I'm Just A Girl With Short Hair (headshave), Not A Boy!

  • Published: 14 May 2019
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    After Brooke's 7th grade year, just toward the end of middle school, her friend Rachel was diagnosed with cancer. All of her friends were really supportive and they did everything they could to lift her spirits and to raise awareness on social media, and gather donations to help her family pay for treatment, which of course involved chemotherapy and lots of counselling.

    One of the side effects of chemo is that the patient loses most or all of their hair, and it becomes harder to grow back while being treated. So, to help make Rachel feel better and not so alone in what she was gong through, Brooke and her parents decided to shave their heads in solidarity - get the clippers - full headshave. Rachel appreciated the gesture so much, and it meant so much to her that Brooke was willing to walk around with a shaved head, much less, short hair, that Brooked decided to keep her hair short, to be that girl with short hair for a little while longer. In fact, she made a commitment to keep her very short hair for the duration of Rachel's cancer treatment, so she wouldn't be the only with super short hair, and, wouldn't be the only one who was constantly being mistaken for a boy.

    After a while Brooke decided that she actually really liked having a shaved head, and so she kept it that way, even after Rachel's cancer treatments were finished. She liked the way it looked, even shorter than a pixie cut, well, the true story is, it was pretty much a shaved head.

    The only real problem for her was that everyone thought she was a boy, even after she would tell them I'm not a boy!, still, they would look at her like maybe she was lying. And it was kind of weird because other than having short hair, she looks very much like a girl. She has female features, curves, you know, curves.

    One time, she was at the YMCA, in the locker room changing to work out in the gym, and she had her shirt off but her sports bra on. This old lady came up to her and said "you know this is the girls' locker room." And Brooke had to tell her, "yes, I know that. I'm a female. I'm a girl with short hair, not a boy." The old lady still looked totally confused but just shrugged it off and wandered away. But this happened all the time. Every time she would go to the bathroom at a store someone would try to stop her, and people call her sir, and young man.

    She thinks it's pretty funny that people assume gender just because of her short haircut, okay, shaved head, but like she explained, she'd very, well girly looking otherwise.

    Now Brooke is a senior in high school, and she still keeps her hair pretty short - she shaves it every once in awhile - and people still mistake her for a boy, but it doesn't bother her anymore. It gives her a lot of good stories to tell.

    Her friend Rachel is totally cancer free, but she also keeps her hair short - girl headshave, woman headshave, whatever - she just likes it that way too.


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  • Dizzy Narwhal
    Dizzy Narwhal  14 hours back


    • Lerona Playz
      Lerona Playz  20 hours back

      Nice hair😊

      • AutumnLeaf_Playz
        AutumnLeaf_Playz  1 days back

        Storybooth: im a girl but i just have short hair

        ACCTUALY HAPPENED: My dad adopted donald trump and peed in the dressers

        • Soul Wolf
          Soul Wolf  1 days back

          My sister has short hair and people don't just call her that they call her "Hey jimin!" Or "Hey kpop boyy!" And she is fin ewith that -^-

          • BlueMoon
            BlueMoon  2 days back

            People mistake me for a 7 yr in the 7th grade

            • Pojke Adams
              Pojke Adams  2 days back

              I have short hair too I can’t count how many times people have called me young man,sir,bro,and he/him

              • SAMMY THE GAY ONE
                SAMMY THE GAY ONE  2 days back

                1:55 A wild Karen has been spotted

                • Madalina Ciocan
                  Madalina Ciocan  2 days back

                  I have short hair as well and people do get my gender wrong

                  • Kylie_vongsakeo 1027
                    Kylie_vongsakeo 1027  3 days back

                    Yeah when I was a baby I had like a bald head and my mom used to tell me that when people saw me as a baby they would say *oh what a very nice baby boy you have there* and I’m like what😳😂

                    • David Wheeler
                      David Wheeler  4 days back

                      My old friend Ethan who moved had really long hair he looked like a girl lol

                      • lit trocity
                        lit trocity  4 days back

                        Jane from the walking dead?

                        • Luna lylac
                          Luna lylac  4 days back

                          This same thing happens to me!

                          • Rebecca David
                            Rebecca David  4 days back


                            • Ink Sans
                              Ink Sans  4 days back

                              If you think that’s short, look at Millie Bobby Brown

                              • Cyndie Armijo
                                Cyndie Armijo  4 days back

                                It's fun to stay at the YMCA

                                • Blood82Orchid
                                  Blood82Orchid  4 days back

                                  Me: *watches 1:17

                                  My Brain: *the ymca song starts playing*

                                  • Monica Ceballos
                                    Monica Ceballos  5 days back

                                    she is not a boy

                                    • MrSayunc
                                      MrSayunc  5 days back

                                      That ‘s kinda funny how people think you are a boy

                                      • Katie Callas
                                        Katie Callas  5 days back


                                        • LoreleiSiren21
                                          LoreleiSiren21  6 days back

                                          Me: Has a Pixie Cut
                                          Everyone: Omg, Are you Trans?

