Carlos Carrasco details return from leukemia | MLB


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  • Jeremy Molnar
    Jeremy Molnar  1 weeks back

    Cookie and his family are amazing people. Always helping people.

    • Dan Kelly
      Dan Kelly  1 weeks back

      It would be the coolest thing if Cookie pitches with leukemia. FUCK YOU CANCER.

      • Elias Reyes
        Elias Reyes  1 weeks back

        Love you cookie we will always be there for you

        • Ben Clegg
          Ben Clegg  1 weeks back

          Amazing interview. Go Carlos!

          • kroos giro
            kroos giro  1 weeks back

            He is a fighter

            • A Rebel With A Cause
              A Rebel With A Cause  1 weeks back

              God bless

              • Bhart Tv
                Bhart Tv  1 weeks back

                SANTA MARIA 🙏🏾

                • Geronimo Che
                  Geronimo Che  1 weeks back

                  this guy should take a year off, forget about baseball for now, heal up bro <3

                  • Ben Carrasco
                    Ben Carrasco  1 weeks back

                    Prayers from san antonio, my name is also cookie carrasco 🙏🙏🙏

                    • L B_native
                      L B_native  1 weeks back


                      • Brendan Villafane
                        Brendan Villafane  1 weeks back

                        Hope you get well soon Carlos. You will join a Cleveland Indians rotation that will be stacked, scary and unhittable.

                        • Daddy Green's New Deal
                          Daddy Green's New Deal  1 weeks back

                          You're going to beat this Cookie!

                          • Zenigundam
                            Zenigundam  1 weeks back

                            RIP Mr. Carrasco. I've never heard of anybody surviving leukemia. Live the rest of your life to the fullest, dude, use every. MLB penny you earned on hot b--ches.

                            • jTΛCTIC5
                              jTΛCTIC5  1 weeks back

                              He has a form of it where he just needs to take a pill, no chemo needed. I think he will be fine.

                            • DDRR22EE
                              DDRR22EE  1 weeks back

                              @Lorenzo L agreed. I know 2 ppl who fought it and are doing well.

                            • Lorenzo L
                              Lorenzo L  1 weeks back

                              Your a douchebag.

                            • Lets Get It
                              Lets Get It  1 weeks back

                              Damn bro... You tough....

                            • John Appleseed
                              John Appleseed  1 weeks back

                              A lot of people survive leukemia. I trust that Cookie and the Indians can win this fight.

                          • Nehemiah Howard
                            Nehemiah Howard  1 weeks back

                            Hopefully he can come back stronger than before🙏

                            • Insane Escape
                              Insane Escape  1 weeks back