Who is Manipulating Facebook? - Smarter Every Day 215

  • Published: 24 April 2019
  • Thank you Facebook for being so open to this discussion.
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    An update to about my barber's instagram account. It has been taken down. It's possible the username has been changed. We're not sure at this point if Facebook took it down, but it is no longer communicating with people in the community.

    This is the third video in a Smarter Every Day series on social media manipulation.

    Manipulating the YouTube algorithm:

    Twitter Platform Manipulation


    Facebook statements on the Internet Research Agency:

    Mark Zuckerberg:

    Follow NATO Strategic Communication Centre of Excellence : twitter.com/STRATCOMCOE

    Check out "Robotrolling"

    NATO (Our interview took place on NATO's 70th birthday).

    Renée Diresta is a Mozilla Fellow in Media, Misinformation, and Trust, where she researches unintended consequences of algorithms and works towards helping machines make better decisions. Renee also writes about disinformation and the changing face of information war — check out her essay “The Digital Maginot Line” (ribbonfarm.com/2018/11/28/the-digital-maginot-line) — and is a contributor to Wired Ideas (wired.com/author/renee-diresta).

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  • SmarterEveryDay
    SmarterEveryDay   4 months back

    This is the third video in a series I'm doing on social media manipulation. Facebook is an extremely interesting case to study. They're the largest social media platform in the world and one could argue they've felt the pain of this stuff more than any other platform. I find it to be EXTREMELY interesting that they're transitioning to an ACTIVE position on misinformation as opposed to REACTIVE. I think it's super easy for the public to dismiss what facebook says because of their branding/trust issues.... but regardless of what you think about the company, they are one of the most attacked platforms in the world. Therefore, they're the most experienced people at countering this threat. At times it seems like they're getting their butts kicked, and at others it seems like they're winning. Facebook is not blameless, but directing all of our conversational energy towards the platform itself avoids a major issue, namely the people using the platform to do harm, or to inauthentically promote/discredit something.

    The case of the fitness coach was disturbing. This is a well-known individual with millions of followers. She was clearly benefitting from inauthentic followers and commenters. Someone sympathetic to her clearly wrote the comments. The evidence was very damning in my opinion.... but ultimately I made the decision to blur our her page because attribution is difficult. What if someone purchased face comments on Smarter Every Day and said nice things, then framed me as the one who bought the comments? These are the types of things that undermine the very notion of social media integrity.

    Another thought here. If you don't use facebook, you may be tempted to leave an anti-facebook comment. Totally cool. I'm not a heavy facebook user myself. I don't post my videos to facebook often because of their intellectual property policies. That being said, I've noticed that the tone of many of these comments has a "superiority" feel to them, with most of the disdain directed at the platform facebook itself. I think this is extremely interesting because its possible platform manipulation has affected how you feel about these platforms themselves. The people I met are trying very hard to make a high integrity platform, but it's clear they are fighting a huge corrupt industry, and in some cases a literal disinformation war. My language will be more charitable in the future.

    • Diann Espinoza
      Diann Espinoza  2 weeks back

      Destin God bless you and your family!

    • One Life
      One Life  3 weeks back

      whos factual 😏

    • Norm Legge
      Norm Legge  1 months back

      I disagree. This digital manipulation IS deeply science based - and far more important to the shape of our future than tattoos or shooting guns underwater - נעם פישר

    • npc's everywhere
      npc's everywhere  1 months back

      Lol. Facebook is a social engineering network created by darpa. What are your views on the 2nd amendment?? Let's see if you take that oath to defend our country and Constitution from both foreign or domestic enemies seriously

  • Spencer Case
    Spencer Case  15 hours back

    I dare you to copy and paste this comment as many times as you can and see if YouTube’s algorithm thinks we are both bots

    • Spencer Case
      Spencer Case  15 hours back

      I dare you to copy and paste this comment as many times as you can and see if YouTube’s algorithm thinks we are both bots

  • kilroy1964
    kilroy1964  1 days back

    Great stuff but I'll never get how a Christian can unironically warn everybody about not buying into tall tales.
    Extreme levels of cognitive dissonance.

    • Mike Rugland
      Mike Rugland  2 days back

      another excellent video

      • Mike Rugland
        Mike Rugland  2 days back

        Awesome Videos

        • Jan
          Jan  3 days back

          Wait, I'm German. Beloved infotainment show Galileo stole your video? No way 😅

          • Ndi EKWERE
            Ndi EKWERE  4 days back

            I want to be smarter every day, so I subscribed

            • JONNYY 5
              JONNYY 5  6 days back

              No I disagree as a Christian I know the truth of that meme and it was true. If Clinton wins the devil would have won. Point blank period. Ever heard of the hashtag Clinton body count.. that's there for a reason they really do have a body count as you ever looked into it? I know you know what I'm talking about and yes they are murderers. there's too much evidence proving otherwise and we live in a BS country that has no justice where does just two different systems one for us and one for them

              • Barney Oldfield
                Barney Oldfield  6 days back

                What she is saying is that they censor things whether or not true. Whenever it is disturbing like Trump.

