Do You Know Gun Laws In America?


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    REACT   1 weeks back

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    • Joey Ruth
      Joey Ruth  8 hours back

      oof itsLani you didn’t learn anything from this video. Trust me! I’m not trying to be mean or anything like that, everything they said is wrong, dishonest and straight up disrespectful. Their sources are invalid, no one on here knows anything about guns and they didn’t go into detail about state level gun laws. Please! I recommend you do your own research and get the real truth. There is nothing truthful about this video at all

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      BuriedGamingHQ  20 hours back Brand new video , like , comment and sub for future videos!

      Small youtuber looking to grow!

    • awolfalone2006
      awolfalone2006  2 days back

      REACT channel, I would like to suggest that you have this discussion with some YouTube gun channels as well. Maybe not just in studio. Take some of your normal staff and meet with people like Mat Best from Black Rifle Coffee, Matt from Demolition Ranch, The Warrior Poet Society, The AK Guy, Forgotten Weapons, and the crew from Taofledermaus. Bring in some LEOs and gun store/firing range owners as well from places other than California. No politicians. Honest round table discussion. I believe that would be educational for all sides of the argument.

  • Αλέξανδρος Κατίναs

    me:*ships trudi and sharon*

    my mind:not a good video to think about that

    • sheebzz 91
      sheebzz 91  2 hours back

      The gun show loophole is a myth.

      • Aostr
        Aostr  2 hours back


    • Rajvi Mehta
      Rajvi Mehta  3 hours back


      • Aimee Jayne Jones
        Aimee Jayne Jones  6 hours back

        In Britain. We're allowed guns. You have such extensive background checks though. I'd never be allowed a gun, I have depression and anxiety the government would not allow me to own a gun at all. They also do not allow those who have been discharged from the military to have guns because they know how to use them professionally.

        • Shadow
          Shadow  6 hours back

          I agree with more extensive initial background checks to include more extensive domestic, mental, and local PD info. I do not agree with banning certain weapons due to the right to protect myself from all enemies foreign and domestic, to include government. I believe that in the event or even unlikely event that i have to defend myself from the gov't, it should be a even playing field.

          • Tijana _
            Tijana _  4 hours back

            @prodigypenn Yup.

          • prodigypenn
            prodigypenn  5 hours back

            I agree, but honestly civilians have nowhere near the hardware that the govt. does, and this is not even including the tanks, jets and bombs or other heavier ordinance.

        • lealah greene
          lealah greene  8 hours back

          One time when we were in a lockdown at my school a teacher's phone went off and I was worried that if there was a shooter we would get caught.

          • Toredus
            Toredus  8 hours back

            Wait!... They have gun laws??

            • ep brown
              ep brown  11 hours back

              Im from new zealand and when our prime minister love her so maacch! Acted so fast during the mass shooting earlier this year to outlaw military guns was so amazing i hope usa can ban the soon

              • Bradlee Daniels
                Bradlee Daniels  2 hours back

                Yeah that's why if you ever come to the U.S I will probably shoot you

              • Josh Wells
                Josh Wells  4 hours back

                @Lexie L correct. The 2nd Amendment isn't going anywhere and you definitely aren't changing anyone's minds. Until someone comes up with the cure for all violence anyways.... At that point, I'll consider it.

            • Adam Myles Gordon
              Adam Myles Gordon  12 hours back

              I live in Ireland and there is shootings over here and we are a no gun country

              • bqqr
                bqqr  7 hours back

                Aren't the IRA involved in the majority of those shootings?

              • Gerald Lee
                Gerald Lee  8 hours back

                Adam , let me get this straight. So criminals , break the law. Super crazy . In the USA we put these "No firearms allowed " stickers & it stops them in their tracks .

            • Under Construction
              Under Construction  13 hours back

              I'm extremely glad I found this video. I will never watch another react channel video again.

              • Αλέξανδρος Κατίναs
                Αλέξανδρος Κατίναs  1 hours back

                @JulySub thats sooooo not what he said

              • Tijana _
                Tijana _  4 hours back


              • JulySub
                JulySub  5 hours back

                why not? Are you against something they said such as preventing people with a criminal record, potentially dangerous and with mental problems can carrying a firearm with which they can hurt someone else or something like that?

