Bunk Beds w/ Strangers - Kristin Chenoweth & Cobie Smulders's Start In NYC

  • Published: 04 October 2019
  • James asks his guests Kristin Chenoweth and Cobie Smulders about their beginnings in New York City - pointing out their first apartments were both were strangers, sleeping on a bunk bed. And Kristin makes sure James understand her apartment had the Clapper - the light switch device - and not another version of the clap.

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Comments • 37

  • NinjaofLight
    NinjaofLight  2 weeks back

    Should we go to the mall? Today?

    • Sonja Dawn
      Sonja Dawn  2 weeks back

      I would be happy to top or bottom either of them ...

      • Sonja Dawn
        Sonja Dawn  2 weeks back

        I shared a bunk bed with another adult and it is not a good idea...

        • Manu Gulati
          Manu Gulati  2 weeks back


          • Shaken not stirred
            Shaken not stirred  2 weeks back

            These 2 twats should eat each others asshole for all of us

            • Kerstin Wu
              Kerstin Wu  2 weeks back

              I didn't understand... "we had the clapper" ? I'm not english can someone explain ?

              • Anaisa Erksen
                Anaisa Erksen  2 weeks back

                @Emily Alkema Thanks for the explanation. I only knew the first meaning.

              • Emily Alkema
                Emily Alkema  2 weeks back

                The Clapper is a device that lets you turn the lights on and off by clapping.
                The Clap is another term for chlamydia.
                Kristen and her roommates had the first, not the second. Always good to clarify 😂

              • Anaisa Erksen
                Anaisa Erksen  2 weeks back

                I don't get it either 🤔

            • m kilpatrick
              m kilpatrick  2 weeks back

              Clap room? That sounds so much nicer than the syphilis room where I lived.

              • Sothol Luy
                Sothol Luy  2 weeks back


                • Gimmerstrike
                  Gimmerstrike  2 weeks back

                  Gosh I still have that celeb crush on Colbie Smoulders.
                  Robin Sparkles, best Canadian singer.

                  • Alice Wang
                    Alice Wang  2 weeks back

                    Well, at least spell her name right.

                • Hassan
                  Hassan  2 weeks back

                  Wtf who thought the girl in White was Amanda Cerny

                  • Giry Guitarist
                    Giry Guitarist  2 weeks back

                    No, it's Cobie Smulder

                • Rafaela Bunilha Rodrigues

                  A name Dominic Cooper.

                  • Vamanos Ninja
                    Vamanos Ninja  2 weeks back

                    LMFAO Kristin!

                    • olive g
                      olive g  2 weeks back

                      Oh god I love these two

                      • Nayops 18
                        Nayops 18  2 weeks back

                        Cobie’s so talented and stunning like always♥️👏🏼

                        • TAYLSE MUSIC
                          TAYLSE MUSIC  2 weeks back


                          • shesflyingwithoutwings
                            shesflyingwithoutwings  2 weeks back

                            Okay I'll be back when there are more comments to read/like.😄

                            • SoCali
                              SoCali  2 weeks back

                              Kristin Chenoweth is always great in every interview that she does.

                              • Fani
                                Fani  2 weeks back

                                Cobie 😍😍😍😍😍!My idol the most beautiful elegant and funny actress

                                • Abdullah Dewan
                                  Abdullah Dewan  2 weeks back

                                  Robin Scherbatsky!

                                  • A2
                                    A2  2 weeks back

                                    After hearing Cobie sing...

                                    "I'm glad you're an actress"

                                    I love Kristin omg hahaha

                                    • Emily Thompson
                                      Emily Thompson  2 weeks back


                                      • TheLynata-Cooking Gaming

                                        Yes, and we had a clapper 🤗🤣🤣🤣😁😁😁

                                      • robertacor9
                                        robertacor9  2 weeks back


                                        • Catherine Vicente
                                          Catherine Vicente  2 weeks back


                                          • André ApfelSchürrle
                                            André ApfelSchürrle  2 weeks back

                                            I just want to slap the forehead from Kristin

                                            • Halil sahil
                                              Halil sahil  2 weeks back

                                              Love cobie ❤️❤️❤️

                                              • Vicky Van Hemelrijck
                                                Vicky Van Hemelrijck  2 weeks back

                                                Damn, I've never been this early :o

                                              • Badr Bindakhil
                                                Badr Bindakhil  2 weeks back

                                                First comment