                • Vlad Ponoran
                  Vlad Ponoran  6 days back


                  • Mike Dingus
                    Mike Dingus  6 days back

                    Awesome series of videos. The genocide and Russia pitching two opposing groups against each other less than a block away from each other is crazy to think about.

                    Hopefully this educates a bunch of people.

                    • Mustang Sally
                      Mustang Sally  6 days back

                      First you have to believe that Facebook is altruistic and their hands are not dirty by manipulation....not likely. Second, you have to believe the UN and NATO are not bad actors in the manipulation....I think they are. Lets just say that all social media is deceitful and power hungry, how do we bring them to the table to actually seek truthful change?

                      I think about this issue often, and I find no answer, thus, I don't use any of these platforms.

                      • Zulu Kaigue
                        Zulu Kaigue  7 days back

                        Did you ask them about Cambridge Analytica?

                        • Barry White
                          Barry White  7 days back

                          Destin, Man Has Never Set Foot On The Moon 240,000 miles in the VACUUM of Space.

                          • Nemo Vetinari
                            Nemo Vetinari  7 days back

                            OKAY...and if Facebook uses AI to detect bots, will it be able to detect AI trying to look human(with enough data about how ppl use Facebook)? There is no doubt that countries and large corporations can invest in such AI vs AI techniques and manipulate social networks.

                            • Thomas John
                              Thomas John  1 weeks back

                              Does reporting about the suspicious accounts help?

                              • BedtimeBen
                                BedtimeBen  1 weeks back

                                Why are these companies consistently shutting down right-wing voices? Why didn't you ask them that?

                                • Brigante
                                  Brigante  1 weeks back

                                  Im an AI. Ask me anything

                                  • Grace Gittinger
                                    Grace Gittinger  1 weeks back

                                    7:18 "We are....people." She hesitated....Zuckerberg syndrome? 😤😤🤔🤔

                                    • killertoast
                                      killertoast  2 weeks back

                                      Given your topic you should also cover that using any VPN provider will give them your entire network traffic. Which VPN provider would you trust with your entire internet traffic? (I dont know the answer)

                                      • Daniel Samuels
                                        Daniel Samuels  2 weeks back

                                        So many comments on this video pointing fingers at facebook when we all know, they are most likely just commenting that to get likes and seem important.
                                        While, you know, also dividing and spreading more negativity, fueling the type of people this video is about.
                                        Yes, I am a bot.
                                        Yes, facebook paid me to write this.
                                        Yes, I am ignorant.
                                        That is all.

                                        • androcracy
                                          androcracy  2 weeks back

                                          “Hate speech” & “fake News” just rolled off her tongue like nothing!? 😧 Unreal. Do i trust a bunch of leftist SJW tech kids to understand moral philosophy to judge? Absolutely not. Will they decide for me what is “fake” & what is truthful news reporting? Or is that up to me to decide!? F—- Facebook & their tyrannous self-righteous delusions. Absolutely evil. Sick. No policing speech, free speech.

                                          • Can Can
                                            Can Can  2 weeks back

                                            I remember days when people use to go outside, play games. Now everything is online, crazy

                                            • Addicted To Loli
                                              Addicted To Loli  2 weeks back

                                              @8:06 didnt catch this the last time i watch the video.. but she basically said.. we have the power to make you think a certain way. OUR way. Nothing to see here move along... i dont want to put meaning on Destin's reaction to what she said but... daim Dat WOOooW reaction..

                                              • Robbie Isbell
                                                Robbie Isbell  2 weeks back

                                                I know this video says it has closed captions, but there is a huge gap of closed captions being missing from 1:35 to 18:50. Can anyone be able to fix it?

                                                • André Elias
                                                  André Elias  2 weeks back

                                                  This series was absolutely amazing. You really expanded my standpoint view by showing the scale and the challenges faced by these companies, thanks and I'll be sharing what I've learned

                                                  • Matthew Robinson
                                                    Matthew Robinson  2 weeks back

                                                    Don't mind me, I'm just commenting to generate activity so the algorithm put this video forward!

                                                    • Matthew Robinson
                                                      Matthew Robinson  2 weeks back

                                                      Don't mind me, I'm just commenting to generate activity so the algorithm put this video forward!

                                                      • Dennis Karjala
                                                        Dennis Karjala  2 weeks back

                                                        Exactly what the Democrats did in 2016 to verify the Steele dossier. Criminals.