              • Talena Bell
                Talena Bell  6 hours back


              • colieepops
                colieepops  8 hours back

                why not?

            • Jimmy Machell
              Jimmy Machell  15 hours back

              Where did they get these info from? KY gun laws are strict then. Maybe they need to fact check before giving any other info.

              • Thelectricgirl
                Thelectricgirl  16 hours back

                I understand everyone saying that gun laws will not fix everything. Obviously it wont end all violence ever. People can still stab othere or use fire, etc etc. But that doesn't mean stricter gun laws will not HELP the problem.
                (I dont know about you, but I would prefer my chances with someone with a knife then someone with an ak-47)

                • DaftDerp
                  DaftDerp  16 hours back

                  2:15 The 2nd Amendment and the right to live are one in the same....

                  • David Thomas
                    David Thomas  16 hours back

                    People in California think they speak for everyone

                    • Audra Hofacker
                      Audra Hofacker  16 hours back

                      RIP Christina Grimmie

                    • Buddy Scogin
                      Buddy Scogin  18 hours back

                      Gun laws do not fix gun problems. Never have, cause only good people follow the law. Bad people ignore laws.

                      • Jonathan Aponte
                        Jonathan Aponte  3 hours back

                        @ezpizi last I saw was 95 guns per 100 us citizens. But either way it's alot...

                      • linkman owo
                        linkman owo  5 hours back

                        Daylenify Are you saying that the U.S. is the only country with mass shootings? Please, we don’t even come close to the top countries with the most mass shootings.

                      • Daylenify
                        Daylenify  6 hours back

                        then why only the US has this Problem?

                    • Vinicius Webster
                      Vinicius Webster  18 hours back

                      in brazil its almost impossible to buy a gun legally, yet, 63.880 murders every year.

                      • JulySub
                        JulySub  5 hours back

                        In United States it is very possible to get a weapon, so far this year there have been more than 250 mass shootings by people who mostly carried weapons legally, just because in a place apparently without weapons (it is actually easy to get weapons in Brazil) There are also murders doesn't mean that having them is the solution or less worse

                      • Jules
                        Jules  6 hours back

                        now think about how many there'd be if you could get them as easily as in the US

                    • Vinicius Webster
                      Vinicius Webster  18 hours back

                      from my cold dead hands

                      • lakikoi
                        lakikoi  21 hours back

                        my dad has educated me since I was a young child on the dangers of guns but taught me how to respect them. I shouldn't have to get a license or sign off on them.

                        those who use guns to massacre others make the responsible gun owners look like crazy gun lovers who don't want to give up their 2nd amendment. I do agree the background check needs to be more in-depth but other than that..I don't think it will stop people who really want to hurt others.

                        • bruchpilot747
                          bruchpilot747  7 hours back

                          @lakikoi "You don't know my family nor our relationships with guns to call me an irresponsible gun owner." Neither can I call you responsible because I don't freaking know you, your family and their / your relationships with guns.

                        • lakikoi
                          lakikoi  10 hours back

                          rotciv003 rotciv003 No. Me not wanting to get a license is me practicing my second amendment. You don't know my family nor our relationships with guns to call me an irresponsible gun owner. my father locks our guns away in a safe that needs not only a code but a key. I have no access to that code and the key. That safe is also locked inside another room where again, I have no key. It's safe to say my dad knows how to handle and store his guns more than the parents who leave them out freely for their children to take. I am not a irresponsible gun owner for not wanting to put my name down on a license for the government to see. My family is very responsible with our guns and I have no other reason to think otherwise. Also I said, more thorough background checks SHOULD be done but either way, people will still get their guns.

                        • rotciv003
                          rotciv003  10 hours back

                          Not agreeing to some sort of license for a gun, while needing one for a car makes you look like non responsible gun owners. How am I supposed to know if your father's teachings where up to standards? I'm glad you trust your father but I bet you can think of a few dads that you wouldn't trust. How can your dad judge if your mentally stable you are? Most parents of suicide victims had "no idea" that their kid was depressed.
                          Also, while you think it wouldn't save people, statistics from other countries show differently. So yeah, in my book, not even wanting to try to go through some lessons and checks from someone else than your dad to save people's lives seems like a crazy decision to me.

