Dealing With Big Changes!


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  • The Grumps
    The Grumps   2 weeks back

    1) An Arin meme -
    2) Arin out of context by Marshal Does Stuff -
    3) Burgie has the secret ability to make socks grow by Anmeichan -
    4) Come On Down to Burbank! by DanaJamesJones -
    5) Stop Making Love To My Dad Remix by Tony Quackston -

    • kdoesthings
      kdoesthings  7 days back

      Thanks guys

    • Dark Wolf
      Dark Wolf  1 weeks back

      How are you guys?

    • sillyoz
      sillyoz  1 weeks back

      Danny please adopt me

    • xfortunesquex
      xfortunesquex  1 weeks back

      Thank you very much for adding this!

    • Tony Quackston
      Tony Quackston  1 weeks back

      Thanks for featuring my dumb little remix! Love you guys!!

  • soggy wonton Productions

    Eating big feet

    • Lethologica02
      Lethologica02  1 days back

      I'm actually shocked. Arin's take on the Saw franchise is 100% accurate.

      • korben rice
        korben rice  1 days back

        I was shouting borf at my dogs then the grumps mention borf and I don’t know what to do now...

        • kagatoASUKA
          kagatoASUKA  1 days back

          The best Halloween movie is Trick 'R Treat.

          • OhWhoopsIt'sMak
            OhWhoopsIt'sMak  3 days back


            • tspeiro
              tspeiro  3 days back

              Holy shit these videos are golden. Not gonna lie, I got a whole new love for you two after the show in Toronto and I am looking forward to all your new content ♡

              • Alex Swanson
                Alex Swanson  3 days back

                Arin and Dan have way too much chemistry now. I no longer feel "in on it", ya know?

                • Jayadeep Ravi Varma
                  Jayadeep Ravi Varma  3 days back

                  Grump out could be a channel for the Grump bois

                  • I hate names
                    I hate names  3 days back

                    Fuck yeah Marshall

                    • Phantasm G2
                      Phantasm G2  3 days back

                      been around from the start and i STILL LOVE GAME GRUMPS <3 i always put a compilation on before i sleep and wake up to game grumps playing

                      • Alex Coleman
                        Alex Coleman  3 days back

                        There are times you guys thoroughly remind me of Bill and Ted and it's amazing

                        • Indigo Saria
                          Indigo Saria  4 days back

                          I like how 27 days a week, 4 months a year is actually more days than in a calendar year

                          Dan has hair in his mouth more days of the year than there are days in the year

                          • Steven Briseno
                            Steven Briseno  4 days back

                            I just got a weird ad. They called me a soy boy sissy for not loving the flag as much as him.

                            • Ali T
                              Ali T  4 days back

                              I crazy love this new show. I love the fan interaction they are doing.

                              • Elfie In Angel City
                                Elfie In Angel City  4 days back

                                As someone who grew up in the valley, that Burbank video was awesome!

                                • patrik bohn
                                  patrik bohn  4 days back

                                  The Spenergy

                                  • R3l3ntl3ss
                                    R3l3ntl3ss  4 days back

                                    Dan needs to watch Saw

                                    • TheItsmemaya
                                      TheItsmemaya  4 days back

                                      lowkey.......dans curls are looking mad healthy in this

                                      • Leopardkuno47
                                        Leopardkuno47  4 days back

                                        WHERE IS MY TWILIGHT PRINCESS

                                        • Leopardkuno47
                                          Leopardkuno47  4 days back

                                          I love this new show

                                          • Arcadian Spark
                                            Arcadian Spark  4 days back

                                            When Danny was like, "What's your favorite Halloween movie?" I was like a scary movie around Halloween? "Don't Look Under the Bed"> [email protected]#$ that movie.

                                            • Esfirocapto
                                              Esfirocapto  4 days back

                                              the end of the video in a nutshell
                                              "did you watch this movie?"
                                              "it's good"
                                              "did you watch that other movie?"
                                              "it's pretty good"


                                              • Gosh Darn
                                                Gosh Darn  4 days back

                                                That Arin out of context video had me crying holy shit so funny

                                                • Miranda Maldonado
                                                  Miranda Maldonado  4 days back

                                                  Mystic Kisses!!!

                                                  • Vic 989
                                                    Vic 989  4 days back

                                                    I loved the Grumps from the get and still do. You guys kick so much ass on so many levels! Rock on Grumps!

