HEY Eric Bledsoe! Meet TERRY ROZIER

  • Published: 19 April 2018
  • While the Bucks are well aware of who the Celtics are, since they're down 2-0, it's clear Eric Bledsoe had NO IDEA who he was dealing with when preparing to defend Boston's point guard Terry Rozier.
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Comments • 539

  • Johnston Littlefield
    Johnston Littlefield  3 months back

    Who’s here when he’s a straight up trash can

    • Kolin Gill
      Kolin Gill  4 months back

      GOATzier 😍

      • Γιαννης Ταβλαριδης


        • Shawn Valverde
          Shawn Valverde  4 months back

          Lmao this video is funny asf

          • Ryan Pushkarna
            Ryan Pushkarna  6 months back

            1:35 “some Greek guy, probably don’t know his name either.” Man, Coach got some roasts

            • Jake Thompson
              Jake Thompson  8 months back

              “Some Greek guy” lmao

              • Keyman_64 Saunders
                Keyman_64 Saunders  9 months back

                To the people who don't believe Terry is capable of starting watch this video

                • Fast Break Nation
                  Fast Break Nation  11 months back

                  Y'all wrong for that intro song 😭😭😭

                  • Yo.boi_ Hood619
                    Yo.boi_ Hood619  11 months back

                    Drew Bledsoe stop acting like you don’t know your daddy nigga 😂

                    • Blue Heart
                      Blue Heart  1 years back

                      I loved every moment of this

                      • JRuben
                        JRuben  1 years back

                        "When a bench player dominates you"

                        • An Orange
                          An Orange  1 years back

                          karma's name is Scary Terry! Bledsoe is such an arrogant piece of shit, i wouldn't be surprised if he thought he was the best point guard in the league, maybe even best player.

                          • keto t
                            keto t  1 years back

                            well Rozier certainly can't guard LBJ... ridiculous

                            • Ryan Lambreghts
                              Ryan Lambreghts  1 years back

                              someone tell me where i can find the savage remixed song please

                              • Ryan Lambreghts
                                Ryan Lambreghts  1 years back

                                wow this song is fire...

                                • crewkid52
                                  crewkid52  1 years back

                                  Coach a savage for this lol

                                  • Rockstarr303
                                    Rockstarr303  1 years back

                                    This felt more like a roast then a basketball breakdown lol

                                    • danimalplanimal
                                      danimalplanimal  1 years back

                                      SAY MY NAME!!!!!

                                      • J Coleman
                                        J Coleman  1 years back

                                        Damn Drew's dumb

                                        • Gandy dancer
                                          Gandy dancer  1 years back

                                          1:13 isn't called a "flare screen", it's called a moving screen.

                                          • Uchawi Beatz
                                            Uchawi Beatz  1 years back

                                            The most savage Basketball video ever done

                                            • Greg Allan
                                              Greg Allan  1 years back

                                              Lots of folk are going to get to know Rozier. Game one v Philly...29pts, 6ast, 8reb, 2stl, 1blk and only two turnovers.

                                              • King Smith
                                                King Smith  1 years back

                                                Crazy really say my name

                                                • Tristan Radeka
                                                  Tristan Radeka  1 years back

                                                  I said it, Jaylen Brown said it. Terry could easily be a top guard in this league with the right opportunity. He roasted Bledsoe this entire series and led his team right to the win

                                                  • Brother Dee Tv
                                                    Brother Dee Tv  1 years back

                                                    He put Eric Bledsoe on skates let's be honest Eric Bledsoe had a horrible series

                                                    • Mr Alpaca
                                                      Mr Alpaca  1 years back

                                                      You nailed from the start coach. Rozier buried the Bucks.

                                                    • USMC MSgt
                                                      USMC MSgt  1 years back

                                                      Somebody show this to Drew Bledsoe oops I mean Eric Bledsoe because this is too funny......

                                                      • Pens Suck
                                                        Pens Suck  1 years back

                                                        Eric Bledsoe has been worse than Hassan Whiteside in the playoffs. He is single-handedly losing the Bucks their series.

                                                      • Ian Buehrig
                                                        Ian Buehrig  1 years back

                                                        Both in games 3-5 have sucked so if Mini Lebron is gonna respond its now

                                                        • Xavier Senining
                                                          Xavier Senining  1 years back

                                                          Say my name

                                                          • BlueHundred
                                                            BlueHundred  1 years back

                                                            Louisville guards are tough

                                                            • Cameron Quiles
                                                              Cameron Quiles  1 years back

                                                              Series is 2-2 now but that’s none of my business

                                                              • Philipp the Sock
                                                                Philipp the Sock  1 years back

                                                                Just do it, Eric!

                                                                Shout oout from Germany (been to the U.S. one year)

                                                                love your creativity (esp. sounds and Shia LeBeauf (?) meme - as we say in Germany: "beste")

                                                                • Zandhata 2
                                                                  Zandhata 2  1 years back

                                                                  Eric Bledsoe the scumbag🤣🤣🤣🤣

                                                                  • Joe Webb
                                                                    Joe Webb  1 years back

                                                                    Damn Bledsoe you can’t say that if he’s cooking you like that. Good game 3 tho

                                                                    • Meauxten
                                                                      Meauxten  1 years back

                                                                      “Some Greek guy...maybe you don’t know his name either.” 😂😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥 damn Coach

                                                                      • Roy Barden
                                                                        Roy Barden  1 years back

                                                                        The song selection is 👌

                                                                        • Sanmaan Das
                                                                          Sanmaan Das  1 years back

                                                                          My sister made me watch Descendants 2 w/ her and on 2:18 you started to play a song from it and now I'm dying lmao

                                                                          • Joel Embiid's official burner account

                                                                            love ya coach but bledsoe was playing a mind game, and it worked. with home court bledsoe destroyed that one guy, idk what his name is

                                                                            • phani madhav
                                                                              phani madhav  1 years back

                                                                              Eric bledsoe ROASTED by you sir

                                                                              • J R
                                                                                J R  1 years back

                                                                                Hey Eric, how much did they fine you for cursing like that?

                                                                                • Jadon Yip
                                                                                  Jadon Yip  1 years back

                                                                                  Kyrie 2.0

                                                                                  • Branden Edwards
                                                                                    Branden Edwards  1 years back

                                                                                    Bledsoe must have seen this video

                                                                                    • Squitdoogenz
                                                                                      Squitdoogenz  1 years back

                                                                                      Brutal. Savage. Rekt.

                                                                                      Might have to start watching some more Celtics games. Damn.

                                                                                      • jeremy brown
                                                                                        jeremy brown  1 years back

                                                                                        "Who da fook is that guy?" Terry fucking Rozier III that's who!

                                                                                        • HalloFrame
                                                                                          HalloFrame  1 years back

                                                                                          At no point have I ever thought Bledsoe was better than Rozier.

                                                                                          This year at least. He was overrated at Louisville but the upside was undeniable

                                                                                          • Raki
                                                                                            Raki  1 years back

                                                                                            this is by far the most corny dorky basketball channel lol