                      • Sean Medellin
                        Sean Medellin  22 hours back

                        2nd amendment needs to be updated 1000% percent all amendments should every 30-50 years

                        • Sean Medellin
                          Sean Medellin  2 hours back

                          Bradlee Daniels you’re a sociopath

                        • Bradlee Daniels
                          Bradlee Daniels  2 hours back

                          Yeah if you touch that second amendment we are gonna have a civil war more bloody and deadly than the last.

                        • Josh Wells
                          Josh Wells  7 hours back

                          That isn't how it works... Never has been, never will be.

                        • I_AM_JAZMERE
                          I_AM_JAZMERE  19 hours back

                          That's a great point

                      • Bradlee Daniels
                        Bradlee Daniels  22 hours back

                        A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

                        • Ryan Vigus
                          Ryan Vigus  1 hours back

                          @Josh Wells How does your gun protect you from an ICBM being launched from literally halfway around the world or a drone dropping bombs on your house from a height you can't see? Until you can answer that your claim that the 2nd will protect you from the standing army is BS.

                          When the 2nd was written the avg citizen could stand up to military grade weapons because the most dangerous weapon was a cannon. That's not even close to the case today and our laws need to adjust as our technology does.

                        • Buddy Scogin
                          Buddy Scogin  3 hours back

                          Patrick Holt I also disagree that a militia is unnecessary. If Congress does nothing about the border....citizens will have to fight MS13 etc. This is slowly building to a head and once the illegals start larger gangs and begin looting isolated farmsteads, we the people will need to respond. A govt funded militia is no longer needed sine we can afford our own but the responsibility of citizens to be armed for defense is not to be infringed. I can’t see the ambiguity here. How else do you think Guatemala got in the current state ( slow build up of MS13 gangs in small rural centers) until they were too powerful to stop.

                        • Buddy Scogin
                          Buddy Scogin  3 hours back

                          Patrick Holt I respectfully disagree. The regulation that was indicated was in context to the day. This was intended to put the govt on the hook for cost and to ensure proliferation among citizens. Not put citizens on the hook for govt control. In that day, the king owned all military arms for militia and those were under guard. Citizens were often unable to afford military grade firearms and had only hunting rifles. We cannot forget the context.

                        • Bradlee Daniels
                          Bradlee Daniels  5 hours back

                          @Josh Wells I agree. Finnally someone who has common sense.

                      • Robert Coman
                        Robert Coman  22 hours back

                        Why would you need a firearm anyway

                        • lealah greene
                          lealah greene  7 hours back

                          To hunt for meat or if you live out in the woods like I do to protect yourself.

                        • CaliPatriot88
                          CaliPatriot88  13 hours back

                          It's called the Bill of Rights, not the Bill of Needs

                      • FH Rage
                        FH Rage  23 hours back

                        3:12 completely wrong after the mandatory buy back in Australia violence went way up

                        • PepeGearSolid
                          PepeGearSolid  23 hours back

                          Jackass Californians shilling for the left.

                          • Riley Jiles
                            Riley Jiles  23 hours back

                            Gun Shows should have strict laws introduced

                            • Josh Wells
                              Josh Wells  6 hours back

                              @Riley Jiles guns at gun shows DO have to be background checked. Vendors at gun shows are required to hold an FFL license. All FFL license businesses HAVE to do a NICS background inquiry. Quit buying the MSM BS they feed you. Get educated. Can't stand you Sheep. If you have an issue, it is with the fact there is no requirement that no background checks have to be done on private gun sales(person to person if your not smart enough to understand).

                            • Riley Jiles
                              Riley Jiles  18 hours back

                              I'll start by saying I am in favor of my second amendment and own black rifles and handguns. But then if you dont buy it and they are just making it up let them put in a law that requires background checks at gun shows and nothing will change for you.

                            • Buddy Scogin
                              Buddy Scogin  18 hours back

                              Yeah....I don’t buy this gun show loophole crap..,,,just like I don’t buy most of what Dems say these days. Every gun show I have attended performs the same checks that are required at any store.

                            • john doe
                              john doe  20 hours back

                              Every gun show that I have been to and heard of (which is quit a few), requires a background check. This "Gun Show Loop" is a scape goat for people who want to ban guns and make things more strict then necessary.

                          • Jo Williams
                            Jo Williams  1 days back

                            So.....people who commit white collar crimes are generally not guilty of crimes of violence, so why are they grouped in the "criminal background" category? White collar crime is generally comprised of things like fraud, embezzlement, etc. No measurable history there of gun violence to refer to in this.

