Joe Rogan | Did Jeffrey Epstein Work for an Intelligence Agency?


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  • Chris Stack
    Chris Stack  14 hours back

    Joe we need a Epstein video please!! Can we please get Alex jones back please !

    • TheDTownsend1976
      TheDTownsend1976  22 hours back

      okay so conspiracy theories aside about sex with underage girls or Epstein being "intelligence" let me throw out a couple of facts and bounce them off the speculations everybody seems to have. So Epstein gets arrested and you have all these people wanting to testify against him and people thinking "THIS IS IT! THIS TIME WE'RE GOING TO NAIL THE CLINTONS!"

      Okay. So who would have the MOST to gain from this? That would be Donald Trump who's been saying for years he's going to LOCK HER UP! and would no doubt be re-elected if he he brought the Clintons up on charges. It would give his followers all the vindication they would need. None of the other stuff would matter. It would be the biggest political victory he'd ever get in office.

      Okay. So Epstein is the key to all that. So first step would be for Trump and his administration to secure Epstein. get him to cooperate and make sure nothing happens to him. Sooooooo.......what happened? So what it looks like from where I'm sitting is one of a couple of things actually happened:

      #1) Everything everybody said was true. Lolita Island and the Clintons blah blah blah........Epstein had the dirt on them and they were somehow able to get to him. So you're telling me Trump and whoever else had the Clintons dead to rights with this guy but fumbled the ball and let them take him out? So you're telling me the Trump Administration is extremely incompetent and blew their biggest and best chance at finally exposing the Clintons which as I said earlier would have made Trump an even bigger hero to his followers?

      #2) Epstein had more dirt than anybody cared to admit. Trump was very good friends with him also which doesnt get mentioned as much as Clinton. Probably because one's a democrat and the other is a republican but nonetheless. This might answer the first question as to why the Trump administration seemed to drag their feet on securing Epstein. He had dirt on Trump and possibly many more and they needed him dead as well.

      #3) It's very possible Epstein's suicide was faked as it was the only way to get out of going to trial outside of actually dying. Who would have the power to do such a thing on such a major level? It would have to be someone in a very high position of power who had ties to Epstein. Could it be.......Donald Trump maybe? This sounds like just the kind of Art of the Deal he's known for. Paying the Nation Enquirer to bury stories on him, paying porn stars to keep their mouths shut (or open) stealing from his charities, running a fraudulent university, yada yada yada....helping a fellow wealthy scumbag fake his death would just be another day to Don the Con

      #4) Lets say the facts presented actually happened. He actually killed himself and the cameras malfunctioned at the same time. Highly unlikely, sounds unbelievable but lets say that it did happen. I think you still have to go back to the fact Epstein was supposed to be the big break in bringing the Clintons down and they dropped the ball.

      So he's either dead through suicide or murder OR he's still alive with the assistance of someone with a lot of power. And he's not going to have to answer for anything he or anyone else did. So whatever happened they all got away with it.

        JAYOFALLTRADES  1 days back

        Shhhhhh, talk about vaping

        • Chrystal Booth
          Chrystal Booth  1 days back

          Science sucks

          • Chrystal Booth
            Chrystal Booth  1 days back

            While you guys are guessing some people already know everything

            • Dean Marroni
              Dean Marroni  1 days back

              Fair play Rogan for not letting Penn chuckle this one away!! Nice work.

              • Dean Marroni
                Dean Marroni  1 days back

                The Epstein shit is sickening. The fact people aren't freaking out over this while protesting about "vape pens" is INSANE!!

                • Borderland Films
                  Borderland Films  2 days back

                  ghislane maxwells father robert maxwell was a millionaire with close ties to israel and mossad. ehud barak was photographed entering epsteins manhattan home. whats the mystery? the guy was israeli mossad building a cache of dirt on the most powerful people in the world for leveraging purposes.

                  • Rob James
                    Rob James  2 days back

                    The shadow government shit bags can get away with anything it seems. No matter how obvious it is.

                    • mmojorissen
                      mmojorissen  2 days back

                      Like anyone with an IQ larger than their shoe size, who is privy to classified knowledge about "Deadstein," will divulge to "Humpty Dumpty" or anybody else 4 that matter such information.

                      • Games That I Play
                        Games That I Play  3 days back

                        Ray Combs or whomever the Family Feud guy killed himself on suicide watch and dude has 6 kids. Weird hearing him talking about 5 kids about to be 6 kids.