                                                        • Akalion
                                                          Akalion  2 weeks back

                                                          Couldn't facebook just buy some fake engagement from these websites and then ban the accounts?

                                                          • MaQuGo119
                                                            MaQuGo119  2 weeks back


                                                            • Akalion
                                                              Akalion  2 weeks back


                                                          • Chris Taylor
                                                            Chris Taylor  2 weeks back

                                                            There are bots on xbox! They say they found your gamertag from the friends search optiuon on the xbox app, then ask how old you are etc etc... obviously want to eventually get access to your bank account! I know they're bots because their profile doesn't have a gamerscore and their reply is instant. It's funny to have them going for abit lol but still you must report these issues!

                                                            • cxx
                                                              cxx  2 weeks back

                                                              Thank you! I learned a lot

                                                              • cxx
                                                                cxx  2 weeks back

                                                                Exactly why facebook is banned in China. Facebook refused when chinese government ask them to help and stop the communication between terroists in xinjiang. But that was quite a while ago, not sure if nowdays, as you said, when facebook realized all these social problems, what they would do.

                                                                • DinoSpear
                                                                  DinoSpear  2 weeks back

                                                                  Okay the Part where they claim to manually Review ads is 1000% a lie 90% of my ads are Spam ads with fake products and things like that. Some of them even steal a real product have nearly a similar Name and sell it

                                                                  • pattystomper1
                                                                    pattystomper1  2 weeks back

                                                                    6:00 Charlottesville's protests were staged. (I'm from Charlottesville, and the people who live there don't act like that at all.)

                                                                    • S N
                                                                      S N  2 weeks back

                                                                      0:33 1st 4 are done by Facebook and 5th by them as well??!!

                                                                      • Rodney Cox
                                                                        Rodney Cox  2 weeks back

                                                                        I agree, but it appears to me we're being manipulated to allow Islamification of our countries likely backed by saudi money. Saudi has been open about it's desire to spread Islam in non-Islamic countries, and it has been very successful.

                                                                        The bombing, the stabbing I have seen in real life.

                                                                        • Bluegrass Arts Anne
                                                                          Bluegrass Arts Anne  3 weeks back

                                                                          Facebook also is removing parent groups of vaccine damaged kids. It’s nonsense playing so innocent. Bigwigs use the same tools to legally manipulate media.

                                                                          • Júlio Silva
                                                                            Júlio Silva  3 weeks back

                                                                            It seems like a black mirror’s episode

                                                                            • chin nuts
                                                                              chin nuts  3 weeks back

                                                                              This is the best look behind the scenes. Thanks.

                                                                              • MADagain
                                                                                MADagain  3 weeks back

                                                                                I see this stuff on my own posts on Instagram, not botted or anything some of them are even attached to specific HASHTAGS so the instant you post something with that hashtag they comment within seconds.

                                                                                • Martin Ninov
                                                                                  Martin Ninov  3 weeks back

                                                                                  This has been eye-opening, even for someone who thought they understood how to behave online and parse online behaviour. So thanks for these. Highly underrated videos.

                                                                                  • Accutronitis The 2nd
                                                                                    Accutronitis The 2nd  3 weeks back

                                                                                    Gees just look at all the ignorant comments below, It's like all the info they were given from this three-part series just went in one ear and out the other... SAD...

                                                                                    • Accutronitis The 2nd
                                                                                      Accutronitis The 2nd  3 weeks back

                                                                                      I'm not on facebook or twitter, But this three-part series has really opened my mind and gave me a lot to think about, Great work !

                                                                                      • Nicholas Jordan
                                                                                        Nicholas Jordan  3 weeks back

                                                                                        So in a fair comparisson someone needs to start a "DumberEveryDay" channel? I could do that.

                                                                                        Also, your baber needs a new barber. jk.

                                                                                        • Dan Torrino
                                                                                          Dan Torrino  3 weeks back

                                                                                          man it seems like Facebook don't have staff that know Arabic either.. Arabic instagram posts have been infested with bots, many comments that are clearly bots advertise things like generous donations from some Arab prince, and some really disgusting ads like improving premature ejaculation and sexual things, and there are kids seeing all of this. It's been going for years and facebook hasn't done anything about it.

                                                                                          • tommyfromthearmy
                                                                                            tommyfromthearmy  3 weeks back

                                                                                            I think its very cool that you're a Christian and also a scientific person, I'm sure you know people use science to try and defeat Christianity it would be amazing if you could talk about the reason why science and god can coexist. I realize that would be hard on this channel and could possibly lose viewers so maybe you could create a new channel for that because I think you could really explain it well, pray on it. Matthew 10:33 but whoever denies me before men, I also will deny before my Father who is in heaven