                            • Jo Williams
                              Jo Williams  4 hours back

                              @john doeYou didn't get my point. But oh well, it is not worth arguing over.

                            • john doe
                              john doe  20 hours back

                              Breaking the law in any form comes with consequences and this happens to be one of them, if they were exempt then people would have to base things on opinion on whether which crimes are valid of removing your ability to buy a gun. In my opinion any crime on your record should mean that you are not fit to abide by the laws and are not fit to legally own a gun.

                          • Daschickenify
                            Daschickenify  1 days back

                            Kids in the U.S. also used to bring guns to school as part of shooting clubs. There were plenty of guns around, but those mass school shootings just didn't happen nearly as often, so something changed..

                            • Audra Hofacker
                              Audra Hofacker  2 hours back

                              @Torino Deguzman right. Like everyone is so desensitized to it, it's the same as talking about the weather now

                            • Torino Deguzman
                              Torino Deguzman  16 hours back

                              @Audra Hofacker there also media over-saturation. We think it's common because the media runs it 24 7

                            • Audra Hofacker
                              Audra Hofacker  16 hours back

                              I honestly think the sensationalizing done by the media is the reason it's so common. If it was never put on the news and thus put into people's minds, this wouldn't be happening.

                            • Torino Deguzman
                              Torino Deguzman  22 hours back

                              Gun free zones happened cause what do you know people don't shoot up places where anyone could have a gun on them.

                          • Tom Krysiak
                            Tom Krysiak  1 days back

                            Pretty scary how 'un' and 'mis' informed these young people are about guns and our Constitution. Wow.

                            • Aimee Jayne Jones
                              Aimee Jayne Jones  6 hours back

                              Ah yes, these young people dont want to be butchered therefore they're misinformed. Okay.

                            • john doe
                              john doe  20 hours back

                              And they likely all vote on gun laws, that's the scary part.

                          • Josh Wells
                            Josh Wells  1 days back

                            Excellent point about all the background checks and waiting periods. Same needs to be done for the First Amendment too. Words have been proven time and time again to be deadly under the right circumstances.

                            • Josh Wells
                              Josh Wells  7 hours back

                              @ONIX Exactly my point... Quit trying to limit the 2nd Amendment. It's no less important than the 1st.

                            • Josh Wells
                              Josh Wells  7 hours back

                              @nik v Exactly my point... Quit trying to limit the 2nd Amendment. It's no less important than the 1st.

                            • ONIX
                              ONIX  19 hours back

                              Josh Wells it’s not freedom of speech anymore after you limit it

                          • Josh Wells
                            Josh Wells  1 days back

                            It's obvious the gun owner did not read form 4473 and it's also apparent the maker of this video didn't read form 4473.

                            • Aden Facemire
                              Aden Facemire  2 hours back

                              @Josh Wells Then tell me this. Is it important to you to ever read about form 2195?

                            • Josh Wells
                              Josh Wells  1 days back

                              @Aden Facemire no, mainly because that form has to do with FHA loans. What in the literal hell are you talking about? LOL

                            • Aden Facemire
                              Aden Facemire  1 days back

                              did you read the form 3212?

                          • May04bwu
                            May04bwu  1 days back

                            *Every civilised country in the world:* has some kind of gun control, no mass shootings, attacks are very rare
                            *USA where mass shootings and attacks happen on weekly basis now:* gun control solves nothing, don't you ever touch our guns
                            I don't think I'll ever understand this mentality.

                            • Eliška Neugebauerová
                              Eliška Neugebauerová  14 minutes back

                              @john doe you must be kidding... when it comes to freedom of press most of the European countries then Australia, Canada even South Africa have more freedom when it comes to press (according to Reporters without borders: world press freedom index).. so its not true that "only us" gives freedom

                            • Kargha
                              Kargha  2 hours back

                              @Buddy Scogin Where the heck did you get the idea that the US is the only country with freedom of speech? There are plenty of countries with freedom of speech. Hell, France had freedom of speech before the US did. Sweden was the first country with freedom of press back in 1766. But for the US, yes, I could see how removal of the second amendment might put the rest of it in jeopardy.