                        • Cbowe 20
                          Cbowe 20  3 days back

                          Spot on Clinton accemt

                          • FionnC
                            FionnC  3 days back

                            Now a Baltimore cop who was about to give up other dirty Baltimore cops has shown up shot in the head. Corruption is there for us to see.

                            • Harry Weiner
                              Harry Weiner  4 days back

                              "Operation fast and furious" the blame falls on the republic for allowing this. Its at the highest level and shouldn't go above us owners funding child rape and trafficking

                            • Lafe Denton
                              Lafe Denton  4 days back

                              Why do Celebrities In there 50s and 60s try and dress like 19 hip kids? Oh look at my crazy retro shirt. Oh man love me some snap back trucker hats with a vintage band or old GAS station.

                              • Closed
                                Closed  5 days back

                                I've seen loads of people hang takes ages to set up and actually kill yourself.

                                • Peter Hedlöf
                                  Peter Hedlöf  6 days back

                                  Britain protected by NATO & USA are known to transmitts airwaves in our ears.Even thou NATO has not declared war in Sweden Downing Street 10 are above international laws. Epsteins relations to Prince Andrew had most certain other guests at THE party also. Can you belive that THE Rausing Guy how was feeding His Wife with Cocaine was forgiven by THE whole Celeb comunity even thou His Wife were under treatment for drug abuse that happend. NATO just plays Dirty and has Always done so. Just look at African leader they supported that total destroyed their countries & when move to Europe. I DO belive Suisse as a nation was created by THE Aristocrats of Europe to have a safe haven free from NATO & European union just to save their money & not have THE inconvinient to pay for NATO. Epstein was proberly just One by many. Thats THE Main problem when THE Liberals Turner back time to THE Cold war. After looking at all THE XXX movies its like taking a Good Long shower & get clean by looking at J.Lo & Cardi B its almost as they do it a Little bit better.

                                  • Barney Fife
                                    Barney Fife  6 days back

                                    Bill Clinton is a rapist. He should be in jail.

                                    • BootlegFightVideo
                                      BootlegFightVideo  4 days back

                                      You need at least 1 person to claim he is a rapist under oath. Then you need 12 jurors to fall for it.

                                  • alen Parra
                                    alen Parra  6 days back

                                    Penn has either taken a little weekend getaway to the island or has good freinds who have been down that road. Either way, Hollywood is full of many secrets that stay hidden. If you open your mouth then jobs just don't appear to you as often...

                                    • t Time
                                      t Time  1 days back

                                      Because the disgusting devil worshipping child fucking Jews don't want their secrets out

                                  • George Clooney
                                    George Clooney  6 days back

                                    Epstein/Weinstein/ no one can touch jews .they win all the time,even the judges are jewish .that's America.

                                  • Rocarlos Davis
                                    Rocarlos Davis  6 days back

                                    Joe Rogan is still😹😇

                                    • Michiwonder Outdoors
                                      Michiwonder Outdoors  6 days back

                                      What ever happened with the "Mayflower Madam" info?

                                      • R. William Comm
                                        R. William Comm  6 days back

                                        Joint US/Mossad Intel Op w/girls from Bosnian conflict in late 1990s that was further green lit after 9/11 to compromise extremely wealthy men so that they would invest money when & where told & not invest it with those possibly connected to the financing of terrorism

                                        • Matthew Lenzmeier
                                          Matthew Lenzmeier  6 days back

                                          If Bill Clinton was so powerful how did his loser wife lose to shady as hell Trump? Please explain this in rational terms.

                                        • Silas Ash
                                          Silas Ash  6 days back

                                          Mossad killed him

                                          • Chris Perez
                                            Chris Perez  7 days back

                                            The Epstein story is trying to get swept under the rug like all the other corrupt shit the rich and powerful do.

                                            • ShutTheFuckUpWhore
                                              ShutTheFuckUpWhore  7 days back

                                              LOL at keeping the camera on him while Joe is talking. Fucking brilliant.

                                              • ShutTheFuckUpWhore
                                                ShutTheFuckUpWhore  7 days back

                                                This dude seems like he's into a bunch of weirdo shit too. Every guy who brags about not doing drugs seems to be.

                                                • B. Eder
                                                  B. Eder  7 days back

                                                  That strange building on his island had to do with the Minotaur. - Bullgod!

                                                  • Zodd Sonofthor
                                                    Zodd Sonofthor  7 days back

                                                    Government full of pedos and accessories like jim jordan.........

