Meet Rose Namajunas' Best Friend, Emotional Support Animal, Mishka


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  • Thomas Connelly
    Thomas Connelly  3 months back

    Sweetheart 🐶

    • Akira Kush
      Akira Kush  4 months back

      I LIKE DOG

      • Diego Alonso
        Diego Alonso  5 months back

        What breed of dog is Mishka?

        • 伍國文
          伍國文  9 months back

          She is very nice !

          • jacobo martinez
            jacobo martinez  10 months back

            Namajunas, eres grande y preciosa, casate conmigo !!!!!!!!!!!!

            • SCHY MARK
              SCHY MARK  1 years back

              Yeah!! She just comes across like such a nice person!
              Total professional
              TRUE CHAMPION
              this is ROSE TIME!!
              When the next CHAMPION comes up Rose will be professional enough to give the champ props because she's A PROFESSIONAL.
              Long riegn THUG ROSE

              • Dave Moore
                Dave Moore  1 years back

                Go Rose! Your are the BEST!

                • JohnnyC Major
                  JohnnyC Major  1 years back

                  Rose 3rd by submission. Goodnight sweet JJ Goodnight.

                  • Bullterrier’sMOM
                    Bullterrier’sMOM  2 years back

                    How adorable😍😍😍

                    • Victa Nguyen
                      Victa Nguyen  2 years back


                      • Seamus
                        Seamus  2 years back

                        She’s just ridiculously likable

                        • ecirprman
                          ecirprman  1 years back

                          Absolutely. You can't help but wish the best for her. A beacon of hope in this tumultuous world. Metta.

                      • davidkolo
                        davidkolo  2 years back


                        • David NoName
                          David NoName  2 years back

                          Love Rose.

                          • Very Nice
                            Very Nice  2 years back

                            It's good for a mentally ill person like Rose, respect.

                            • ecirprman
                              ecirprman  1 years back

                              The Buddha saw that we're all mentally unfit. What sayeth you now?

                          • Tom Underwood
                            Tom Underwood  2 years back

                            that was awesome I love her and her dog its so cute I tell people she has a service dog a& they tell me I'm wrong I wouldn't have written it if I didn't no WTF im talking about

                            • Vince S
                              Vince S  2 years back

                              what kind of dog is that?

                              • Equine love 44
                                Equine love 44  3 years back

                                So cute Dog kisses are the best

                                • Brianstorm
                                  Brianstorm  3 years back

                                  Thugs need love too

                                  • Tony Rodriguez
                                    Tony Rodriguez  3 years back

                                    Man's best friend always

                                    • mark d
                                      mark d  3 years back

                                      Respect to Rose for highlighting the Sweet Doggie, good for Rose.

                                      • Alejandro Saavedra
                                        Alejandro Saavedra  3 years back

                                        Now that's a bad bitch right there, that's a cute dog too.

                                        • CallMeNutty
                                          CallMeNutty  3 years back

                                          I'm a fan of rose but I've never looked into why she's bald. Is there a reason? Or is that just her haircut?

                                          • Alex Dalex
                                            Alex Dalex  3 months back

                                            aerodynamics - Rose can run faster! :))

                                          • Akira Kush
                                            Akira Kush  4 months back

                                            She did it becase she is the cutest lil egg

                                          • XxTaylorFuhrmanxX
                                            XxTaylorFuhrmanxX  3 years back

                                            +Poorna Prithvi the real reason is Paige Vanzant made a promise to charity that she would shave her head if she won her fight (which she did) but she later refused to shave her head because she had too many endorsements so when rose got booked to fight her she shaved her head to kinda get back at her. One of those things where she probably liked it after she did it so she just kept it.

                                          • SP P
                                            SP P  3 years back

                                            +CallMeNutty She just doesn't like it.She thinks it gets in her way while training and also the fact that she has been a tomboy all her life.Her partner Patt Barry also thinks her shaved head makes her look badass and sexy.It is there in one of the interviews before her fight with Paige Van Zant.

                                        • Jteg 27
                                          Jteg 27  3 years back

                                          Isn't that andy from toy story...?

                                        • AhPhoey
                                          AhPhoey  3 years back

                                          I love dogs, too, but the licking of the face.... ewwww...

                                          • AhPhoey
                                            AhPhoey  3 years back

                                            Having a dog lick my face isn't living. You need to set your life goals a little higher. And no need for the filthy language - makes you sound like white trash.

                                          • Celtic Dread
                                            Celtic Dread  3 years back

                                            Who gives a fuck. Live a little.

                                        • Scott
                                          Scott  3 years back

                                          You know what they say bout a lady dog owner who purchases peanut butter at the grocery store

                                          • ecirprman
                                            ecirprman  1 years back

                                            There's always at least one dip shit in the youtube comments section. Hey look you win!

                                          • Immortal Nexon
                                            Immortal Nexon  3 years back


                                        • Dean Aquaro
                                          Dean Aquaro  3 years back

                                          keeping that buzzcut

                                          • Doofy
                                            Doofy  3 years back


                                            • MarkyMarq
                                              MarkyMarq  3 years back

                                              I'd never let a dog lick on my face😷

                                              • ecirprman
                                                ecirprman  1 years back

                                                The best retort ever. Metta.

                                              • Егор
                                                Егор  3 years back

                                                I'd never let you lick my dog's face