                            • Buddy Scogin
                              Buddy Scogin  18 hours back

                              We are also the only nation in the world with freedom of speech. Take our guns away and then all other rights will slowly follow. Amendment two is the only security for all other rights

                            • john doe
                              john doe  20 hours back

                              Other countries also have serious mass shooting problems but only the U.S. gives the freedom of press and has such a large media, for example. New Zealand was arresting teenagers and adults for having the footage of the recent Mosque Shooting. They hide their shooting, the U.S. does not.

                          • Tom Stewart
                            Tom Stewart  1 days back

                            Such a variety of opinions on this panel ! Guns bad guns Bad gun bad bad gun

                            • Torino Deguzman
                              Torino Deguzman  22 hours back

                              @Lucia Mutoko send him this video. Please.

                            • Lucia Mutoko
                              Lucia Mutoko  1 days back

                              Oh mother! I foresee Steven Crowder coming Louder on this topic on this channel. TBH, FBE should have had more variety for both sides to state their case.

                          • May04bwu
                            May04bwu  1 days back

                            All it takes for me to tear up is to see Christina's name. Such tragedy.

                            • News America
                              News America  1 days back

                              South Africa has the second highest rate of gun-related deaths in the world and China is leading the world in school mass stabbing while The UK got acid attack and knife attack going on ..

                              • Josh Wells
                                Josh Wells  6 hours back

                                @Papi - then move to Chicago or St. Louis and walk around at night. Plenty of gun laws there to protect you and make you feel better.

                              • Jennifer Wang-Filomeo
                                Jennifer Wang-Filomeo  16 hours back

                                You take guns away bad peoples will find other ways to hurt other people. Like in Europe where bad peoples are driving their cars through crowds. Evil will always find a way.

                            • its Me
                              its Me  1 days back

                              My evaluation of this group, that sound like there extras in a valley girl movie. Their next collective challenge will to be to change a light bulb.

                              • its Me
                                its Me  1 days back

                                If congress want to pass a new law, it should inventory all the gun laws in the united states. From local, county, state, to federal. Now here is common sense

                                • Josh Wells
                                  Josh Wells  6 hours back

                                  That is the exact opposite of common sense. That would be like asking the Government to count every single rat in Baltimore. It would take decades, all while more are being produced every day.

                                • hopee changee
                                  hopee changee  1 days back

                                  hehe......that should keep them busy for a while!

                              • suineg1
                                suineg1  2 days back

                                So many gun-nuts in the comments defending their right to obliterate normal people with semi\full automatic rifles !
                                First world country problems !

                                • bob migarski
                                  bob migarski  18 hours back

                                  "gun nut" here i own 23 guns from a musket to a .50 i have no intention to "obliterate" people and automatic weapons have been banned since the 1980s and under bill clinton "assault weapons"were banned which had no affect on gun crime

                                • Ryan Lacy
                                  Ryan Lacy  18 hours back

                                  suineg1 I’m not sure if you know this, but murder is not a right. Also, The United States violent crime rate is incredibly low.

                                • Justin Richardson
                                  Justin Richardson  18 hours back

                                  Come and TAKEM TRAITORS!

                                • CaliPatriot88
                                  CaliPatriot88  22 hours back

                                  My rights don't end where your feelings begin.

                              • A Padgett
                                A Padgett  2 days back

                                How is the war on drugs going????

                                • john doe
                                  john doe  19 hours back

                                  This is such an important comment. Just because you ban something doesn't mean it magically disappears. you could remove every gun from the U.S. AND ban them but they'd still be smuggled in.

                                • Alex Park
                                  Alex Park  1 days back

                                  Ask the CIA

                              • bluepeng889
                                bluepeng889  2 days back

                                "Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin.  

                                "Laws that forbid the carrying of arms disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes... Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man." - Thomas Jefferson 

                                "No freeman shall ever be debarred the use of arms" - Thomas Jefferson 

                                And no, I don't care if these were said 200 years ago or not, it's still true to this very day.

                                • Aimee Jayne Jones
                                  Aimee Jayne Jones  6 hours back

                                  Yeah they're really not applicable. This isn't the 1700s anymore buddy maybe try and get with the modern era

                                • 1v1me m8
                                  1v1me m8  1 days back

                                  James Hamilton I wasn’t saying anything about the quotes I’m talking about the “it’s still true to this day but”

                                • James Hamilton
                                  James Hamilton  1 days back

                                  1v1me m8, in what way are those still not true?

