11 Parenting Mistakes That Ruin a Child’s Growth

  • Published: 15 June 2019
  • All parents have their own – unique – way of bringing up their kids. Many of them work in order to be able to buy new toys for them, others are strict because they want their children to be disciplined and goal-oriented, others give their children a choice and teach them to make decisions on their own. Every family has its own ways of upbringing, but there is one thing that all parents have in common: when they look back, they all want to fix some of the mistakes they made in the past.

    The first years of a child’s life are a magical time that you should enjoy. Because in the future, you might regret some lost opportunities. So, take a look at the things that many parents regret in order to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

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    They scolded their children too often 0:22
    They missed out on the most important moments 1:09
    They didn’t play enough creative games 1:55
    They didn’t take enough photos and videos 2:39
    They didn’t take their child’s opinion into account 3:23
    They didn’t enjoy communicating with their child 4:18
    They didn’t educate them about money 4:57
    They didn’t make their child happy enough 5:50
    They didn’t hug their children often enough 6:35
    They weren’t consistent 7:20
    They often followed someone else’s advice 8:13

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    - Reprimanding a child for something they did wrong is totally normal. But sometimes parents go overboard and it turns into nitpicking.
    - Even if you think you have a good reason to miss your child's school play, do your best to be present. Find time to visit grandma, go to the theatre, decorate your house for the holidays.
    - Of course, simply playing creative games with your kids won’t necessarily make them great artists or musicians in the future. But, hey, there’s always a chance. Doing this has a lot of other advantages as well.
    - Obviously, not taking photos won’t have any bad impact on your kids’ lives. But it’s the best way to capture amazing moments that you don’t want to forget.
    - “You’re too young to decide”, “Adults know better” are probably phrases you heard quite often when you were a kid. But this kind of attitude from parents can have a serious impact on a kid’s future.
    - Communication between parents and kids is probably the most important thing in upbringing. So if you don’t put aside enough time for it, one day you’ll wake up and realize that your child has grown up already and is living their own life.
    - Without education on personal finance and responsible spending, children don’t understand the real worth of money. And when they grow up, they find it hard to manage their own income.
    - Good memories from our childhood are a real treasure for most of us. We like to go back in our mind to that time when we were carefree, and quite often every day was filled with doing something for the first time.
    - Hugs are not only a perfect way to show affection, but also scientifically proven to be good for our health, because they help protect against stress.
    - Kids get confused about what’s allowed and what’s not. Without clear boundaries, they probably won’t behave the way you want them to, and obedience issues become inevitable.
    - Never forget that YOU are the parent, so it’s up to you to decide what’s best for your kids. Also, don’t let strangers scold your child for misbehaving.

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    Hey there, BrightSiders, how many children would you like to have?

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    " Bye Dad, thanks for *NOTHING* "

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      video is good but the example of why you cant bring every dog home is wrong.. disease!.. promoting bad opinions on poor strays that have a hard life already. and teaching your kid to fear poor animals due to lurgies...shame

      • Boa Hancock
        Boa Hancock  5 days back

        I can relate to this a lot as a 14 teen

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          Dario Millan  6 days back

          I made it half way threw the video. Thanks, but I'd rather raise my kid to be an adult

          • Mr J
            Mr J  6 days back

            A mistake I definitely see alot of parents do is not hugging their children enough...for goodness sake show ur kid that u love them! I dk if it's some sort of " I'm too cool to do that" or a " he's gonna be soft thing"
            the ignorance of some people amazes me...

            • Chris Mazelle
              Chris Mazelle  6 days back

              well this dont work in a black household 😂

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                It's me K AOK  7 days back

                Do something EXCITING every day with your kid..smhhh....

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                  Surf Team  7 days back

                  how about leaving a bowl of water out and the iPad at 100% for the kids before you leave to hit the club at night? Thats the best advice ever.

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                    Good Advice !

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                      Thanks for this wonderful tips..

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                        In this case I am the kid 😀

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                          What’s wrong with pizza for lunch?

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                            Good info!

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                              Great info!! Having my daughter soon I’ll be sure to use these tips ♥️♥️🙏🏽

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                                Well i have immatured parents

                                They asking me why i have pinoles
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                                • J May
                                  J May  1 weeks back

                                  No parent is perfect. We all make mistakes. Mine made mistakes but I had a happy childhood. There are a few bad memories but mostly good.

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                                    • Crystal Bee
                                      Crystal Bee  1 weeks back

                                      I have few (maybe 3) fond child hood memories of my parents. Most of the the mistakes the narrorator said parents make was made by my parents... the mistakes had a negative impact on me even now as an adult.

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                                        Way to many people on this planet

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                                              Litterly all of these i renember in preschool kindergarden and first grade they would not come to school for any plays or ceramonies where i would get awards i would look for my mom and dad and they never be there compared to other kids with there families huging smileing

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                                                Joanna Magalong

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                                                  Useful video but it should be in Hindi also

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                                                    i trying to be better mom for my son..God please guide me alway🙏

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                                                      Eddy B  2 weeks back

                                                      So far I think am a great first time mum because I have more than enough time for my baby and I capture every wonderful moments of him don't want him out of my sight for 1 minute🙂the only downfall I have is the scolding part most Times but am human cant help it...but will try my best to make it much better...but not easy with kids thou🙂

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                                                            I am a parent. Thanks for this video. 😊

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                                                              When my dad play the duck doll with me

                                                              When my dad care about me when I have a motor accident

                                                              When my mom didn't angry with me even I loss my gold necklace

                                                              When my mom give a chance to my boyfriend to work with her and the fact let me know that he was not the perfect guy for me.

                                                              Thanks God for my parents.
                                                              Of course they made mistakes.. But ithey're human, not angels

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                                                                It's better fidling with phone than wearing a mask in front of people who ignore you...

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                                                                  4:60 though i didn't tell my 5 year toddler about money education but still when his father take leave from office my kid says dad why aren't you went to office if there is no Sunday if u take leave then what we will n what we will buy if there's no money. Actually sometimes we laugh n shocked also that my little kid is talking so maturely but we're happy that he learn something on his own. Thank u bright side cz it will give lots of parents best ideas to tackle with their children n parents will learn so many things which surely help in the future😀

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                                                                        Hey there,
                                                                        First of all, don't worry. Depression is very normal and all of us go through it at some point in our life.
                                                                        Find someone to talk to. Tell your parents about this. If they're supportive, go to a psychiatrist. But if they're not supportive, just google some helpline numbers who help people to battle with depression. Since you commented here, I'm sure you'll be able to search for your options.
                                                                        Talk with your friends, even if you're a boy. They'll always help you. Always know that people who actually know you will help you better than strangers!

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                                                                      My favorite childhood memory is zero.

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                                                                            Technically money does grow on trees because money is paper and paper comes from trees

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                                                                              This is all true

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                                                                                          I find it troubling when you say all parents so and so. My parents were nothing short of monstrous, and I was eventually removed. No, all parents do not do so and so. You should say “most” not “all”, in my opinion. Then it wouldn’t erase the experience of people like me. It is also simply more accurate.

                                                                                          • Ela Belmont
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                                                                                            You can be real good parent but your child become a monster... :((