                                          This literally happened to me about almost 2 years ago. And I'm a Girl, But thankfully, I've grown out my hair. 😅😋

                                          • Spinel Joke Haha
                                            Spinel Joke Haha  6 days back

                                            I thought the boy in the orange shirt was the protagonist.

                                            • Amy _Qc
                                              Amy _Qc  6 days back

                                              Actually I wanna cut my hair and do like a Korean stylish hair but I’m not brave enough to do it..

                                              • Amy _Qc
                                                Amy _Qc  6 days back

                                                BUT a thing that you didn’t said do you have a female personality or a male personality and are you genderfluid ?

                                                • kid A.H.I
                                                  kid A.H.I  7 days back

                                                  Lol that last scene

                                                  *It happens in Anime!*

                                                  • Sassy_Club 23c
                                                    Sassy_Club 23c  7 days back

                                                    ... Me: yay baby:i want to shave my hair

                                                    • Galaxia Candyfall
                                                      Galaxia Candyfall  7 days back

                                                      One time when my friend hot my 📱# she thought that she was talking to a boy

                                                      • AfroArtz TV
                                                        AfroArtz TV  7 days back

                                                        Bruh I'm a girl with long blonde curly hair and some of my friends at the first thought that I was a boy like the told me that and I was like °-°

                                                        • Jony baidya
                                                          Jony baidya  1 weeks back

                                                          You fooled me

                                                          • Aiku Snowlake
                                                            Aiku Snowlake  1 weeks back

                                                            I get called boy almost everyday or people call me a lesbian or transgender just because of my short hair

                                                            • Elimination 1 GAMER YT
                                                              Elimination 1 GAMER YT  1 weeks back

                                                              Boys: SIR
                                                              Some girl looks like a boy:you know
                                                              I’M A GIRL you know that
                                                              Boy2:wh wh wh what
                                                              Some girl looks like a boy:bye
                                                              Me:THE END

                                                              • inquisitor master munch kin

                                                                1:12 yes girl

                                                                • Maellys Dell'Alleanza
                                                                  Maellys Dell'Alleanza  1 weeks back

                                                                  I have really long brown hair it reaches my bat

                                                                  • trippie_aubriellê
                                                                    trippie_aubriellê  1 weeks back

                                                                    Her: *has short hair and mistaken as a boy*

                                                                    Me: *has long hair but still is mistaken as a boy*

                                                                    • Som X Candy
                                                                      Som X Candy  1 weeks back

                                                                      My friends: “Yo what’s up dude?”

                                                                      Me: *”dId YoU jUsT aSsUmE mY gEndEr?!”*

                                                                      • weeb uwu
                                                                        weeb uwu  1 weeks back


                                                                        • EliTe
                                                                          EliTe  1 weeks back

                                                                          *Are you talking about Eleven?*

                                                                          • Nora the Star
                                                                            Nora the Star  2 weeks back


                                                                            • Swash Trash
                                                                              Swash Trash  2 weeks back

                                                                              Oh so your a trans and got a sex change so your lesbian

                                                                              • Molly McNay
                                                                                Molly McNay  2 weeks back


                                                                                • Adriana Gonzalez
                                                                                  Adriana Gonzalez  2 weeks back

                                                                                  Post on my bday

                                                                                  • Squirtle Valeria Gacha
                                                                                    Squirtle Valeria Gacha  2 weeks back

                                                                                    Store: YMCA
                                                                                    Me: *singing YMCA*

                                                                                    • Ernestina Sosa
                                                                                      Ernestina Sosa  2 weeks back

                                                                                      I have short hari to and i gave my long hari to cancier

                                                                                      • Hello There
                                                                                        Hello There  2 weeks back

                                                                                        not every girl who has a shaved head looks like eleven from stranger things... sorry to shut down your stranger things fans

                                                                                        • Aliza • Gacha life •

                                                                                          I have short hair

                                                                                          • Pokétrainer Brody
                                                                                            Pokétrainer Brody  2 weeks back

                                                                                            Anybody can rock any hair style if your a boy you can have long hair and if you are a girl you can have short hair

                                                                                            • a d r i a n a
                                                                                              a d r i a n a  2 weeks back

                                                                                              Her responses are pretty chill, she doesnt get super offended and it's nice to see that especially when so many people get triggered nowadays. She seems totally cool and like a good friend to be around

                                                                                              • nadia xx
                                                                                                nadia xx  2 weeks back

                                                                                                ShE lOoks LiKE elEVen

                                                                                                • Kayla Lam
                                                                                                  Kayla Lam  2 weeks back

                                                                                                  At the end scene tho XDDD is she lesbian now idk