                              • Sander Nielsen
                                Sander Nielsen  2 days back

                                Nikolas Cruz was declared mentally ill, but his foster parents didn't do jackshit to take his AR-15 away from him.

                                • Aimee Jayne Jones
                                  Aimee Jayne Jones  6 hours back

                                  @Ryan Lacy are you that dense? That was clearly sarcastic.

                                • Ryan Lacy
                                  Ryan Lacy  18 hours back

                                  You can’t get a gun delivered to your house.

                                • Anym
                                  Anym  1 days back

                                  and yet he was able to GET a gun. that's the issue. he has been declared mentally ill and I am sure that he didn't do anything to indicate it, and yet he still was able to get a gun. 5 minute background check and an order now, in-house tomorrow gun deliverance.

                                • Google User
                                  Google User  1 days back

                                  Proof as AWAYS this is parenting problem not a GUN problem!

                              • Ryan Vigus
                                Ryan Vigus  2 days back

                                I think we should follow the Chris Rock approach where guns are permitted, but every bullet costs 5K.

                                • Aimee Jayne Jones
                                  Aimee Jayne Jones  6 hours back

                                  Ah an intelligent comment.

                                • Ryan Vigus
                                  Ryan Vigus  2 days back

                                  @Mario G Wait what do you think is called fraud?

                                  "the second is to protect a free state from the tyranny, I would like an ar15 to do that."

                                  So how does an AR15 stop an ICBM from being launch from literally halfway across the world or a drone from dropping bombs on your house from a height that you can't see? If a tyrannical government wants to murder you, your civilian version of the M16 isn't going to stop them.

                                  You're right about context though. The 2nd was created when the most dangerous weapon was a cannon. It's about time we update it for the times that exist now don't you think?

                              • Justan Sawyer
                                Justan Sawyer  2 days back

                                there was no discussion here... there was no one ith a different opinion who knew what they were talking about with guns. this is such a waste of time.

                                • Axxidous
                                  Axxidous  2 days back

                                  I mean.... read the title

                              • John Mallory
                                John Mallory  2 days back

                                When seconds count the police are only minutes away.

                                • Savannah Anderson
                                  Savannah Anderson  7 hours back

                                  Where I live it takes them around 30 mins to respond... so what a help they would be?

                                • FH Rage
                                  FH Rage  22 hours back

                                  @Axxidous You could either defend yourself or depend on someone else who is 5-10 minutes away

                              • Ryan King
                                Ryan King  2 days back

                                I have anxiety and depression. Do you see me killing people? Uh no!

                              • Axxidous
                                Axxidous  2 days back

                                People feel too personally about their stance on guns. So we’ll never get anywhere. People need to be able to discuss, not debate.

                                Talk about what works and what doesn’t without getting mad and insulting each other. If someone disagrees with you, it shouldn’t be hard to be like “Oh really? What makes you say that?” And try to understand where they are coming from rather than getting all defensive. You don’t have to let yourself be convinced and you don’t have to purposely try to avoid being convinced. DISCUSS. Think of ideas. Also we’re already getting mass shootings so we don’t have much to lose by trial and errors. At least then I’d know if someone I cared about was a victim I would know that the rules in place at the time were an attempt to prevent it rather than idiocy that caused it because of pride that makes people hate one another.

                                Having the 2nd Amendment Right is not important just because it’s what you were taught. That means you have an emotional attachment to the idea whether it’s right or wrong. What’s important is WHY we have the right and should keep it. Include it in the discussion. Simple. Quit being stubborn.

                                • Aimee Jayne Jones
                                  Aimee Jayne Jones  5 hours back

                                  I'm so shocked. Watching innocent people and children dying causes humans emotional beings. To become emotional. I AM SHOCKED.

                              • RemainsThat
                                RemainsThat  2 days back

                                Why don´t you talk about the risks that other countries faces because of your stupid law, for example, the drug war in Mexico, the Narcos has a lot of ultimate generation guns that they exchange for drugs in USA, the principal consumer of those, so the military and the police doesn´t have those ultimate generation guns, so in conclusion, US citizens has to stop think they are the only think that matters, for good or bad their actions has reactions in other places,