Zion Williamson Full Highlights 2019.10.09 Pelicans vs Bulls - 29 Pts, 12-13 FGM in 3 Quarters!


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    JAXSON MAZZ  2 days back

    Not one jumper in this clip. Smh

      JAXSON MAZZ  2 days back

      He's one dimensional. I promise you he want be the number one pick everyone is hoping he will be. He can shoot because he's left handed and his strength and speed is un matched.

      • the business handler
        the business handler  2 days back

        Zions a solid player

        • Kakarot Lifted
          Kakarot Lifted  3 days back

          Mike Breene never says anything insightful. I wish Kobe would become a commentator like Tony Romo(NFL); I need in-game analysis!

          • Kroocda3rd
            Kroocda3rd  3 days back

            The fact that he a slasher people didn't even notice that he's left handed, u heard the announcer kept saying with the left hand. I think because he always finishes with the left he's awkward/ hard to defend...

            • ArtOfWaveTv
              ArtOfWaveTv  3 days back

              First step very Kyrie like

              • liang zhiyuange
                liang zhiyuange  3 days back

                on some point, Zion plays like Wade, very fast.

                • Cristina Rivas
                  Cristina Rivas  4 days back

                  This mans a cross breed between lebron and Vince carter

                  • safe killer
                    safe killer  5 days back

                    The next Blake Griffin

                    • Wildlife Hunter
                      Wildlife Hunter  5 days back

                      Zion plays like hes playing 2k

                      • Леся Жикалова

                        Damn can’t nobody say nun he really gone be a dawg in the league 💪🏾😂

                        • Ryan
                          Ryan  6 days back

                          i knew homie could score, but the dimes he's dropping is whats catching my eyes

                          • j Ross
                            j Ross  6 days back

                            Giannis 1000 times more effective. Zion is just a star of this league not a superstar

                            • nimpo urrgg
                              nimpo urrgg  7 days back

                              Like charles barkley

                              • Joaquin Shang
                                Joaquin Shang  7 days back

                                A backcourt shaq, wtf

                                • Bryan Seay
                                  Bryan Seay  7 days back

                                  Zion Williamson is like my2k mode

                                  • Kwame Brown
                                    Kwame Brown  1 weeks back

                                    Its like red guarding deebo

                                    • Abc it is easy as one two three

                                      So 3rd quarter, every attack where zion got the ball he made it count, this dude could score 30ppg this year if couch would let him.

                                      • shonele1
                                        shonele1  1 weeks back

                                        Whats the point if somebody score 29 and his team lost with 20. I really dont get it????

                                        • Praetorian Foil
                                          Praetorian Foil  1 weeks back

                                          wow ... he really slimmed down ... looks way more lean and explosive

                                          • Iso UNGUARD able
                                            Iso UNGUARD able  1 weeks back

                                            2:48 Just a casual baseline 360 here

                                            • Ride MTB
                                              Ride MTB  1 weeks back

                                              That 180 dunk was NASTY.

                                              • AJ Aro
                                                AJ Aro  1 weeks back

                                                Good luck Zion Awesome plays
                                                Not a winning team though

                                                • rumi
                                                  rumi  1 weeks back

                                                  He is big rookie, but his team lost

                                                • swagger like us
                                                  swagger like us  1 weeks back

                                                  The REAL

                                                  • kantstoptae
                                                    kantstoptae  1 weeks back

                                                    Cant wait for him to run into some REAL defenders and gets clamped he way to overhyped...hes good but not as good as the hype

                                                    • XTheSpartanX7
                                                      XTheSpartanX7  1 weeks back

                                                      His layup package and ball handling is nice as hell!! forget about the dunks, this dude can dominate on that alone. Furthermore, the guy is built like a football player. I pray this man goes the distance !

                                                      • humanature
                                                        humanature  1 weeks back

                                                        What did Ball do this game.

                                                        • Fishburne -_-
                                                          Fishburne -_-  1 weeks back

                                                          Wanna see what he can do against a big, bonafide defender.

                                                          • noiz zikaa
                                                            noiz zikaa  1 weeks back

                                                            see u guys in 20 yers with the title " Zion first 29 pts in nba "

                                                            • edwin Hunnet
                                                              edwin Hunnet  1 weeks back

                                                              Needs a shot doe

                                                              • New message
                                                                New message  1 weeks back

                                                                I am scared of what this dude can do.

                                                                • Alex gustavo Garcia martinez

                                                                  A callar bocas
                                                                  Este chico es el futuro de la NBA
                                                                  Sin duda
                                                                  Otro pretexto para seguir la NBA otros 15 años

                                                                  • G Bq
                                                                    G Bq  1 weeks back

                                                                    He needs to be able to shoot in order to be Lebron or Kobe level. All I seeing is lay up and dunks.

                                                                    • Lil ishhh
                                                                      Lil ishhh  1 weeks back

                                                                      2:25 amazing 😉

                                                                      • Chris L
                                                                        Chris L  1 weeks back

                                                                        Please let him stay healthy. It's such a pleasure to watch him play

                                                                        • MalRulesAll
                                                                          MalRulesAll  1 weeks back


                                                                          • MrTruetwin
                                                                            MrTruetwin  1 weeks back

                                                                            He is unreal

                                                                            • ンスラヴァ
                                                                              ンスラヴァ  1 weeks back

                                                                              He's like Murasakibara

                                                                              • ンスラヴァ
                                                                                ンスラヴァ  1 weeks back

                                                                                thor hummer

                                                                                • 1 Love
                                                                                  1 Love  1 weeks back

                                                                                  I never liked jrue holidays game, after years of watching him I finally understood why Anthony Davis wanted to be traded, jrue is selfish, Brandon Ingram is more selfish, and lonzo is a pure scrub trying his best to get his next contract, all 3 have to go asap, I like how gentry subbed all 3 of them out and let Zion hoop with the 2nd unit, I know he sees it, those 3 gotta go

                                                                                  • VHS over DVDs frfr
                                                                                    VHS over DVDs frfr  1 weeks back

                                                                                    Lakers vs pelicans..... Zion WILL DUNK ON LEBRON JAMES

                                                                                    • M G
                                                                                      M G  1 weeks back

                                                                                      I like his game and court vision. Hope he will become next big star in nba. Just to improve jumpshot and stay healthy

                                                                                      • Rashad Madison
                                                                                        Rashad Madison  1 weeks back

                                                                                        forget Zion the bulls this year look terrible.

                                                                                        • 1 Love
                                                                                          1 Love  1 weeks back

                                                                                          They sure do, Dennis Scott and sam Mitchell have them making the playoffs lol smh, I realized those 2 are a little slow when they said that, and they have the hawks making the playoffs too, unreal

                                                                                      • Lemoneasy
                                                                                        Lemoneasy  1 weeks back

                                                                                        imagine him at his prime

                                                                                        • RubleBuble ывс
                                                                                          RubleBuble ывс  1 weeks back

                                                                                          Пеликаны вперёд! Россия с вами! Вильямсону респектос!

                                                                                          • kelvin kimani
                                                                                            kelvin kimani  1 weeks back


                                                                                            • Eric Williams
                                                                                              Eric Williams  1 weeks back

                                                                                              Uuuum why was the very last play included?