°•In love with my Enemy..•° [GLMM] (1k sub special!!)

  • Published: 29 July 2019
  • I am sorry if this took a long time to post, but as u may know I have to help my mother because she's pregnant ;w;"

    I know it's bot my original title idea
    And in the MiniMovie are a lot of mistakes cause I didn't have time to fix them ;-;
    Also I am really really sorry about my grammar 😅😅😅 English is not my first language sooo.. Pls ignore it ;-;"

    I am thinking of a part 2 🤔 but idk if I have more inspiration..

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    Pls don't copyright me!! 😢😢😢
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  • Rara
    Rara   2 weeks back

    Hey everyone, I made a discord server!!
    Join if you want to 😊 ---> https://discord.gg/HhYA3j
    Also I wanted to promote anorher servers of one of my friends, you're fee to join---> https://discord.gg/Zh6SnV2 you're welcome to join on both of them 💕

    • San Den
      San Den  16 hours back

      Hi Please Is the night I just
      Ahhh mao is my morning time
      Ahhh mao is a good morning ☀️😃

    • ty marquez
      ty marquez  1 days back

      Rara.......I would love toooooooo

    • Kawaii Blue
      Kawaii Blue  1 days back

      It’s invalid now please update it

    • Sara Rastelli
      Sara Rastelli  3 days back

      I love Your videos

    • xXwolfiegamingXx Fox
      xXwolfiegamingXx Fox  1 weeks back

      I can’t ;(

  • Cielo Rodríguez
    Cielo Rodríguez  29 minutes back


    • Cielo Rodríguez
      Cielo Rodríguez  1 hours back

      Funny scream at the beginning

      • Daisy Douglas
        Daisy Douglas  4 hours back

        R.I.P Icecrem!

        • Miah Griffin Quintanilla

          Do YOu hAvE aNy SoCks in yoUr cLoSeT?

          • Kam's Kreations
            Kam's Kreations  5 hours back

            u should make a part two and they have children and all that

            • Just.in.connor Russell
              Just.in.connor Russell  5 hours back

              26: 14: marious is still 5???

              • Soy Heart
                Soy Heart  5 hours back

                26:10 marious (5)

                • Doreen Yoon
                  Doreen Yoon  5 hours back

                  I'm in love with one of my enemies ;-;

                  • Dark Fire
                    Dark Fire  6 hours back

                    Can we have part 2 that they have kids that hate ech other but then become bff together? A sis and bro? :3

                    • yoga team
                      yoga team  7 hours back

                      Breakfast or lunch?

                      • The Roblox Kweens
                        The Roblox Kweens  7 hours back

                        *squeals in dying cat noise*

                        • nancy serna
                          nancy serna  8 hours back

                          0:58 wtfluff

                          • Makaila Steinke
                            Makaila Steinke  8 hours back

                            The hamster plushies just in the back round

                            • Joshanna Gaming
                              Joshanna Gaming  8 hours back


                              • Xbox•ash
                                Xbox•ash  9 hours back

                                I like this lol

                                • Scarlett Aime
                                  Scarlett Aime  9 hours back

                                  So happy for ur subs and hope u get a lot more (ik u will) shoutout please love you RIP HEADPHONES

                                  • 《 cat 》
                                    《 cat 》  12 hours back

                                    (im just testing something with this face just ignore this comment)
                                    edit: oh it doesnt make a line through it? O-O

                                    • Neon Wolf
                                      Neon Wolf  12 hours back

                                      Also R.I.P Ice cream🍦

                                      • Wolfe chan play
                                        Wolfe chan play  12 hours back

                                        at 26:15 LMAOOO it said Marius (5) 😂😂😂

                                        • Isaiah Goodluck
                                          Isaiah Goodluck  13 hours back

                                          Omg so beautiful at the end 😭😭😭

                                          • Neon Wolf
                                            Neon Wolf  13 hours back

                                            Emmy:what’s up? Lily:Grayson Emmy:REEEeEeEEEeE!!!!

