Bill Belichick Reacts To Antonio Brown Rape Allegations, Full Reaction From Doug Kyed


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  • Brent Barker
    Brent Barker  4 days back

    Stop saying RAPE - fake news civil suit -a Me Too fee $$

    • Jebac budala
      Jebac budala  1 weeks back

      AB wont give bitch the mony she can fuck her ugly ass,cant w8 to see him in pats unis fucking whores on evry corner

      • Thomas Kelly
        Thomas Kelly  1 weeks back

        This "woman" is either a complete idiot or her husband to be thought with all the controversy around AB he would simply pay for them to go away........or both

        • Aaron williams
          Aaron williams  1 weeks back

          Always going to be a gold digging whore coming out of the woodworks to falsely accuse a man of rape. And you’re not allowed to believe the “man” because of “me too.”

          • one freebird
            one freebird  1 weeks back

            Personally I think these allegations are disgusting and faults I think the woman involved in this is looking for a quick paycheck and if this supposedly happened in 2018 why is she coming out now in September 2019 it makes no sense she's probably pissed off because a relationship didn't work out and they had a falling out and now this is what she's doing she needs to face jail time for this so if it was such a problem for her then why now in September 2019 instead of 2018 this happens way too much from women like her and needs to stop I also think that women should not be in the locker rooms because I seen something yesterday on YouTube with a woman reporter in the locker room of the Patriots interviewing with the guys after their win this past weekend and the guys are getting undressed and walking around with hardly anything on. A woman does not belong in the locker rooms at all I think that if a woman's going to be a reporter she should be reporting out on the field or somewhere away from the guys. I think that in any sport there should be only guys for therapy sessions whatever the case maybe that is a one-on-one. it happens way too often and all it takes is a point of a finger whether it's true or not and it ruins people's lives just because somebody gets a hair across their ass and something doesn't go their way in this is the type of disgusting things that women are pulling. I think there needs to be a change in the rules in any sport that involves women in the locker room and other places that may cause problems for players because you would never see a man in a woman's locker room because then the de be a real big problem so why is there a woman being a personal trainer or massage therapist or reporter in places where they should not be unacceptable.

            • Wayne Harriman
              Wayne Harriman  1 weeks back

              So, Brown's "trainer" outed herself as a dumb greedy whore. Why else would she follow him home for milk and cookies after he allegedly jacked off on her back on her last visit?

              • jin park
                jin park  1 weeks back

                Guy hiring female personal trainer is like hiring female personal sex therapist. Guy is horny as hell and fluids will flow.

                • D.S. Wood
                  D.S. Wood  1 weeks back

                  "This thing was out on social media," so the Patriots need to excavate the bowels of the internet world to find any damning or positive information about a person? Didn't we learn anything on the whole Kavanaugh debacle? These are allegations. And the Patriots SHOULD practice restraint, as they are with Patrick Chung. Due process affords every American no matter how selfish they are with their team, how obnoxious they've been in the league or how much of a diva they are. I think the NFL should follow suit and not cave into the cultural pressure to banish, cancel, condemn or fire someone over a claim. To the claim itself, let the justice system deal with its veracity not the NFL. Let the NFL deal with Brown once more facts and findings surface and when that happens, the Patriots can make a better and much more informed decision on Antonio Brown. Common sense.

                  • chris passi
                    chris passi  1 weeks back

                    I don't care if AB did rape that girl as long as he helps us with another championship.

                    Go Pats !!

                    • Kevin Porterfield
                      Kevin Porterfield  1 weeks back

                      The NFL love's rapiest

                      • T E
                        T E  1 weeks back

                        Kevin Porterfield lol

                      • Kevin Porterfield
                        Kevin Porterfield  1 weeks back

                        @T E ur a fage 😆

                      • T E
                        T E  1 weeks back

                        Kevin Porterfield you don’t love English class though...

                    • Skank Tank 986
                      Skank Tank 986  1 weeks back

                      I bet Tom is having second thoughts about AB living in his house with his wife right about now.

                    • Extra Guac
                      Extra Guac  1 weeks back

                      Talking about helmets, Jesus 🤦🏾‍♂️

                      • Z needs
                        Z needs  1 weeks back

                        Let’s go patriots let’s go nation..... AB is good she wants money 💰 but nah.... let’s go AB...... Shitrrrr

                        • P_ Roc33
                          P_ Roc33  1 weeks back


                          • Gary Chalifoux
                            Gary Chalifoux  1 weeks back

                            you mean "Belichick does NOT respond to the AB situation don't you????