The Best Ice Cream In NYC | Best Of The Best

  • Published: 05 October 2019
  • Herrine Ro and Alana Yzola visit four ice cream shops in New York City in search of the best of the best. They visit Oddfellows, Ample Hills, Van Leeuwen, and Chinatown Ice Cream Factory.

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    The Best Ice Cream In NYC | Best Of The Best

Comments • 874

  • LolliPoppy Cookie
    LolliPoppy Cookie  20 minutes back

    Ample Hills is the cheapest and imo gives you the most value for the money. The first one was a tiny little kiddie cone for five dollars ffs

    • SoundWave 6
      SoundWave 6  54 minutes back

      YES ❤💛💙 🤤

      • Martin Zubero
        Martin Zubero  8 hours back

        Black girl: “oh wow that melts in your mouth!”

        Duh, it’s ice cream

        • Toki Toki
          Toki Toki  9 hours back

          Real question is, why is the most basic ice-cream so expensive for just a scoop?

          • DrgnMage2536
            DrgnMage2536  10 hours back

            Whenever I visit NYC and go to Chinatown, I have to stop at Chinatown Ice Cream Factory. You can't find Red Bean Ice Cream anywhere but here. It's such a unique flavor.

            • dancer5800
              dancer5800  11 hours back

              where do I sign up to taste ice cream as a job?

              • Samuel Mangiaracina
                Samuel Mangiaracina  11 hours back

                Ample Hills is my fave. It was the least expensive, and you're getting a more rare and unique experience.

                • LanceLyde
                  LanceLyde  15 hours back

                  Count how many times they said "creamy"

                  • Thùy Minh Phạm Bùi
                    Thùy Minh Phạm Bùi  15 hours back

                    New York có nhiều món ăn nhiều màu sắc vậy sao? :))

                    • Sheesh Kebab
                      Sheesh Kebab  17 hours back

                      American businesses are so clever with their names!! Always quirky yet cosy

                      • rebecca
                        rebecca  18 hours back

                        icecream: is melted
                        the girl: omg it just melts in your mouth

                        • User23
                          User23  19 hours back

                          Wheres Mikey likes it ice cream??!!

                          • Kinsey Eilish
                            Kinsey Eilish  19 hours back

                            Hahahaha lactose intolerant is the best 😅😅😂😭😭😭

                            • Kim Baca
                              Kim Baca  1 days back

                              I love you guys for, (☹️snif, snif )for trying ice cream that looks so bomb I'm so jelly

                              • Eliot
                                Eliot  1 days back

                                Food insider needs to buy these nice ladies 2 ice cream cones

                                • armyporg
                                  armyporg  1 days back

                                  Broooo the lichee is called a sorbet not an ice cream

                                  • oskar trong
                                    oskar trong  1 days back

                                    asiat djävel. färga inte håret din djävel!

                                    • Hey I'm Emily
                                      Hey I'm Emily  2 days back

                                      *it melts in your mouth*

                                      Also who pays $5 for a simple VANILLA ice cream cone

                                      • Maxine Carrasco
                                        Maxine Carrasco  2 days back

                                        I’m going to visit ample hills next time I’m in NYC 💕

                                        • Kyle Robik
                                          Kyle Robik  2 days back

                                          Okay you need chocolate not vanilla

                                          • Katers1343
                                            Katers1343  2 days back

                                            These woman drinking literal cream: oh em gee, it’s so creamy 😱😩

                                            • Helloo
                                              Helloo  2 days back

                                              *Am i the only one that gets triggered by how they eat the ice cream?*

                                              • Chinou Vue
                                                Chinou Vue  2 days back

                                                I wish all women would say this about nut. Lol.

                                                • Roxanne Smith
                                                  Roxanne Smith  2 days back

                                                  Just wondering is it the prices that have them sharing a cone. I am selfish 😂 with my cone.

                                                  • Måårk
                                                    Måårk  2 days back

                                                    First donuts then ice cream GOD WHY

                                                    • Cornelius du Plessis
                                                      Cornelius du Plessis  2 days back

                                                      Ben and Jerry’s

                                                      • Maren Wheeler
                                                        Maren Wheeler  2 days back

                                                        i went to the last one!!!!!