                                                    • MOTHforLife
                                                      MOTHforLife  4 days back

                                                      I started with Kirby's Epic Yarn and I've been hooked ever since. You guys are awesome!

                                                      • coldfrost dodde
                                                        coldfrost dodde  4 days back

                                                        dan cuts his hair is hits the ground and over 1 million people would gasp at the same time as if its the dark days

                                                        • Sora
                                                          Sora  4 days back

                                                          1:39 wow the subtitles actually picked it up as chitty and not shitty

                                                          • Anne s
                                                            Anne s  4 days back

                                                            If they just wanna have an entire Grump video talking about horror movies, I'd be down.

                                                            • horohorosrin
                                                              horohorosrin  4 days back

                                                              Ummmmmmmmmmmm, clearly the best and scariest Halloween movie is Ernest Scared Stupid. =\ DUH.

                                                              • Raids The Hedgehog 206

                                                                Arin is Mario Confirmed

                                                                • e11emen
                                                                  e11emen  5 days back

                                                                  I thought it said "Dealing with Big Chungus"

                                                                  • kdoesthings
                                                                    kdoesthings  5 days back

                                                                    12:53 now you have a brother
                                                                    Enjoy sobs at night

                                                                    • Kill Kam
                                                                      Kill Kam  5 days back

                                                                      I cant wait for them to read the comments and half of them are people wishing for them to finish the many game series they still havent gotten done. Such as: Link between worlds, etc...

                                                                      • TJ123Hedgehog
                                                                        TJ123Hedgehog  5 days back

                                                                        GameGrumps Chat episode 2

                                                                        • Nico Di Angelo
                                                                          Nico Di Angelo  5 days back

                                                                          Sorry I really lost interest after Jon left the show

                                                                          • Angelic Catastrophe
                                                                            Angelic Catastrophe  5 days back

                                                                            Love you guys

                                                                            • Sithy Q
                                                                              Sithy Q  5 days back

                                                                              Actually, if you think about it, a weekly 5 second video of a kiss blown by a grump wouldn't be a bad idea. It would only take a couple of hours to record a year's worth. You could go around the office and get employees involved, and guest grumps could be encouraged to do one, too... Even encourage guest grumps to choose a charity and donate the proceeds to their blowey kisses. They'd easy to turn into gifs, encourage viewers to check in every week, and even give you a lil something to donate and write off at the end of the year. Grumpy Kissing booth anyone?

                                                                              • Elber Gudo
                                                                                Elber Gudo  5 days back

                                                                                Can Arin beat the flower in battle kid???

                                                                                • Max Webster
                                                                                  Max Webster  5 days back

                                                                                  Been around for 5 almost six years and I've had periods where I've grown past you guys but I always end up coming back with the same love I had for you the first time I watched. I love seeing YOUR growth and change. - maybe not ALWAYS a fan, always a family member.

                                                                                  • Alex Coleman
                                                                                    Alex Coleman  5 days back

                                                                                    Movies for Dan and Arin's date night:
                                                                                    Halloween 2018
                                                                                    AND EVERY CLASSIC EITHER OF THEM HAVEN'T SEEN

                                                                                    • Kaitlyn Allen
                                                                                      Kaitlyn Allen  5 days back

                                                                                      I’ve been watching you guys since the beginning and love what you’re doing now even more. Keep doing what you’re doing 😍

                                                                                      • Angela Smith
                                                                                        Angela Smith  5 days back

                                                                                        People aren't entertained? Wow I do get entertained by the littlist things. I love the commentary personally. It's chill. It's nice to listen to after a long day at work. I have to move apartments and I actually binge watch/listen to playthroughs of Mario maker 2 while I pack. I've been around since 2014 and I'm not going anywhere unless you make a third channel.

                                                                                        • ZoAnn Elizabeth
                                                                                          ZoAnn Elizabeth  5 days back

                                                                                          Can't wait for the "Adoring Matt Mercer" compilation

                                                                                          • Prin Does Art
                                                                                            Prin Does Art  5 days back

                                                                                            aw I didn't know marshall did that video! I love his content :D

                                                                                            • Wasby
                                                                                              Wasby  5 days back

                                                                                              You'd better blow that kiss else I'm gonna look like a fool on Monday waiting.

                                                                                              • Megan Hindman
                                                                                                Megan Hindman  5 days back

                                                                                                You guys should go through some of your fav gifts from fans!