                                                    • I have been to the top of the mountain

                                                      Who the Fack is Jeffery Epstein?!?!?

                                                      • Jennifer Flower
                                                        Jennifer Flower  1 weeks back

                                                        People who talk about the elite sex ring end up dead

                                                        • ButcherMose
                                                          ButcherMose  1 weeks back

                                                          I think Penn's being uncomfortable has more to do with him not liking to speak definitively about something that there isn't enough facts about.

                                                          • Robert Price
                                                            Robert Price  4 days back

                                                            I think you're wrong. He fucked a minor is my guess. Maybe even courtesy of Epstein's services.

                                                        • Matthew Miller
                                                          Matthew Miller  1 weeks back

                                                          Penn Jillette sweating! possible client

                                                          • Brezza D'Estate
                                                            Brezza D'Estate  1 weeks back

                                                            I was told Jeffrey Epstein, "belonged to Intelligence". Not a quote from a dufus on the Internet. Quote from Alexander Acosta, prosecutor, before being appointed to the Trump Administration. Whose intelligence? Many people, like CIA whistleblower John Kirikaou don't think it was the CIA, because of their organizational boundaries. He thinks it was Israeli intelligence, which he describes as better and more ruthless than our own. You outsource your dirty work in the US.

                                                            • BootlegFightVideo
                                                              BootlegFightVideo  6 days back

                                                              Not a quote. A report from an anonymous source claiming Acosta said that.

                                                          • Edward Smith
                                                            Edward Smith  1 weeks back

                                                            Epstein was a mossad agent

                                                            • R Hood
                                                              R Hood  1 weeks back

                                                              Ya same bullshit with my brother supposed to be on suicide watch in juvenile prison came up dead said he hung himself with a drawstring from sweatpants that they definitely never had no investigation the cottage he was in was destroyed the next week man you can be killed by many people when locked up and it will easily be covered up come on when he got arrested we all knew he was a dead man

                                                              • M O
                                                                M O  1 weeks back

                                                                He’s a MOSSAD AGENT. stop the shenanigans, this is nothing new for these creepy fucks.

                                                                • ZeroPhilosopher
                                                                  ZeroPhilosopher  1 weeks back

                                                                  Plot twist: guest is a pedo kingpin

                                                                  • Jax Are back
                                                                    Jax Are back  1 weeks back

                                                                    All kidding aside.....where did his money come from......there’s a bestseller there for the taking but I bet nobody touches it.......
                                                                    Mentioning Simon and Shuster and J.E. in the same sentence comes with a Government Health warning...”Hang on,was that my doorbell”...??

                                                                    • walter white
                                                                      walter white  1 weeks back

                                                                      *Jerry Epstein had sex with young girls. - **_R Kelly._*

                                                                      • jusrayne
                                                                        jusrayne  7 days back

                                                                        Whaaaat he said that?

                                                                    • Bryan Winchell
                                                                      Bryan Winchell  1 weeks back

                                                                      Joe loves his own Clinton voice.. for good reason tho.

                                                                      • Trevor
                                                                        Trevor  1 weeks back

                                                                        Penn seemed uncomfortable during this segment...hmmm

                                                                        • Bender Vision
                                                                          Bender Vision  1 weeks back

                                                                          Hmm.. so....
                                                                          Cameras didnt work
                                                                          Security fell asleep
                                                                          And he hung himself with paper sheet

                                                                          ...nothing to see here..

                                                                          • Lex Diamond
                                                                            Lex Diamond  1 weeks back

                                                                            Your very proud of that......

                                                                            • jusrayne
                                                                              jusrayne  7 days back

                                                                              Right ..about his good impersonation of bill ..jealous much need to side eye him

                                                                          • Ted Boujee
                                                                            Ted Boujee  1 weeks back

                                                                            the point that confirmed this Penn dude is trash was when he asked joe if he was proud of the Bill Clinton accent... like wtf ?!!
                                                                            what a creep. says it all

                                                                            • oebs1
                                                                              oebs1  1 weeks back

                                                                              Ppl that I knew weren't aware that what he was like" ? Hahaha half the world knew he was a fucking nonce... Because he was convicted of it!!!!

                                                                              • The Golf Life
                                                                                The Golf Life  1 weeks back

                                                                                I think now he was going to take down these human traffickers and since people like the Clinton family and the democratic pedophiles didn’t want him to testify they killed him.