                                                        • Phoebe O'Donnell
                                                          Phoebe O'Donnell  3 days back

                                                          also if u guys ever go to san diego try bobi natural gelato they have amazing gelato both vegan and non vegan. I love the pistachio

                                                          • Phoebe O'Donnell
                                                            Phoebe O'Donnell  3 days back

                                                            can u guys do vegan places in new york?

                                                            • Stijn NL
                                                              Stijn NL  3 days back

                                                              5 dollar voor one ice cream

                                                              • Hay Lee
                                                                Hay Lee  3 days back

                                                                “Ya know, we don’t tell people how we make our ice cream because we don’t want anyone to copy it”.

                                                                “But what I can tell you is that our first ingredient is mercury”.

                                                                • Hay Lee
                                                                  Hay Lee  3 days back

                                                                  I just feel like no ice cream cone should be priced above 4$

                                                                  • DeNita DeLisser
                                                                    DeNita DeLisser  3 days back

                                                                    The really I can see the secrecy of the ice cream making process, is that the secret ingredient is boogers. Soooooooooo no thank you.

                                                                    • Food Tour TV
                                                                      Food Tour TV  3 days back

                                                                      Wow! This is crazy! It looks so delicious!! Here! I'm going to buy ice cream right away.

                                                                      • Kayla Ruffini
                                                                        Kayla Ruffini  3 days back

                                                                        Love how they are reviewing and rating these places while having zero qualifications to do so.

                                                                        • Yahia Amra
                                                                          Yahia Amra  3 days back

                                                                          I love their personality

                                                                          • Pensync Epic
                                                                            Pensync Epic  3 days back

                                                                            They keep replacing the ice cream shop that has the best ice cream

                                                                            • Joseph Da boi
                                                                              Joseph Da boi  3 days back

                                                                              0:04 me when I eat Taco Bell

                                                                              • buckwheat2002
                                                                                buckwheat2002  4 days back

                                                                                I was a bit disappointed in their descriptions. Very generalized commentary. It was decent overall though.

                                                                                • Golden Dawn
                                                                                  Golden Dawn  4 days back

                                                                                  ice cream is bad for your health

                                                                                  • Get set DIY!!!
                                                                                    Get set DIY!!!  4 days back

                                                                                    The best icecream :

                                                                                    STORE BOUGHT !!!!!

                                                                                    • Moj Glupi Kanal
                                                                                      Moj Glupi Kanal  22 hours back


                                                                                    • Oswald Here
                                                                                      Oswald Here  2 days back

                                                                                      Ewwwww. All store bought are yuck and doesn't compare to the restaurant ones.

                                                                                  • Monica Cooze
                                                                                    Monica Cooze  4 days back

                                                                                    7:22 I know this fool didn’t just say “pa-pow” New Guinea 😭

                                                                                    • Simone Taddia
                                                                                      Simone Taddia  4 days back

                                                                                      All these shops don't make one. I wonder why Americans die. Oh yes. Obesity and Cancer.

                                                                                      • john edwin Legaspi
                                                                                        john edwin Legaspi  4 days back

                                                                                        The one who scoops the ice, her finger really touches the ic cream. Like hey you dont do that.

                                                                                        • ya M
                                                                                          ya M  18 hours back

                                                                                          Yeah i saw that

                                                                                      • rochelle123ist
                                                                                        rochelle123ist  4 days back

                                                                                        I'm not paying almost $10 for a single scoop of ice cream! I don't care how good it is.

                                                                                        • Stephanie O
                                                                                          Stephanie O  4 days back

                                                                                          Cereal bar ice cream in NYC. You'll thank me 🤷🏽‍♀️

                                                                                          • CuriosityRocks
                                                                                            CuriosityRocks  4 days back

                                                                                            I watched this whilst eating Haagen-Dazs salted caramel 😋

                                                                                            • Trishani Trivedi
                                                                                              Trishani Trivedi  4 days back

                                                                                              Wtf happened at 7:46