Emotional scenes in Senate over Newstart rise with one Liberal senator breaking ranks


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  • Berzerk Llama
    Berzerk Llama  3 weeks back

    Pretty weird how conservatives in Australia are called the Liberal Party.

    • nobody important
      nobody important  3 weeks back

      I don’t want to work either. Give me the money so I can sit around drinking petrol.

      • Joshua H
        Joshua H  2 weeks back

        And discredit other people in society

      • Joshua H
        Joshua H  2 weeks back

        So if you want to be relavant why dont you give your opinion on the topic instead of trying to be a smartass

      • Sandwich Breath
        Sandwich Breath  3 weeks back

        It has nothing to do with not wanting to work, you fuckstick, it's about being able to feed yourself while looking for work. 'nobody important' is the right name for you, your opinion is completely misinformed and irrelevant.

    • Public Public
      Public Public  4 weeks back


      rich people are a luxury WE can no longer afford.

      • Joshua H
        Joshua H  3 weeks back

        @Andrew F um maybe if the goverment creates the money or if it comes from the reserve bank im sure

      • Andrew F
        Andrew F  4 weeks back

        Public Public who do you think creates the wealth that pays for welfare programs? The government?!

    • John Maguire
      John Maguire  4 weeks back

      I think they will increase it. They are just labouring the anticipation in order to be roundly celebrated for raising it by the minimum amount possible.

      • Satyasya Satyasya
        Satyasya Satyasya  4 weeks back

        Such a serious issue as it is in many countries actually; the help people can get just isn't enough. I'm almost convinced its a subtle "we want the poor to just starve and die" thing.

        ... but um... just as a sidenote: my gawd who is that massive hot guy in the back? <3 <3 <3

        • ORDO AB CHAO
          ORDO AB CHAO  4 weeks back

          Increase it to $200/ day so I can quit my job and go on the dole.

          • Dark Little Doll
            Dark Little Doll  4 weeks back

            What, you mean like a politician?

          • Costa Conn
            Costa Conn  4 weeks back

            Here's a suggestion - quit now and try living on $40/day. Then try and get the amount increased being disenfranchised by your Govt, you POS.

        • Sustainable Planet For All

          Universal Newstart Income

          • Bravo Alley
            Bravo Alley  4 weeks back

            @Rel1369 not surprising, similar to other countries' welfare 'benefits'.

          • Rel1369
            Rel1369  4 weeks back

            @Bravo Alley Many trying to survive on it call it Nonstart instead. It does not give you a new start at all, it takes away any hope of paying all your bill while you try to find a job in a negative job market (many more ppl looking for work than jobs available). Most are very grateful to get it but that does not pay the bills or get you a job.

          • Bravo Alley
            Bravo Alley  4 weeks back

            @Ross Allen Ahhh. Thanks. For a second, I thought you were putting me down then I thought maybe that's a possible answer.

          • Ross Allen
            Ross Allen  4 weeks back

            @Bravo Alley perhaps becase you've lost your job and you need a newstart?

          • Bravo Alley
            Bravo Alley  4 weeks back

            @Ross Allen why is it called Newstart?