                                            • San Den
                                              San Den  16 hours back

                                              Ahhh ok 👌 was a good

                                              Ahhh mao gyud ko
                                              I love ya ya mama I love you papa
                                              Ahhh I got a

                                              • Angela Rivas
                                                Angela Rivas  16 hours back

                                                3:57 to 3:59 if she said a girl or would be funny

                                                • FLAMING
                                                  FLAMING  16 hours back

                                                  >:3 yo Thid a gwet jwob>:3 (you did a great job)

                                                  • JustTheReal FanOfJK
                                                    JustTheReal FanOfJK  16 hours back

                                                    A million WOWs for Rara,this is such a long story!👍👍🙌👏🙌👏🙌👏🙌👏🙌👏🙌👏🙌👏👏🙌👏🙌👏🙌👏🙌👏

                                                    • Erika_ Cats
                                                      Erika_ Cats  17 hours back

                                                      Part 2 could be about Lily and Grayson dating (and Emmy stalking them) and Beatrice trying to break Lily and Grayson up

                                                      • Ruby Scarah
                                                        Ruby Scarah  17 hours back

                                                        Part 2 plz plz plz

                                                        • Latviešu gachas kanāls.

                                                          Watch to the momoka 0:54🤣

                                                          • Moon Chan
                                                            Moon Chan  18 hours back

                                                            This is so good!!♥♥♥

                                                            • Krzysztof Szuchnicki lol
                                                              Krzysztof Szuchnicki lol  19 hours back

                                                              this dream XD

                                                              • GACHA TEA
                                                                GACHA TEA  20 hours back

                                                                I CANT STOP LAUGHING AT 7:39 AND WHEN SHE WENT BACK LICKING THE ICE CREAM I-😂😂😂

                                                                • Wendy Li
                                                                  Wendy Li  20 hours back

                                                                  My god this is exactly me with my enemy and even the clothing attire hoodie and shorts and I love to study so wtf this is my life

                                                                  • Doha Alkathiri
                                                                    Doha Alkathiri  20 hours back


                                                                    • Alex The Devil
                                                                      Alex The Devil  21 hours back

                                                                      They take a short while to become bf and gf but it takes me a lifetime 😭

                                                                      • Lulu Chedder
                                                                        Lulu Chedder  21 hours back

                                                                        Im MoMoKe!

                                                                        *i will sucseed!*

                                                                        • Jazrel Ligan
                                                                          Jazrel Ligan  21 hours back

                                                                          26:08 -Marius (5)-

                                                                          -Meh ; Oh....OkAy-

                                                                          • Comet's Art studio's
                                                                            Comet's Art studio's  24 hours back

                                                                            YOUR MOTHER IS PREGNANT!!!!!!!!! WHEN'S THE BABY DO!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

                                                                            • TAEKOOK SHIPPER
                                                                              TAEKOOK SHIPPER  1 days back

                                                                              At 8:54

                                                                              Lily: since when I've follow him in Instagram?!!

                                                                              Me: the hamster did it😂😂

                                                                              • • G a c h a Z a c k • and Friends

                                                                                This looks like sr pelo 24:14 Lololololol

                                                                                • cute kitty chelsy
                                                                                  cute kitty chelsy  1 days back

                                                                                  Who's watching this at 20k?? Subs

                                                                                  • Itz Crystal M
                                                                                    Itz Crystal M  1 days back

                                                                                    This actually happened to me IRL and i don't know how it could happend....

                                                                                    • Eehakow _Playz
                                                                                      Eehakow _Playz  1 days back


                                                                                      Look at Emmy's lips lol


                                                                                      Look at Lily's Eyes XD


                                                                                      R.I.P. Ice Cream

                                                                                      One like = One prayer for Ice Cream

                                                                                      • Sad Little Thing Called No One

                                                                                        Lily: I'm going to study now
                                                                                        Grayson: Nuuuuu

                                                                                        Lily's mind: This betch dont wanna let me study

                                                                                        • Iveliz Correa
                                                                                          Iveliz Correa  1 days back

                                                                                          Oh my goodness r.i.p ice cream they were so mean to you.

                                                                                          • ty marquez
                                                                                            ty marquez  1 days back

                                                                                            🚢 SHIPPPPPPPPPPP SAILS NOW

                                                                                            • Chantay Riley
                                                                                              Chantay Riley  1 days back

                                                                                              I need a part to I need to see those babies

                                                                                              • Simon Gaming
                                                                                                Simon Gaming  1 days back

                                                                                                Rara's Subs on July 30
                                                                                                *2 weeks later*