Every Home Run From the 2019 MLB Wild Card Games


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  • Iraq Lobster
    Iraq Lobster  2 weeks back

    Where the fuck is Tommy Fan. Shitty video get your shit together

    • John C
      John C  2 weeks back

      I guess Tommy Pham’s home run wasn’t a home run.

      • ToolMan -
        ToolMan -  2 weeks back

        lmaoo it was a fucking rocket too

    • Big Digg322
      Big Digg322  2 weeks back

      I'll root for the rays... Sox really let me down this year but will always be my team....

      • oksanasdad
        oksanasdad  2 weeks back

        MLB Commissioner : No, the balls are no different.
        Whole World : Bullshit.

        • Big Shorts
          Big Shorts  2 weeks back

          Y u do tommy pham so dirty?

          • ny_kia31
            ny_kia31  2 weeks back

            0:46 juiced ball homer

            • Magic Man
              Magic Man  2 weeks back

              Let's go Rays ☀️

              • Cubs MLB Perfect Inning Gaming

                This is 2019 not just any wild card games

                • VideoGameWerehog
                  VideoGameWerehog  2 weeks back

                  You tricked me B/R... I thought you meant ALL WC home runs, not just 2019

                  • Rexbot2
                    Rexbot2  2 weeks back


                    • Rexbot2
                      Rexbot2  2 weeks back


                      • Andy22
                        Andy22  2 weeks back

                        Never post baseball and when you do you still miss a homer lol Tommy pham in the 5th inning.

                        • Josh Williams
                          Josh Williams  2 weeks back

                          Andy22 right I was wondering were he was

                      • R O
                        R O  2 weeks back

                        Baseball is rigged. They threw the ball to the bat.

                        • Realjayrome
                          Realjayrome  2 weeks back

                          Going to be a great post season!