Denver Nuggets vs San Antonio Spurs - Full Game Highlights | Game 4 | April 20, 2019 | NBA Playoffs

  • Published: 21 April 2019
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Comments • 24

  • jj oriter
    jj oriter  6 months back

    Give away game...

    • Tinka Bear
      Tinka Bear  6 months back

      Bertans is a superstar in the making.

      • jerry k
        jerry k  6 months back

        Spurs terrible team with terrible fans

        • jerry k
          jerry k  6 months back

          Worset organization ever in making decisions

          • jerry k
            jerry k  6 months back

            Good one denver

            • Role Zarolaj
              Role Zarolaj  6 months back

              I do not see anyone saying a word about the best player of the game Jokic!?

              • Aleksandar Mahovac
                Aleksandar Mahovac  6 months back

                Nikola Jokic 29 pts leader in pts
                Nikola Jokic 12 reb leader in rebounds
                Nikola Jokic 8 ast leader in assists
                He was leading both teams in stats!

            • Hablah Opplong
              Hablah Opplong  6 months back

              Thanks much Maine, good game

              • Snooze McNoose
                Snooze McNoose  6 months back

                oh its jokic in the thumbnail... i wonder who won this game....

                • Dragica Andrejevic
                  Dragica Andrejevic  6 months back

                  When Paul Milsap does not play more than 25 - \ 27 minutes Denver can win- its statistics show it .Denver made a difference when Millsap was not in the team \when Denver accelerated the game he won in the team was not Millsap.see the Millsap statistics

                  • Sean Antolijao
                    Sean Antolijao  6 months back

                    where's David Robinson?

                    • Connie B
                      Connie B  6 months back

                      Poindexter is son ofLong Beach State Poindexters from 70s.

                      • Gaming with Russ
                        Gaming with Russ  6 months back

                        where's white?

                        • ranilloibanez
                          ranilloibanez  6 months back

                          Now we have a series 👍👍👍

                          • ocping
                            ocping  6 months back

                            No super game from Derrick White = loss?

                            • Joe Doe
                              Joe Doe  6 months back

                              Jokic>Popvich in these playoffs

                              • Mateo Clivio
                                Mateo Clivio  6 months back

                                Are you sure, the greatets coach of all NBA history vs a baby trying to acomplish something

                            • cutie ara
                              cutie ara  6 months back

                              derozan cant carry his team even in semifinals😂😂😂

                              • Mateo Clivio
                                Mateo Clivio  6 months back

                                He is playing well and consistent, but today no one step up just LMA and Derozan, in the other hand Denver was playing well, the bench outscore the Spurs bench, the 3 didn't fall tonight, in top of that the Spurs defense disapiar after the 1st quarter

                            • Torre Person
                              Torre Person  6 months back

                              so pop giving away games now

                              • Mateo Clivio
                                Mateo Clivio  6 months back

                                This games ends when Denver take the 3rd quarter, so don't blame Pops for know the outcoming, Denver shoot the 3 pretty well, they play defense, the bench is been awfull for this series so that why they win game 2 and 4

                            • Neville Aruta
                              Neville Aruta  6 months back

                              at last..we have a series!spurs choked kill white ,you kill spurs🙃

                              • CHXEU
                                CHXEU  6 months back

                                *WHO CLICKED FAST ?*

                                listen to my songs