Steph Curry: Hopefully the train continues as we chase another championship | 2019 NBA Playoffs


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  • Obito xshinobi
    Obito xshinobi  4 months back

    1. Kobe idol/hero
    2. Kyrie all he was thinking was Mamba Mentality
    3. Klay don't play idol Kobe
    NOT Le3-6 LeToxic environment
    "come ride with me to the top" LeRecruit LeSuperstar

    They will bounce back I know this because I'm from the future the Warriors won 10 titles after this year and LeBron left his wife and became homeless. None of the superstars wanted to join his team. He sold his car, house, kids, wife he sold everything

    • Thanassis Nathanail
      Thanassis Nathanail  4 months back

      Stfu you look like a fucking 10 year old you wouldn't even be born if you were from the future. Sit down and eat your soup cause you just spitting bullshit. Don't ever wish that to anybody. Not LeBron, not Curry, NOBODY. You effing dumb? People talking about "Oh he's a hater" but you dumb fuck are a true hater right here. Now go to your fucking room and don't ever do that again.

  • Lucky McNair
    Lucky McNair  4 months back

    Doesnt He Mean 4th Championship? They Already Have 3

  • William Cooper
    William Cooper  4 months back

    The Houston Rockets will test EVERYTHING they have this year. They have been built to beat them. James Harden is playing out of his mind and everyone knows that this is Chris Paul's last chance at getting to an NBA Finals. They are a desperate team and all season long they have been focused on beating Golden State. These reporters are asking questions like the championship has already been given to them already. Nope. They key is whether Jordan Bell and Kevin Looney can handle Fared and Capella - Bogut Can't. As much as I want to see a three-peat.... I just don't know.

    • Sophilia Lark-Woodbury
      Sophilia Lark-Woodbury  4 months back

      @thug8200 punish? I don't think so. Beat them? I hope so. Golden State looks like they're missing something. I hope they can win it all, but that Houston Series is about to rough them up.

    • thug8200
      thug8200  4 months back

      Nah thwy are going to punish the rockets

    • William Cooper
      William Cooper  4 months back

      @Sophilia Lark-Woodbury This series can do either way. I remember two series: Bulls-Pistons of 1991, when the Bulls, after years of getting beat by the Pistons Broke through with an emphatic sweep. Or it can be the Blood and Guts series that the Lakers and Sacremento Kings had in 2003, where it took everything the Lakers had to beat them. I just feel like the media has already given the title to the Warriors and that doesn't sit well with HOUSTON. Additionally, as stated before, this is Chris Paul's last chance at getting to an NBA final. That has to be a motivation for them. Had they had him last year... You never know. Plus, James harden has this look in his eyes that says ENOUGH with the playoff choker label. You can just tell they're ready to SWEEP Golden State. And with DeMarcus Cousins out, you will now find out if the Warriors dynasty will rival the Bulls of the 90's and if Wardell Stephen Curry is what I think he is: the Greatest Leader Of the Generation. MY PREDICTION: Rockets in six. But I hope I'm wrong.

    • Sophilia Lark-Woodbury
      Sophilia Lark-Woodbury  4 months back

      I agree. Houston is desperate, and Demarcus was the man who could truly punish the Rockets in the low post. It is unfortunate that we won't get to see that matchup. Steph and KD are going to have to play like two unanimous MVPs to beat Houston, and Klay is going to need to be historic as well.

    • TheSwagIsBack
      TheSwagIsBack  4 months back

      Yea Rockets def gin test them for sure but Warriors in 6.

  • Ketchupboyz
    Ketchupboyz  4 months back

    Keep fighting !!... bruhhhh

    • Don Cannady
      Don Cannady  4 months back

      Steph is pure class.

      • maxiqum s1
        maxiqum s1  4 months back

        Relax, nobody give a shit about steph since 2016, he is just one of the many today

      • Colt Smiff
        Colt Smiff  4 months back

        And he want to be the man. But KD is the man. Curry cannot lead the warriors to another championship. Curry and klay try to outdo KD.

    • blanchecolombe1
      blanchecolombe1  4 months back

      Curry talks like me when the cops rings my doorbell at 3am, wake me up and ask me thousand of questions about my next door neighbour's house that just got robbed!

      • EP TV
        EP TV  4 months back

        Lol. they gotta make sure they don't say the wrong thing. that's why i was impressed at how candid KD was the other day

      • blanchecolombe1
        blanchecolombe1  4 months back

        @Xgent 😂😂😂

      • Xgent
        Xgent  4 months back

        ummm yeah you know so we can learn from that and ummmm yeah annnnd grow ummmm yeh

    • Mello Wyatt
      Mello Wyatt  4 months back

      3:45 that you already know look 😂

      • Kent De Guzman
        Kent De Guzman  4 months back

        The train will be hit by a rocket...if you know you know

        • John Black
          John Black  4 months back

          them fireckrackers not rockets .... aint no rocket stoppin these boys

        • William Cooper
          William Cooper  4 months back

          The ROCKETS will test Everything the Warriors have this year. The Keys are whether Jordan Bell and Kevin Looney will be able to Contain Clint Capella and Kenneth Faried.

        • Traxxas
          Traxxas  4 months back

          If they faced Houston Rocket in the 2nd it will take just 5games Warriors in 5

        • Sally Sutherland
          Sally Sutherland  4 months back

          Yep that rocket usually misses. They r an sfterthought.

        • Colt Smiff
          Colt Smiff  4 months back

          @Kent De Guzman just because someone has a opinion doesn't mean you're ran. Ice you're showing your weakness.

      • Yeezy Dude
        Yeezy Dude  4 months back

        He didn't even answer the question at 2:39 lol

        • Noob Omega
          Noob Omega  4 months back

          Yeezy Dude to be fair he did say “i dont know to be honest” at the beginning