? I think it's demisexual but I've literally only been sexually attracted to one guy. I'm not straight because I find everyone(girl guy trans) attractive. My sexuality literally is my boyfriend lmao

                                                                    • LOYAL ROYAL
                                                                      LOYAL ROYAL  3 days back

                                                                      B.C.V. bull crap in the vicinity .....I say/see Your honey Nathan loves you 😊☺️😁.....and it's completely understandable honey are very lovable AND loving 🤗 . I love you tho we've not met are a dear heart 💯💖 and you warm my heart .My Agape to the ⭐🎵 family . SMILE 😁 big hug.

                                                                      • Aashu Dalvi
                                                                        Aashu Dalvi  3 days back

                                                                        I love you for your kindness jeffree.♥

                                                                        • Jami Cannatella-Mgn
                                                                          Jami Cannatella-Mgn  3 days back

                                                                          I know this video is a few years old but it’s true that Nate is your needle in the haystack. I know what you mean about when you know you have the one, you just know. I had that feeling when I met my now husband 28yrs ago. The one thing I know for sure is that social media can be a relationship killer, don’t let it ever interfere with your love and trust in each other. That’s for anyone in a relationship.

                                                                          • Synthia Parga
                                                                            Synthia Parga  3 days back

                                                                            Unfortunately we live in a very cruel world, don’t let anyone tell you how to walk the path you choose. Everything is meant for a reason weather it’s painful or joyous. That is how we grow as a person makes us stronger and learn from our mistakes. I was in a very unhappy 8 yr relationship and I left him for someone I had just met 2 months. It felt so rushed at first and I was hurt by so many ppl including my family saying that the guy I was seeing was just a rebound guy but those ppl are lookin from the outside of my personal relationship with my new best friend. That was 3 yrs ago we now have a lovely daughter and I for one don’t regret a single day of my life. So ppl just keep window shopping because when you are looking out into someone else’s relationship you can’t buy it 😘😘

                                                                            • María paz Daveggio
                                                                              María paz Daveggio  3 days back

                                                                              Despite what people say about you, I'm so inspired about the fact that you got over what you've been through.i'm in love with your videos , bitch you're a fucking goddess !
                                                                              ( Sorry if I have mistakes I'm not an English native speaker)

                                                                              • J. Cabarles
                                                                                J. Cabarles  3 days back

                                                                                Straight people say to me
                                                                                "Homosexual relationships always never works, it doesnt last long, u shud get out of it".

                                                                                My reply to them was
                                                                                "Oh u dont have the right to say that, uve never been in one and ur never one."

                                                                                I mean, not gay, not in a gay relationship then NO OPINION, K?

                                                                                Its like telling someone pregnancy pain is not that bad and they are a man and never really experienced being woman and childbirth pain, ignorant assumptions and opinions i tell u theyre annoying, makes u want to sucker stab someone in their throats and laugh as u watch them dying.

                                                                                • j -s-m-r asmr
                                                                                  j -s-m-r asmr  3 days back

                                                                                  I love your hair style here. I wish I was comfortable in a liquid lipstick or high gloss. For some reason I love the look but I always just stay in my matte comfort zone.

                                                                                  • Karen Neukam
                                                                                    Karen Neukam  3 days back

                                                                                    So glad that you and Nathan found one another. I can totally relate to what you were saying about people just wanting to hook up or hang out. It is the same with fat chicks. I have men who want to hook up have a fun night but they don't want commitment. I currently have a man that I've been off and on with for 10 years who says he wants to marry me but he's not showing me that he wants to marry me. He lives an hour and a half away from me and I always have to go there to see him because of his work. I'm disabled because of a lot of health issues. So he does pay for hotel and gas and everything when I come see him but the last time I saw him was June 2018. We text and we talk on the phone and I have flat out asked him what he wants. He says that he wants me forever. So I tell him that he needs to show me that. Then he says he doesn't want to take me away from my family. And I tell him I raised my kids and I'm just watching my grandkids until I can get out of here. I told him it's time for me to live my life because it was put on hold while my kids were growing up. I told him I watch the grandkids so that I'm not just sitting at home waiting for him to be ready. I am so madly in love with this man but I don't know what to do.

                                                                                    • Johan Kristoffer Karlsen

                                                                                      Dear Jeffree,
                                                                                      Just adopt the philosophy of Spock and say NEXT to all the negativity. Who gives a shit? I can feel that you are happy with him.
                                                                                      The rest is not important. ❤️❤️❤️

                                                                                      • yuliana lopez
                                                                                        yuliana lopez  3 days back

                                                                                        i love the relationship and bond you and nate have! keep on loving each other and ignore everyone’s negativity

                                                                                        • Patricia Kavanaugh
                                                                                          Patricia Kavanaugh  3 days back

                                                                                          Thank you for being real I love your heart you make me want to cry

                                                                                          • MadameAk47
                                                                                            MadameAk47  3 days back

                                                                                            Ok...First of all, Grand Rapids isn't a small town. Love your videos but not feeling the Michigan put-downs. We do have brand lovers here who can afford things. Ever heard of Detroit?

                                                                                            • Baby Eskie's Angel
                                                                                              Baby Eskie's Angel  3 days back

                                                                                              Omfg i love u Jeffery dont ever let the world get u down u are a beautiful person and u inspire me in many ways i wish i could meet u. U are my idol stay beautiful u are a queen

                                                                                              • Tanya Gibbons
                                                                                                Tanya Gibbons  3 days back

                                                                                                You're you! That's it! Period.

                                                                                                • Kate williams
                                                                                                  Kate williams  3 days back

                                                                                                  Why do people even give a hoot anymore about sexuality. Like I think its beautiful to just love who you 💘 love. But i do see you as a woman. Like thw best. Lol your so awesome. I wish i was so good at makeup and beauty and style. Your the ultimate classy well rounded woman. .... I dunno. You are just, you. Jeffery. Lol how do you put a label on you? Haha your your own person. I wish i could be so confident. :/