PlayStation 5 - PS5 Official Trailer HD 2020


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  • Nfinity gaming
    Nfinity gaming  4 months back

    Nice bro

    • Darkcoreplaya
      Darkcoreplaya  4 hours back

      To be realistic, Sony will probably look like yours, but more flat. But look at xbox one x. I feel it will be lightweight

      • Modi Don
        Modi Don  4 days back

        PS👌👌👌👌MY WORLD💐💐💐💐

        • Tyrond Richardson
          Tyrond Richardson  5 days back

          whats the price and what's the date

        • II Parachute Regiment
          II Parachute Regiment  5 days back

          Nice design but Sony will come out with a crap design

          • Sara Goetz
            Sara Goetz  7 days back

            Is this fanmade or something

            • Tristen gross
              Tristen gross  1 weeks back

              Nice I can't wait until they remastered games like gta 5 red dead redemption 2 Minecraft call of duty black ops 3 4 advanced warfare infinite warfare ww2 mafia 3 watch dogs resident evil the last of us 1 2 days gone battlefeld star wars battlefront the witcher 3 wild hunt titanfall 1 2 deadpool sonic mania fallout 4 payday Friday the 13th game shadows of colossus shadows of mordor shadows of war assassins creed 2 3 4 origins unit syndicate Odyssey marvel Vs capcom infinite mortal kombat 11 sleeping dogs dead island borderlands tomb raider some Lego games spider man batman Arkham asylum city knight final fantasy and more

            • Badger Mann
              Badger Mann  2 weeks back

              The future of Gaming

              • Fury NS Holla
                Fury NS Holla  2 weeks back

                Bro ur sure that's not a Phat PS2

              • Дима Островерхов

                Хрен поймешь правда ор ноу

                • Zombie James
                  Zombie James  4 weeks back

                  Playstation-4k 60 FPS
                  Xbox-8k 60 FPS 4k 120
                  Playstation-Well Zen 2 chip
                  Xbox-Zen 2 chip plus custom SSD

                  • FML_Glitchy
                    FML_Glitchy  4 weeks back

                    Microsoft are making a console called scarlet and its 8k

                • RaulForLife
                  RaulForLife  1 months back

                  CLOUD GAMING?!
                  Hell nah
                  I'm upgrading my PC

                  • Juan Khan
                    Juan Khan  1 months back

                    What is the song

                  • •KenXxPlays• G
                    •KenXxPlays• G  2 months back


                  • mark swishersweets
                    mark swishersweets  2 months back

                    This is my favorite concept so far

                    • paleo23 5
                      paleo23 5  2 months back

                      Sorry Sony. Won't be buying unless you do a deal with Marvel for Spider-Man. Xbox here i come.

                    • RAMSRAL TheUnknown
                      RAMSRAL TheUnknown  3 months back

                      Xbox:*waits for ps5 to drops to one up the graphics*

                      Ps5: I'm already ahead of you

                      • Rodrigo C Gamer
                        Rodrigo C Gamer  3 months back

                        Oi !

                        • A M
                          A M  3 months back

                          Shame the ps5 isnt fully backwards compactability,guess ill be buyin the next xbox then

                        • Benson Empire ENT
                          Benson Empire ENT  4 months back

                          Nice video for the upcoming ps5. Do you do gaming videos?